Established since 2008, A-ONE Claypot House meticulously crafted menu is a good balanced combination of soul foods, incorporated with the local palate, inspired by traditional cooking methods. <br>Its mantra is that food should be consumed at the right temperature – and hence the use of traditional claypot cooking techniques which has good heat insulation. <br>Central to the cooking are fresh ingredients - with great emphasis in attaining the natural flavours from the ingredients without using any preservatives. For the health conscious, claypot cooking uses less oil yet retains its natural flavours. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Traditional Claypot Scallop Porridge Spinach with 3 Types of Egg Aone Superior Pot Hotplate Sesame Oil Chicken Noodle
Review (3)
Level4 2014-01-04
Went to tampines one and notice this shop having promotion is on 50% off so I went in to try their claypot porridge I was too hungry till I forgot to take the photo of my meal! So I order gong Bao frog leg to go with the porridge. The porridge is smooth and it goes well with the gong bao sauce. The frog leg is tender but the sauce is not as spicy as I thought but overall is quite good experience I shall come back for more.. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
The Claypot Hongkong Style Porridge was delicious with generous amount of sliced cuttlefish, fresh fish slices served with thick porridge together with a combination of crispy you tiao, diced spring onions and fried peanuts added fragrant to this claypot porridge.Priced: S$7.90++The Claypot Fried Chilli Cashew Nuts with diced chicken was also delicious. The generous amount of spring onions stalks cooked together with sliced big onions and lots of diced dried red chilli added so much flavour to this claypot chicken. Priced: S$15.90++. The viscous dark brown condiment of oyster sauce and dark soy sauce provided a good colour combination to the dish.Though this claypot is known as fried chili cashew nuts there were not sufficient cashew nuts in the dishHaving a frizzy drink with a twist, try sprite with sour plum. There was no photo indicated on the drink menu so I expected powdered sour plum combined with sprite and the drink should look slightly brownish. I was surprised to see clear sprite served wit three pieces of preserved sour plums. This drink did boost my overall appetite.A very refreshing drink for the price of S$2.80++ and goes well with my claypot rice. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)