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Level4 2014-03-09
Chinese food stall with capability to whip up a huge varieties on demand, 123 Seafood was a nice place to feast with beer in very economy way. Occupied up to two stall spaces, it looked neat and comfortable without too cramped feeling. Freshest Seafood guaranteed, cooking style was flexible to suit patron’s preference. My favourite cooking style for egg, it was scrambled around Onion, Char Siew and Dried Shrimps. Everything was chopped evenly, saltiness was adjusted to a accurate ratio. Portion was rather generous, outlay was a crisp while inner was moistly soften. Layer was not too thick, thus it was not oily or greasy at all.Quintessential dish to be, it was a kind of high-end Cantonese cuisine. Pork was boneless and cut into tiny cubes, excessive amount of tangy broth mixed around. Grisly meat was coated by assorted flavourful ingredients, tomato sauce and vinegar were did their part well to bring the taste out. It was homely and tasty plate, for me.Nothing to scream of, it was just a decently plate of mangled mess veggies. Sambal was the key point, it did give us a spicy kick. Appetizing to accompany plain rice, spiciness was insane level with the arrival of chilli paddy. Not overcooked, veggies remained greenish fluffy.Boss recommended us to order this, the claypot was one of their signature dishes. Richly spiciness, gravy was thick and savoury. Fresh snapper head, the taste was obviously proven while I cleaned up the flesh. Fish was cooked just all right, firm yet not flaky. Curry spices balanced well, tangy at the same time not heavy as Indian Curry. For me, good food could be found everywhere, not necessarily in air-conditioned places. Bill was approximately $60.00 for four persons, I will definitely to come and try the rest of dishes. continue reading
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