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10 Scotts promises good taste, luxury and relaxation. It's an excellent venue for a business meeting, afternoon tea or a leisurely evening cocktail. One can enjoy contemporary yet classic decor complemented with good food, drinks and view of the cascading waterfall. continue reading
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Weekday Afternoon Tea at $43++ per person / $73++ per person with free-flowing champagne.Weekend / Public Holiday Afternoon Tea at $53++ per person / $83++ per person with free-flowing champagne.(2-Tier Stand + Semi Buffet + Free Flow of Coffee, Tea, Iced/Hot chocolate and Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices)The crab cake was divine! It was crispy with real succulent crab meat and seemed like all the goodness were inside. I just can't get over this yummy crab cake with remoulade sauce! Remember to get more refill for this great food there!This is the main highlight of the dessert section. Vanilla ice-cream to form the egg white, while the egg yolk is mango passion puree complemented with raspberry sauce. There's a sponge cake below the fried egg as well (See photo below). This creative dessert was visually attractive and interesting! The overall taste was very refreshing, definitely among the best dessert I've had in hotels!The service here was quite good but not warm... Plates were cleared regularly, food and beverages were served promptly. Desserts here were quite good!The best thing about having high tea at 10 Scotts - All food and beverages are refillable and no restriction on the switch of beverages!There're 3 things that need to be improved here:1) The staff should check with the guests if this is their first visit to the high tea. If this is their first visit, the staff should make an effort to introduce the buffet counter especially the hidden chiller behind the cheese & ham counter - not all guests will notice it and they wouldn't know that they can actually walk inside the counter to open the chiller themselves unless they ask the staff. They should introduce the fried egg dessert as well since it was not shown at the counter with any tag..2) They should put up labels at the buffet counter so that we know what we were eating and save the hassle to check with the staff..3) Quality of food and dessert were quite good. But the prices here are on the high side so we find that the items on the 2-tier stand were too ordinary, nothing special. We hope to see more creativity new items!For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/09/luxurious-weekend-afternoon-tea-at-10.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-26
The dimly-lit interior was spacious and exquisitely-furnished in rich, refined tones and sleek, classic English furniture. It was comfort at first sight, without being too ostentatious or intimidating in its elegance. The service staff were all pleasant and friendly.The High Tea concept here is rather interesting - consisting of a short buffet counter and also a two-tiered tray of savoury goodies served to us shortly upon being seated. The buffet counter showcases an array of cakes and other delectable desserts.Now, this was my starter. The Chocolate Tart was very yummy - soft chocolate crust with hints of crunchiness filled with rich but not-too-sweet ganache - the blackberries atop were like icing on the cake for me. I also enjoyed the Fruit Tart - crunchy crust with a buttery center topped with delicious fruits. Right smack in the middle is the Berries and Fig Brownie - the first bite was a rich wonderment and the last bite left one craving for me - but then I always love combination of chocolate with fruits combination.The Two-Tiered Tray of savoury delicacies was being served. The Beef Pastrami (that one that is rolled up) - is made up of a nice grainy "crepe" type dough sheet with a sheet of tender beef rolled into it - overall taste was rather flavorful. The Quiche was pretty normal, but I kind of liked its light soft crust stuffed with fragrant baked cheese.I liked the Prawn and Quail Egg Salad - too bad they only served one small dish for two to share. I loved the succulent freshness of the prawn and I love quail eggs, so needless to say, this item topped my list for today.Next on the list, Crab Cake - a very sumptuous pastry with crispy outer skin and a womb bursting wtih real, sweet crab meat. I read that this was one of the better items for the high tea, and it sure met expectations. Sinful and fattening, yes, but these are the main traits of very scrumptious food items, no? My tastebuds agree!Now we have very freshly-baked scones that were so good they nearly melted in my mouth. We even skipped the jams and creams served with these crumbly pastries and savoured its lightly saccharine flavor instead.For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/high-tea-at-10-scotts-grand-hyatt-hotel.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2013/12/30/afternoon-tea-buffet-at-10-scotts/I have not dined in Grand Hyatt before and what attracted me here was a picture of a flowerpot in Her World Magazine.So what’s with this flowerpot? Well, its an ice cream dessert which is part of the afternoon tea spread, made with hazelnut ice cream, crushed biscuits (soil), raspberries(fruits) and edible flowers. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But upon arrival I was told that flowerpot have been replaced by “fried egg”. Arghs! More on the “fried egg” later….Recently refurnished 10 Scotts oozes refinement, yet has a relaxing aura, thanks to their chic contemporary décor and warm lighting. Afternoon tea is from 12 noon to 5pm. The first seating is from 12 noon to 2.30pm, while second seating starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm. We picked the 1st seating because there is 30 minutes extra to feast and we can have this meal as our lunch, haha!Prices are on the high side for such a small spread. $43++ for weekdays and $53++ for weekends; with unlimited tea, coffee hot/iced chocolate and juices. Top up $20 for free flow champagne.The concept at 10 Scotts is semi-buffet with a local twist on some savory items. There is a buffet line of sweet and savories, tiny selection of breads, cold cuts and cheeses, plus a chiller filled with appetizers, salads and mini pots of ice cream. Sandwiches and some savories are served on a 2-tiered glass stand and these are