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For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comIf you have been around Lavendar area for cafes, Trywhitt road is possibly not a stranger to you. With about 10 minutes walk from nearest MRT station and in its strategic location which is at the prominent corner of the road, let me introduce this place to have your Italian fix without burning a hole in the pocket.1 Trywhitt Bistro & Bar is relatively new and she's only about 2 months plus old. 1 Tyrwhitt is a Family owned business with their relatives working in the operations. With an Industrial chic vibe and tall ceiling as well as dim environment, its definitely a good place for chilling . Opening daily from 11.30 to late night except for Tuesday, this is another piece of good news for drinkers.The standard size of the Pizza is 12" thin crust whereby they were made from the scratch, hand crafted and achieving its standard of crisp with oven baked method.The Truffle wave is such strong that it hit me the moment when it was brought in front of me. Thin crust was covered up with black and red which I did not take any notice on its ingredients earlier on as I was too taken away by the Truffle hit. The pizza was a total good start to our meal with generous servings of mixed mushroom, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese, on a bed of even spread pasta sauce. Well that's not all about the Black Truffle and I would say the one stealing the scene will be the Egg placed in the middle as a centre attraction which kept the table lively with question like "who's going to poke the egg". Eventually, the friendly owner took the lead and spread yolk evenly on the pizza and everyone of us enjoyed the bite without further wait.While the Meat Lovers Pizza was rather ordinary with ingredients like American pork pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken and pork sausage and mozzarella cheese as toppings.An ultimate choice for those who adores cheese, especially blue cheese. It is also labelled as one of the healthier choice pizza. I was literally engulfed by the blue cheese when the pizza was about some distance away. A cheese heaven with 5 types of cheese catered in, Mozzarella, Scamorza, Gorgonzola blue cheese, Taleggio and Feta Cheese.The generous batter, its crispy and crackling exterior completely taken me away with a tad spiciness in between the bites.As a chef recommendation and healthier choice, the grilled salmon definitely lives up to its name for its skin was well grilled to crisp yet having the orange flesh of salmon succulent. Lemon butter sauce had elevated the dish with a zesty flavor. If you are worried of any fish odor, worry not, you are safe here. Grilled vegetables & potatoes had also complimented the dish well.Luscious slab of chicken chop grilled to its robust flavors with brown sauce complimenting the dish was awesome. Sides like sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and vegetables were great as well. A popular choice you might not want to miss out.Dressing up in its savoury brown sauce with potato wedges and home-style vegetables as sides. The slow cook pork chop was tender and it just felt like having a medium well done steak.Having known of its simplicity as a dish, I did not have much expectations on such basics of the pasta. It gave me a surprise opening with its Al Dente Perfection pasta, traditionally flavoured with garlic topped with wild mushroom and Tiger Prawns.Seafood Marinara was good whereby assorted seafood like Mussels, squids, prawns, fish, scallops and prawns were served in simmered tomato sauce. The tangy broth and the Al Dente texture from the pasta is something worth to take note of.If you are all about creamy and rich pasta, their style Carbonara bacon will simply floats your boat. Creamy sauce is derived from egg yolk, cheese, black pepper and streaky bacon. However, even though my preference is towards creamy, I will like something watery base as it can taste a little bit dry over here.Have been looking around for a Panna Cotta that suits my taste-buds and I was pretty impressed that the chef had it freshly made by their own. Panna Cotta was wobbly, silky smooth, served with mixed berries and Raspberry coulis strike the right notes, giving it both a sour and sweet aftertaste.Besides Panna Cotta, their velvety Tiramisu is one of the hits too! Besides serving with mixed berries, it was strongly infused with Espresso and liquor which ends the night perfectly with satisfying desserts.To enjoy 1 Tyrwhitt at value price, do visit them over lunch till 2.15pm (last serving) for a 30% off daily except Tuesday.Thanks Karen, Paul & Elle for inviting. continue reading
