YeYeah Delights: From Their Kitchen to Your Doorstep
In a world where microwavable food is the solution to our grumbling tummies, along comes YeYeah Delights which merge taste and convenience to come up with a range of chilled food items which are guaranteed to be fresh, healthy…and free of preservatives. Impossible? Not.
YeYeah Delights is different from most microwavable food because of the way they prepare the food.
According to Grace Ng of ESY Meals, the brand who masterminded this product, their ready meals are different from microwavable items because of the process in which they prepare the food. “For one, we have an HACCP-certified kitchen where we cook all the food that we deliver to our customers,” said Grace. For those who are not familiar with this, HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. For the kitchen to be declared clean to operate, a HACCP auditor inspects the work place and ensures all the sanitary procedures are followed in preparing the food.
All YeYeah Delights item have a nutrition label so that you will know all the health content in your meal.
Safety issues aside, YeYeah Delights also comes up with healthy items, thanks to the in-house dietician they have. Once Grace and Chef/Factory Manager Ivan Seah have come up with the menu for the week, they forward it to the dietician who tweaks the menu just to make it healthier – this means salt, sugar, and fat content of the meat/seafood dish, vegetable supplement, side dish, and soup are closely monitored. Once you order from them, you would see how the nutrition labels are always placed on top of the packets. In preparing food, YeYeah Delights doesn’t use preservatives as well. For their products to maintain freshness for up to 3 days, they blast chill the food to a temperature of 0 to 6 degrees after cooking. Once this is done, they seal the food right away and place it in the chiller.
Once the food is blast chilled, it’s then sealed to maintain the freshness. For deliveries, YeYeah Delights are placed in a chilled storage packs to prevent any form of food contamination.
The next step after the food preparation is delivery. YeYeah Delights is all about your convenience so they take it up a notch by bringing your order right to your doorstep. To maintain the freshness of these ready meals, they are stored inside chilled storage packs with ice inside. So, when these reach your home via their cold trucks, you are assured that these are still frozen to prevent contamination. Then, they can just reheat it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes or steam for 10 minutes and food is served! See Also: Try out these delivery services a fuss-free meal 10 places to eat clean
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