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Indian Rojak Mee Goreng Tulang
Review (11)
Despite the long wait each time when I visit Al Mahboob, the customers kept entering the door non stop.Even though, I went around 4 pm on a weekday, I had to wait for 45 minutes.An estimated waiting time during peak hours is about 2 to 2.1/2 hours. Its been almost two years since I wrote a food review for this popular Indian Rojak.Look at the food accolate posted just outside the entrance of the food court.The current price menu ranged from $1.50 to $5.00 depending on the ingredient selected.An average spending will cost about $15.00 with a selection of boiled potatoes, marinated cuttlefish, fish cakes, onion fritters and plain dough fritters.The most addictive of the Indian Rojak is none other than the generous serving of the gravy.I wished I had the opportunity to be present in the kitchen to peep at the ingredient used. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-03
One of the best indian rojak i ever eaten with so much choices of fried food to choose from, their sauce is rich and concentrated with peanuts sauce, every ingredients are prepared with a lot of efforts, quality food with different tastes, different from indian rojak outside with diluted sauce and just flour. to add on, this indian rojak restaurant got air con, will go back to eat, i choose around 6 to 7 ingredients costing $9.30, very full, love their tau kwa too, flour, will go back and eat again, as a lot of their food i have not tried. Strongly recommended for Indian rojak lovers, who looking for high standard food with nice rich sauce. : ) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-09-23
So much of recent news and hearsay about Al Mahboob Indian Rojak's reopening, I had finally stepped into their new location and had a real time feel of the place. Ah, at least I'm up to date by now. In case you might have gone back to their original unit, please do not be surprised that the place is actually deserted now with all furnishing torn down. All you have to do is to walk down along the walkways of the S11 building and you will find the big signage of Al Mahboob's.As you pulled opened the glass door, enjoyed a clean and new environment of Al Mahboob with its new furnishing with many pairs of wavy mirrors on its wall, what's more, they have a wash area for customers to wash their hands before and after meal. The place was divided into 3 counters, Rojak Stall, Cooked Food & Beverages Counter. Served by a friendly guy (known to be the brother of Al Mahboob's boss) who was quite chatty at the beverage counter and could handle mandarin as well as Hokkien during our conversations. Bought 2 cups of Tea Tarik ($1.50 each) and a cup of cold Holicks at $1.20. With all his jokes and laughters, it made time passes easier while waiting for him to prepare the drinks as well as our rojak.Ordering Rojak is faster than before, I confirmed that its 3 to 4 times faster! In the past, I had to wait up to an hour for a plate of rojak and keep returning to its stall to check the status but its only 15 minutes now. To make life easier, they had implemented the numbering system whereby customers were all given a number slip after choosing the Rojak items. Numbering display was installed at both the stalls front and the dining area. We had chosen 12 items, from prawn crackers to jagung (sweet corn) dough balls, prawn fritters and assorted items that were available at the time of visit. Customers turnover rate was fast, that describes the time interval of how Mahboob topped up its Rojak items. They were freshly prepared when I ordered them.Cost: $14Next, the rojak sauce! I drank 3 bowls of them. Yap, you did not read wrongly. The sauce was indeed highly addictive - orange-red looking sauce had a nice balance of sweet, spicy and flavorful taste which turned me so "thirsty". I made sure that every item dipped in was thoroughly coated and drenched with sauce dripping down as I pulled myself over for the food. Seriously Good Stuff! If you have a craving for something red or even on Indian Rojak, Al Mahboob is definitely worth traveling even from the west to Tampines to satisfy your hunger! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
This delicious Indian rojak is a must try for all fans of this Asian cuisine! Irregardless of the different types of items and sweet chilli gravy provided here, they are all equally delicious! I have choosen 6 items on my attached photos, which include the fried beancurd, ikan bills fritter, ku chye fritter, carrot fritters. Among these items, ku chye fritter is always my favourite choice. Lots of chopped ku chye can be found in the fritter, which is fragrant and not too salty. The fritter's texture is also moist and soft, which is really easy to chew. Their fried beancurds are also really fresh and easy to chew too. For the price of $9.oo to share between my friend and myself, I think is quite reasonable. The sweet chilli gravy is also refillable at free of charge too. queue number has been given to me so that I can wait for my turn while seated. Quite a present visit and restaurant is cooling and comfortable too. continue reading
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So in love with their gravy with lotsa nuts. You can pick and choose the rojak, whatever you like. Then they will serve the rojak warm and crispy.The only thing is you must be patient because you have to wait for 30mins or more. I waited until spider webform around me. Okaylah, but this Indian rojak is worth waiting. So delicious! Definitely, come again!Here's my order:1. Hard Boiled Egg2. Re-expanded dried cuttlefish3. Fried beancurd4. Deep fried beef's lung5. & few other stuff (sorry I don't know what I ordered but delicious)Spending: Less 10SGDYou cannot eat alone ah. You have to eat with friends or family. Big portion after you have mixed everything.So, enjoy! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)