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[ 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro . Bar . Cafe ]A partnership of 04 started this food venture along Jalan besar area around 3 months ago. Comprises of a married couple, Paul & Karen, whom specializes in providing domestic help/ maid services for the past 12 years and their 2 other friends.The whole unit was big and spacious. Area was divided into 02 sections, bar counter with tall tables and chairs occupies half the unit and dining takes up the other half. Bosses may want to create a cosy feel for all patrons by using yellow bulbs throughout the whole bistro, but resulted in causing the whole place to be quite dim at night.(A) Crispy mid wings $10Snacks before the dinner starts. These wings are so crispy smacking good even after more than 10mins of photography. Great choice to go with beer.(B) Black truffle egg pizza $23.80The appearance of this pizza already wins my heart when landed on the table, so pretty! Very instagrammable too. Taste? Very truffle. No need much description as truffle covers any taste. If you're a truffle person, loves truffle on any of your dishes, then this is your jackpot.(C) Aglio e olio pasta $16.80A common pasta dish found at most Italian restaurants but chefs at 1 Tyrwhitt bistro did a great job in their own version. Toss the al dente spaghetti with the broth, garlic and wild mushrooms all together, take a big mouthful of it and it's fireworks! Prawns are fresh and crunchy too.(D) Meat lovers pizza $19.80To all non-beef takers out there, a piece of good news. This meat lovers pizza consist of 0% beef whereas those sold elsewhere usually consist of beef pepperoni. Ingredients used here are American pork pepperoni, ham, chicken, pork sausages and topped with mozzarella cheese. A very hearty piece of hand crafted pizza filled with generous meat portions & oozing cheese. Great choice for meat lovers indeed!(E) Seafood Marinara pasta $17.80A bowl filled with generous servings of seafood such as squids, mussels, prawns, scallops and fish. Base was homemade tomato sauce but the overwhelming sourness of the sauce eventually covers all the natural sweetness of the seafood. What a pity. Linguine texture was soft too.(F) Grilled salmon $20.80I'm not a fan of cooked salmon but this dish tastes decent to me. The lemon butter sauce highlighted the smell and taste of this grilled salmon with a little zest.(G) Chicken chop $16.80Accompanied by sauteed mushrooms, whipped potato and savoury brown sauce that has hints of ginger. Meat was well marinated and tender. No wow factor but a decent choice for dinner.(H) Pork chop $16.80Meat portion served was very thick and it was slightly undercooked in the center. Slow cooked with herbs and drizzled over with brown sauce. I only wish the meat could be least tough and done well.(I) Cheese Lover Pizza $19.80A tasty hand tossed pizza . This Pizza consist of 05 types of cheese: Feta, Gorgonzola Blue Cheese, Scarmoza, Mozerrella & Taleggio. Pizza crust was so thin and blue cheese taste was very prominent. It's either you love it or hate it and I choose to LOVE IT.(J) Carbonara Bacon Pasta $16.80This is my first time trying out carbonara with egg already blended in the sauce rather than exposing on top, didn't work out for me. The dish was too heavily creamed, I can only swallow half mouthful of it. As for the Bacon slices, they should have been done more crispy to enhance the flavour.(K) Tiramisu $8.80Heavenly match of Espresso & rum. Heavily soaked in coffee ladyfingers were so soft and moist, presenting us the "melts in the mouth" texture. The baker who made this dessert sure is generous in the alcohol content, it nearly got me drunk.(L) Panna Cotta $8.80Panna cotta was really jelly and smooth. Mixed Berries & rasberries coulis pairs well with the silky pudding, leaving the fruity aftertaste lingering in my mouth.Verdict: Staff are very polite and attentive. Prices here are reasonable too. Strengths are in their pizzas. I will come back again to try out other pizza choices. continue reading
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For the complete review, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/09/1-tyrwhitt.htmlA new gastropub has joined the line up of the hippest area near Jalan Besar. During the day, 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar ('1T') provide a good lunch option as the menu are reasonably priced. In the evening, it provide a good place to chill out and hang out with friends. The décor of this place followed the modern chic industrial type. Although the lighting was pretty dim in the evening, it can easily turn into kids friendly private function location during the day. As a bistro and bar, the food line up consist of pizzas, pastas, burgers, and other typical gastropub food. One of the signature dishes here are the 12” pizzas, which are handcrafted and baked to a perfect crisp. The most popular one here is Black Truffle Egg Pizza ($23.80). The toppings consist of wild mixed mushroom, mozarella & parmesan cheese. Topped with egg and drizzled with aromatic truffle oil. Though I was late to the tasting, luckily the group left me with a slice of this pizza. While the pizza is no longer hot, the aroma of truffle still linger that goes with the thin and crisp crust. Yum Yum. We also tried 2 other type of pizza: Meat Lovers Pizza ($19.80) and Cheese Lovers Pizza ($19.80). Both pizzas have thin and crisp crust. For me, meat lovers mean that whole surface of the pizza must be covered with meat which was not the case here. Although it is tasty, I did not get a meatgasm when I bit into this pizza. Meanwhile, the Cheese Lovers Pizza is definitely a must try for cheese lovers. While most pizzaria will stop at 4 types of cheeses, 1T uses 5 types of Italian cheeses: mozzarella, scamorza, gorgonzola blue cheese, taleggio and feta cheese. So watch out for the pungent aroma from the blue cheese. Aglio e Olio pasta ($16.80). This traditional garlic flavoured pasta cooked with tiger prawns and