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Level4 2015-02-02
Located right outside NTUC at nex, is this huge Ajisen Gourmet Town. It offers slightly more food than your typical Ajisen.I was drawn to the display, it reminded me of all the Japanese food I had in Japan, as they also have these same kind of display.I was keen on trying the Chicken Tenshin Han Set!!!Each table has a ipad ordering system, you can order your lunch specials here and it allows for customization (e.g. no spicy, change soup to miso etc)Most of the ramens here just taste MSG heavy so I never expect much from these ramens.The chicken was okay, abit dry infact.Chicken Tenshin Han Set $13.90 or $12.90 without chickenThe egg was so fluffy and light! The brown sauce around it was slightly sweet, and tastes almost like a diluted version of a teriyaki sauce.The sauce blended in well with the japanese rice and it was legit japanese rice grains.Despite it's looks, it is quite filling and has cubes of chicken undeneath the omelette.The egg drop soup was bland and quite tasteless.The gyoza was abit dry and should've been cooked longer, it wasn't crispy. I didn't bother finishing it.Despite the food, it was a quiet place to have a meal and chit chat on a weekday lunch, service was quick and we got our food within 10 minutes. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-25
One thing that I like about Ajisen Gourmet Town @ NEX is that it houses two of its restaurant brands Ajisen Ramen from Kyushu, Botejyu from Osaka as well as one of its own self-developed brands, Aji-Tei (means ‘a restaurant of tastes’) under one roof so customers can get to savour different types of Japanese cuisine. This food hall runs on a similar concept as the Japanese Gourmet Town at Vivocity.Okos just means ‘okonomiyaki’ in short which is a Japanese savoury pancake with various ingredients. I had previously tried Botejyu’s seafood okos with squids, prawns and scallops at its Liang Court outlet (now closed) some years back and I thought it wasn’t too bad so the husband and I decided to order the pork one to share this time.If the oko sauce and mayo were perfectly piped on the top of the okos, this would have been a piece of art. While the pancake was just average, it was the sauce mix that really gave it that salty, sweet and savoury flavour. The shredded cabbage inside were crunchy and the portion of thinly sliced tender pork in it was just sufficient.While the noodles were nicely blanched and were firm and chewy to the bite, the broth was quite weak and simply lacked that rich and intense flavour that most good broths would have. I liked the cha shu that was lean but very tender. Sadly, the half egg was hard-boiled rather than soft-boiled.The husband ordered the pork curry ramen as he wanted something spicier but this really wasn’t spicy at all. The broth had a very slight tinge of curry flavour that resembled curry flavoured instant noodles so I thought it was quite artificial. Also, there was a lot of oil floating on the surface that made this quite greasy.We spent just under $40 inclusive of tea which I didn’t think was worth it as the meal wasn’t satisfying. While I might return for the okos, the ramens are a big no-no for me. Give me my favourite RamenPlay instead. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-13
This "town" is situated on the floor of NTUC, Pizza Hut, Qiji and other small snacks stalls. The decor and stuff is not very outstanding and it's quite dark but it's very big, so it shouldn't be hard to notice. Maybe they can put more lightings. XDHamburger Omurice at $9.90!It's very filling and very delicious! The vegetables are fresh and crunchy. It's a balanced meal.The omelette is fluffy and soft and it's not bland. The rice was hot and really nice!The hamburger is tender and soft, it's not over-salty and not full of fatty stuff too!!Perfect for a quick dinner! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
This gourmet town has a different concept from the other Ajisen Outlets as they combine Ajisen with Botejyu that mostly sells the hotplate noodles or pancake and Aji-Tei that sells Japanese Styled Curry. For me, my choice when I visit this is still Ajisen Ramen.I ordered their Kids Menu set today for my son that comes with a bowl of ramen that is more than sufficient for a kid. My child love their ramen too.All their ramen sets will come with a complimentary ice lemon tea or green tea but I choose to top up additional $1 for rootbeer and orange soda.My all time choice at Ajisen is that Seafood Ramen, the soup base is thick and nice and the seafood they use are scallops and crabsticks.Being a lover for spicy food, I will always order their volcano sauce which has small bits of meats in it. I love adding this to my soup as this make it hot and spicy.I top up additional $2 for their Prawn Mayonnaise that is under the Premium Ala-Carte choice. The prawn they use are fresh and is deep fried till crispy, the mayonnaise further enhance the taste, the only downside about this dish is they are quite stingy with the mayonnaise.The kids meal comes with fried prawns, personally I still prefer their Prawn Mayonnaise. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-16
This stir fried noodles in the hot stove is quite delicious and really suit my taste. The thick yellow noodles are very chewy and not too soggy. The sauces use in this noodles are not too salty and blend in really well with the noodles. Love the generous amount of cabbages and carrot slices in it which added that extra nutirition value and added that extra healthy content in it too. Served hot which ensure the quality of the noodles has been maintained. continue reading
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