refillable.Although the quality of the food is good, the variety is much smaller compared to other hotels such as The Regent’s Tea Lounge and Ritz Carlton’s Chihuly Lounge. Both are very well known and popular for their high-quality afternoon tea buffets with large and interesting spreads. However, I will choose 10 Scotts over any other afternoon tea buffet if I am going to dine with hubby.This is because 10 Scotts meat dishes beats every other afternoon tea buffet/semi-buffet I have tried so far (Shangri la’s Rose Veranda, St Regis Brasserie Les Saveurs, Regent’s Tea lounge, Fullerton Bay’s Landing Point and Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge). So ladies, if your man likes meat, its better to have your afternoon tea here so you won’t see a black face at the end of your tea session.Service is slow. It took the wait staff ages to prepare the beverages and also refill food items. It was also difficult to get their attention, which was baffling, because not many tables occupied. Culinary staff manning the open concept kitchen were very cheerful, with genuine, infectious smiles.A picture is worth a thousand words, so now, be prepared to be bombarded by food pics!I’ll start with the canapes served 2-tiered glass stand, which are refillable. Cucumber sandwich, quiche and beef roll were very ordinary.The tastier savories are…Crab Cakes: Packed with succulent crab meat, fried till a prefect shade of golden brown and served with a delicious remoulade sauce.Freshly prepared Poh PiahPrawn and Quail Egg SaladSpiral Curry Puffs with flaky, buttery crusts and addictive fresh curry leaves.Moving onto the buffet section! Smoked Chicken, Apple and Walnut Salad was drenched in excessive amount of dressing which overwhelmed the natural flavor of the ingredients.Seafood with vermicelliCreamy Cauliflower SoupParma Ham with Rock Melon and Peking DuckMore Peking Duck, boring Sushi and uninspiring assorted breads. Oh, there is curry mutton as well, which is not pictured.As you can see, the dessert section rather small…The Dark Chocolate Tarts are divine! Tiramisu lacks the alcoholic punch….Apple Crumble adorned with a slice of dried apple. Lovely presentation.“Egg on Toast”, served in a frying pan, is so creative and definitely the highlight of this buffet! The “egg white” is vanilla ice cream while the “yolk” is made from mango passion puree. The “toast” is actually mango sponge cake, “tomato sauce” is raspberry sauce while chocolate chips make up the “pepper”.Salted caramel ice cream, totally my thing!Decadent Dark Chocolate ice cream was so good I had 2 servings.The beverage menu has an extensive list of teas and coffees but what makes 10 Scotts different from other afternoon tea establishments is their free flow orange or pineapple juice. Oh, did I mention they are freshly squeezed? Rooibos Vanilla tea made from vanilla originating from MadagascarClassic white teaWe tried both the Iced chocolate and Hot chocolate but both were unremarkable.Overall an enjoyable experience but with the amount of money spent, we expected more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
I helped organized a private function at 10 Scotts to celebrate Thanksgiving. The staff were really helpful in trying to cater to our request, however, there was a slight scare a week before the actual event as the team had lost the Order Form. Luckily, that was resolved and there was no need for a change of dates. Organizing with the team was rather confusing as a different person is in charge and you would get different replies from different people.On site though, the waitresses are very attentive and courteous. They are very good at looking at the situation and their actions are rather fast.We organized a Thanksgiving event and the team at 10 Scotts got us a Turkey station as well as pumpkin pie, in addition to the buffet spread and free flow soft drinks & coffee/tea. Per individual, we paid about 60 USD to cover the ++.Though the Turkey wasn't as savory as what it was like in the US, they did a decent job at roasting it.The eggtarts were rather cold, but the rose macaroons with raspberries was an absolute delight. There is also ice cream upon request, and I'm a huge fan of their rouge tea.Overall, it's a decent venue to organize a cosy event continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
We were initially so looking forward to dine there due to good reviews online and some of our friends who visited there once on a less busy weekday raved about their food and service. 10 Scotts, a recently revamped cafe at hotel Grand Hyatt, was a huge let down....despite charging the same price as 6* Ritz Carlton, this place failed us big time! Here's the low down of our dining experience on a busy Sunday afternoon.Upon arriving at the restaurant entrance, nobody came to greet us nor usher us to our tables. We were made to stand there till we decided to walk to our tables by ourselves. Ambiance of the dining area was a nice and cozy setting, it was designed like a family home with comfy sofa and coffee tables...feels like a lodge retreat actually. But on a busy Sunday afternoon, nobody makes you feel like home here. Everything good also ends here, the nice decor.After seated, we made order for our food and drinks, both were served after a long delay (say 45mins wait), and refills takes forever to come (min. wait 20-30mins). Food items were not complete (our tray was missing the cheesy tartlet, scones were not served). The food here tasted blah...even their signature dishes didn't wow us a tiny bit. For the extra dollars we pay for the weekend price, assorted maki and chinese duck rolls were served at the buffet station. Maki was wiped out and wasn't replenished till an hour later, duck rolls was so dry I couldn't even finish one roll...nothing much else wow us from the buffet station either The only consolation was the dessert station...although not a big spread, they actually tasted good accept for the overly sweet pineapple crumble, everything else was fine.My friends who recommended this place were so disappointed on the big gap in the level of service as compared to their weekday dining experiences. One word of caution...go at your own risk.For full review and more photos, please visit http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/01/best-hi-tea-buffet-at-local-5-hotel_24.html continue reading
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