mushrooms. The pasta is al dente, while the mushroom and prawns provide a simple and clean flavour to the dish. Watch out for the chilli padi lurking in the dish, ready to whack your tastebuds. Those chilli lovers will definitely embrace this dish.Seafood Marinara Pasta ($17.80). A combination of seafood simmered in a fragrant tomato sauce and served over pasta. While the seafood taste fresh like the ocean, it seems the seafood in tomato sauce with the pasta do not gel together. Meanwhile their Carbonara Bacon Pasta ($16.80) is rich, creamy. The combination of bacon and cheese is just so comforting. As a gastropub, a delicious bar food is a must have. Crispy Mid Wings ($10) at 1T will give you the finger-licking experience and goes down well with your beer. It actually remind me of the McWings. The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy. A good companion with a glass of beer. The heartiest items on the menu are their Grilled Salmon ($20.80), Chicken Chop ($16.80) and Pork Chop ($16.80). Portions for the salmon and chicken chop are very generous and perfectly executed. The grilled salmon basked in lemon butter sauce, which has the tanginess to balance the fatty salmon. Meanwhile the chicken chop accompanied with savoury brown sauce. The chicken skin was crispy, while the meat remain succulent. The most memorable food for the night is the Pork Chop. Perfectly cooked, with a hint of pinkness in the middle part of the meat. In a bite, you can feel the pork just melts in your mouth. The flavour full brown gravy provide a perfect companion to the dish. For desserts, 1T kept it simple, down to three items only. We tried two out of three of their homemade desserts, Tiramisu ($8.80) and Panna Cota ($8.80). The tiramisu is soft, moist and packs of coffee liquor. While the panna cotta is light, smooth and well balance with the strawberry coulis.Overall, for a New Kid on the Block, the food in 1T are good. They keep their menu manageable, reasonably priced and focus on serving the best items only. My pick from all the items are the Pork Chop, Black Truffle Egg Pizza and Tiramisu. There are some dishes that need a little fine-tuning, but definitely a place to go for lunch and chill out. So if you are around Jalan Besar, give this place a try. Cheers!!Thanks to Paul & Karen from 1 Tyrwhitt team and Elle (Artic Star) for tasting invitation. continue reading
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Located literally right a corner junction is 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, at just 3 months old, it is a very new establishment. The owners are also new to the F&B business and putting in their all to make this a welcoming place to all their guests!The outdoor dining area had a very simplistic and yet practical feel. I can totally imagine chillin' here with your bros and "people watching" since this is facing the main road.The seats inside the shop were very cosy and comfy. You could definitely feel like you were walking into a bar, but then again, as you waltz in further, you will notice the sofas in the corner and the dim lighting. The owners mentioned that they wanted to create a comfortable environment similar to your living room setting, that you can bring your friends and family to hang out. It is a very sincere concept and I can definitely feel the results of what the owners are trying to do here.There is a high ceiling that provides a warm and airy ambience to the restaurant. The bistro and bar serves up Western and Italian cuisine, the menu includes a variety of pasta dishes, pizza, western dishes, colourful salads, and more, as well as a range of artisanal coffees, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages to compliment each meal.The menu consists of a wide variety, from alcohol, finger food to pasta, pizza, tiramisu and other desserts. Crispy Mid Wings (SGD$10.00) *Highly Recommended*As simple as chicken wings look, they can be very different in taste and texture. A lot of cafes are starting to offer chicken wings in mid-wing style similar to those wings places you find Stateside. Whereas, in typical Singapore setting, you expect the whole drum-wing-tip as one piece of chicken. The chicken wings here being mid-wings make it easier to eat, without making a mess in front of a potential date. They are extremely crispy and yet not oily at all!! I watched a table of customers get served a plate of this and the aroma filled up the entire restaurant. No kidding! They are pretty sizeable despite being just a mid-joint. The batter around the chicken wing isn't too floury and they stayed crispy despite us, foodies taking a long time to snap pictures of them. By the time we started eating them, there weren't as piping hot as when they came out of the kitchen. But each bite or should I say crunch, indicated to my taste buds that these are freshly fried chicken wings for sure!Black Truffle Egg Pizza (SGD$23.80)One of the owners were highly raving about this dish and we were intrigured by it. The looks of this dish was very appealing and the sweet smell of truffle was addictive. We couldn't wait to dig in, but the owner showed us the way to eat this pizza. To start off, you had to smear the egg yolk all around the pizza till the whole pizza is covered in the yolk before slicing up the pizza. With the yolk drenched pizza, the crust became slightly more soggy