4 Fingers Crispy Chicken takes the humble chicken wings staple and ups the ante with sizzling flavors and spices that pack attitude and punch. Hot, juicy and crispy, the wings are individually hand painted with their special sauce. continue reading
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4Fingers BFF Chicken Burger Chicken Rice Box Hot Chicken Drumettes Hot Chicken Wingettes Soy Garlic Chicken Drumsticks Soy Garlic Chicken Wingettes
Review (4)
Level4 2014-12-26
Four fingers is a famous restuarant serving fried chicken wings with special marinade sauce! You can choose how many drumlets/wings to order and the marinade is either soy garlic/hot. At both outlets, there will always be a long queue despite the time. As i try this with my friends, we ordered 18pcs mixed with soy garlic and hot sauce. As it was a set, it came with seaweed fries and drinks too. Appearance wise, whether the wings are in soy garlic or hot sauce, they looked similar hence it was quite difficult to differentiate the different flavours.The signature 4 fingers wings tastes great as it was served hot and crispy, meat was tender. However, for the soy garlic sauce, it was too sweet for me. Overall, i feel 4 fingers chicken wings are great but not worth the hype as it was considered quite overated. I would still prefer kfc or popyes!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
I have been to 3 different 4 fingers and this will be the 4th one! Yes that's right 4 fingers has 4 outlets in singapore total. I wish that they would open one in the North region of singapore *prays hard*The soy garlic chicken is my favourite, it is crispy and sweet and the chicken meat is so tender and juicy. It is how every fried chicken should be, at least a freshly friend chicken. I believe that the chicken is not frozen like KFC, which is why the meat is so juicy and tender.You get a beeper for the food and when the food is ready it beeps and blinds red, go up to the counter and pick up the food.The sea weed fries is unlike the seaweed fries for McDonalds. It tastes different and isn't as good as the McDonalds one. Maybe because I like my seaweed fries to be more salty. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-07
Ordered a six piece mixed chicken meal which comes with fries and a cup of soft drink after shopping. In coincidence, they are having a discount for student for several of their set meal one of which includes the six piece mixed chicken meal. The chicken wing come with two different flavours which consist of soy garlic and the hot flavour. The sauces is quite tasty and is well seasoned, but is a little too salty for my preference. The chicken wing is sufficiently cooked and comes with a crispy texture. As for the fries, it has a slight crispyness and is sprinkle with some seaweed and chili flakes. Both the chicken wing and the fries do not taste oily although both are cooked by deep frying. Apart from the mixed chicken meal, they also offer burgers, sandwich, wraps and other varieties of food. Price wise is quite reasonable and the quality of food is quite good as well. Definitely worth a second try !! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Yeah! 4 Fingers is finally opened in Westgate after months of wait since the mall opening. Since its operation, it has been pack full snaking queues outside its shop front. The first question that pops into my mind everytime when I see its queue, "Is it really that good?" as they have been there a while and I thought novelty should have worn off by then.However this fast food chain restaurant is well-received among the youngsters. Perhaps Korean Fried Chicken is up in the food trend now. There are choices of Garlic Soy, spicy and mix flavours for diners.A beeper is provided upon payments made at the counter and once it lights up in red, one has to go over to the Pick up point to collect the order.I'm quite amazed that the chickens were served in mass tins and just grease papers. The color of the chicken looked dull and overfried, unlike the usual golden brown crispy kinds.Sticky with its garlic and soy marinated seasonings, they were quite dry and required some force from our teeth to pull them off from its bones. And too bad it wasn't hot in term of its temperature. We upgraded one our drinks to Yuzu Aloe Vera. For those who are taking these non soft drinks, remember to give the drink a stir as it was make up of Yuzu Concentrate and plain water.We had both Seaweed and kimchi seasonings for our fries. The seasonings was not that sufficient and was not consistent. Perhaps we have to shake them? But still, I prefer the other fast food joint's quality of fries and seasonings.Calamari and shrimps was drenched with a portion of the soy sauce with the tangy taste from the lime.There was only 1 counter in operation at the time of purchase, and most probably the cause of the queue. However, once our fried chicken combo order were make, we can get them almost instantly.After enjoying my meal and get our fingers working on these marinated chickens, we find it rather inconvenient to walk out of the restaurant to get our hands clean. It will be much thoughtful to have a basin build in the restaurant for customers to clean their hands before and after meals.Afterall, I still prefer our conventional Kentucky Fried Chicken Taste to Korean's style. I won't want to be caught amongst their long queue again. For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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