and it was slightly more difficult to cut up the slices. The pizza was interesting indeed, but I felt it was a bit plain.Meat Lovers Pizza (SGD$19.80)This meat lovers pizza is fully packed with American pork pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken and pork sausage, topped with Mozzarella Cheese. It sounds, looks and tastes just as the description say it does. I love their thin crust and the texture of it. I checked out their kitchen and noticed their industrial grade oven. That oven alone says alot about the owners and their pizzas. This owners are definitely very serious about their pizza game!Cheese Lovers Pizza (SGD$19.80)Topped with Italian cheese - Mozarrela, Scamorza, Gorgonzola blue cheese, Taleggio and Feta Cheese, this is one strong cheesy smelling pizza. It is not for the feint hearted. There were some people who couldn't really stand the strong smell of the five cheeses. The blue cheese especially has a very strong and distintive smell. For myself, I could bare with the smell but I could only stomach one slice. With all the cheeses combined, each mouthful was quite "gerlat". I would say this pizza is catered to the more western tastebuds.Aglio e Olio (SGD$16.80)Traditional garlic flavoured pasta topped with wild mushroom and tiger prawns. It was served in a big and clean dish. It was beautifully decorated. You could see some effort was made to make this dish presentable.The tiger prawns were decent in size and they tasted rather fresh and crunchy as well.The noodles were a bit harder than I would like, but the taste of it all, was on point, not too garlicky and the mushrooms were juicy and the chefs were generous with the ingredients.Carbonara Bacon (SGD$16.80)This dish had rich and creamy sauced based from egg yolks, cheese,black pepper and streaky bacon. Usually you would find one egg on top of a carbonara which you then have the pleasure of mixing it around the pasta. But here at 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, they mix the egg yolk into the pasta cream sauce for you. You then get a eggy and yet creamy sauce with a salty taste thanks to the bacon. Here again, you can see that the chefs were yet again generous with the ingredients. You are guaranteed a slice of bacon in every mouthful! I enjoyed this plate of Carbonara, this is a plate of carbonara done right!Seafood Marinara (SGD$17.80)Fish, Prawns, Scallops, Mussels and Squids simmered in a fragrant tomato sauce and served over pasta. Here again, lots of ingredients, but the pasta is also a bit harder than expected. I think 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar is still new to the business and is trying to get their al dente pasta done right. Other than that, seafood lovers would love this, the sauce wasn't too salty, you could taste the essence of all the different seafood mixed into the sauce. Chicken Chop (SGD$16.80) *highly recommended*The chicken chop sauce was so yummy, to all mushroom sauce lovers, this is the one dish to try here! This dish consists of a generous slab of chicken grilled to perfection, with savoury brown sauce with mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.The skin of the chicken chop was crispy and delicious. I am a huge fan of sauteed mushrooms and the sauteed mushrooms here were addictive. I think I cleaned the plate off of the mushrooms!Pork Chop (SGD $16.80)This pork chop wasa highly recommended by the owners and is probably going to be labeled as their signature dish. It is slow cooked to perfection and topped with savoury brown sauce, served with potato wedges and home-style vegetables.Apparently you can choose the doneness of the pork chop, we choose medium-well, but in the centers it was more pink than the outside areas. I took a bite from the outside and it was juicy and tender. I loved that this was not a typical thin sliced pork chop, but rather a super thick slab of pork, and probably because of its thickness, the chef had trouble trying to get it medium-well done? I'm not too sure, but we had our pork chop re-fired up and everyone was delighted to tuck in the second time round!Grilled Salmon ($20.80) *highly recommended*Sprinkle of zest and a dab of lemon butter sauce to beautifully highlight the flavour of the grilled salmon. It is served with grilled vegetables and potatoes. The salmon was very fresh and the skin was so crispy, I enjoyed it so much.The vegetables were also fresh and you could tell some one spent time to clean up and pretty up this slab of salmon. For $20.80, you definitely get your moneys worth! The salmon is huge for the price and also very juicy and tasty!Panna Cotta ($8.80)Freshly made Panna cotta served with mixed berries and Raspberry coulis. These desserts are seriously some of the hardest desserts to get done right and for a first time cafe. They've got it spot on!  *clap clap* The smoothness of the panna cotta can only be explained when you slide your dessert spoon into it. The sweetness is complimented by the sourness of the fresh raspberry coulis. I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert and I know I'm coming back for more of this dessert!Tiramisu ($8.80) *highly recommended*Homemade velvety Tiramisu served with mixed berries that melts right in your mouth! I spoke to the owners to confirmed that this was home made and the owners mentioned that initially they had the tiramisu supplied in, but the didn't like the quality of it and decided to invest time and resources into making their own Tiramisu. DEDICATION! Hear that?! Some cafes definitely need to see how real cafes do it! For $8.80, you get a slice of tiramisu goodness that is pretty much a one way ticket to happiness. The softness and the rich mixture of alcohol, puts this on one of my most favourite Tiraimisu in town!Kronenbourg Tower 3L ($76 / $49 Happy Hour)They also serve towers of alcohol and have happy hour pricings.The owners are on the right track and this place definitely has a good feel and taste for food. Their prices are reasonably and I can foresee myself bringing friends on a weekday night to chill out with food and beers. continue reading
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Going to 3 months old establishment along Tyrwhitt Road is none other than this sturdy stylish looking 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar Cafe run by Karen and her husband. Clothed in a splash of monochrome accompanied by a few bold yet simplistic furnishing keeping its corner sleek and spacious, at the same time, preserving the rustic and vintage culture in the vicinity.Menu filled with a wide variety of choices ranging from finger food that goes well with a tower of beer to pizzas which are their specialties to pasta and some western mains. Not forgetting some desserts to complete your meal on a sweet note.Crispy Mid Wings ($10). Despite the crispiness of the lightly flavored batter with a tinge of spice and herbs, I find it a little too thick to my liking though. But the encapsulated meat within remains piping hot and juicy.Black Truffle Egg Pizza ($23.80) drizzle with truffle oil on wild mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and topped it off with a sunny side up! Something special, first of its kind i have ever tasted so far. The crackling thin slice of pizza at its edges was surprisingly good with mild truffle aroma and taste that sits in really well with all the other ingredients on the pizza.Cheese lovers ($19.80). If you’re a cheese lover, or specifically a blue cheese lover, you’ll probably fall in love with this pizza. Topped with 5 kind of cheeses – Italian cheese, Mozzarella, Scamorza, Gorgonzola blue cheese,Taleggio and FetaCheese. From afar before it’s served to the table, you could smell the lingering ubiquitous blue cheese aroma overpowering the whole pizza. But taste wise, though the blue cheese is a little too invasive, i like the cheesy traces created from this medley of 5 different types of cheeses.Aglio Olio ($16.80). The pasta was a little under cook but the fresh crunchy prawns and fried garlic slices that weren’t pungent but aromatic saved the dish for the day.Carbonara Bacon ($16.80). I would say this is one of the better carbonara that i would not mind having. Unlike the usuals that are filled with milky cream base that tops it with an egg making it ge-lard and sometimes a pain to finish, the one at 1 tyrwhitt bar actually has a rich creamy sauce base from egg yolk reduced to just enough to coat around each strand of spaghetti, giving the dish enough flavor yet not too overwhelming for the palette.Sprinkle of zest and a dab of lemon butter sauce has beautifully highlight the flavor of Grilled Salmon ($20.80). The grilling has left the skin crisp and the flaky salmon moist with the heightened boost of flavor from the zesty lemon butter cream sauce.Pork Chop ($16.80) slow cooked to perfection, topped with brown sauce and served with wedges and home style vegetables. Well, have you attempted to have your pork cook the steak style way? Dishing up to your table is a thick slab of pork chop with tender meat and juices locked in within yet without any traces of pork odor. But there’s always 2 sides to a coin, though it’s a new and innovative way of cooking the pork, but it resulted in some under cooking at the thicker area of the pork where the heat may have difficulty reaching to it. Though it may be a delightful rendition of pork chop you can look forward to, but it’s good to let the staff know your preference of having it fully cooked.Panna Cotta ($8.80). It’s not easy to achieve the right smooth and silky texture with the milky taste on the right note and 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar have really done a good job in it. I must admit, they indeed have one of the best panna cotta around. Their milk based panna cotta served with raspberries coulis gives off a sweet yet refreshing touch to this dessert piece.Tiramisu ($8.80). Literally melts in your mouth velvety homemade tiramisu is another dessert that you must not miss. Soft and spongy layers that create intense flavor burst of espresso and rum that warms up your mouth instantly and leave you craving for more. It’s one of the better tiramisu around that really have the omph and leave an impression on you.1 Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar whipped up a table of delectable italian fare at a reasonable price with their pizzas and desserts scoring at the top of my list. The ambiance was smoothing and relaxing, perfect for a catch up with your long lost friends or just a simple chill out night after a long day of work.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/1-tyrwhitt-bistro-bar-and-cafe/ continue reading
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