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With Ambush, everyone gets a little taste of Europe. Taking after a modern casual European dining concept, the eatery takes pride in serving up gourmet food with reasonable prices using only the freshest ingredients. continue reading
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Review (34)
Level4 2014-04-17
It's not elite in its industry, but Ambush can be said to be one of my favourite go-to place for pastas. Why? I love it for its consistency, professional service, and the succinct menu that has one of each type of pasta that I may be craving for.This is probably my fifth (or is it sixth?) time at Ambush - so many times, I lost count. This is my favourite dish - the Tiger Prawn & Bacon - Garlic Butter & Pine Nuts which I recommended to my friend - which already has my stamp of approval. A slight garlic buttery sheen over the spaghetti noodles and the peeled (Oh, the number one tip to convince a lazy eater to eat prawns) lovely fresh juicy yummy prawns had me wolfing it down my throat at record speed. It's two thumbs up from me. I swear this dish can single-handedly bring me back to Ambush repeatedly. You know it's good when I think I can finish two portions at one go. This time, I went for the Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Thai Basil Sauce which was a little heavy on the flavours, a tangle of sour tomato sauce and white sugar sweetness to balance out the sourness. All these flavours overwhelmed any of the basil herb tastes that may be present. The Norwegian salmon was quite dry, but overall it was okay. I don't think I will recommend this to anyone.The Mocha at Ambush has much higher chocolate content than any of the other mochas I've tried before, yet its caffeine taste is not lost on it. A little too sweet but I still like it quite a lot. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-27
My boyfriend and I were deciding what to have for our late lunch as we walked past Ambush, we wanted to give a try as both of us have not been there. It was pretty empty in the shop at about 4pm, I was pretty surprised. My friends actually recommend me this place as it serve affordable yet decent western food. I guessed, I set my expectations way too high.We browse through the menu and the waiter was standing right in front of us waiting for our order, we felt pretty pressurize though.It was pretty late in the afternoon and still, they've set lunches hence we went ahead. It comes with soup, drinks and a main course.The soup of the day: Cream of corn. I was expecting something more quality than just starch, you can't even barely taste of corn. It was very thick and "creamy" but I wished it was much decent than what we're having. This is my main course, beef bolognese; to my surprise, I did not expect it come with rice. It taste fairly okay but too much of it, you will get sick of it. The presentation was not very well done but overall is okay. Probably this is the best thing I really enjoy of the whole meal I have there. For my set drink, I order cafe latte with an additional $1.80 upgrade but very worthwhile! The coffee is so smooth, loving the foam, thick and creamy. The aroma is so strong so is the coffee, loving this so much!Last but not least, my boyfriend's main course, White wine spaghetti with clams; another huge disappointment. The food wasn't that hot and the overall is pretty plain, it was better when we place the clams and spaghetti together as the clams have normal salt. Afterall, okay, not that bad.Probably, we did not try the specialty of ambush but we would like to go over and try out the other dishes too! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-24
Ambush boasts being a fast casual European dining place and has been around in Singapore for many years. With weekday set lunches starting from $9.90, it is rather affordable in contrast with many other European dining options.The given soup was corn soup, which surprised me with the hastily-sprinkled garnishing. It tasted diluted, but nonetheless a better option than all the other usual soups that other restaurants offer (e.g: mushroom soup, chicken soup).For an additional $1.80, you get the Ambush Coffee Latte. The aroma was really strong and extremely fragrant! In fact, the coffee was one of the better beverages that I've had. Ambush certainly uses fresh coffee beans and the froth was very, very smooth. There were no bubbles at all in the froth.The latte art was really abstract though. I guess they are attempting to go an extra mile for their service... though it is futile.Salmon Fillet, Thai Basil Sauce - $11.90The salmon fillet was fresh and tender. The dollop of tartar sauce combined well with the salmon fillet, though the Thai basil sauce tasted like PESTO tomato sauce instead. The penne was of rather good-quality, soft and springy and evenly cooked. This is definitely worth a try!The penne was not freshly made, and I could tell that the supplier sent them half-cooked ones before they boiled it again. Thankfully, the 'thai basil sauce' helped to soak the penne which made it less plain-tasting.Bockwurst with Cranberry Butter Rice and Fries - $9.80This is an extremely oily dish! The Bockwurst truly tasted like a German sausage, except that it was too oily for your own good. I loved the cranberries that were mixed into the rice, adding a little sweetness and fragrance to it.The crisp golden-brown fries were almost of equal length and they tasted delicious.The waiters and waitresses were friendly and swiftly attended to our needs, allowing their diners to enjoy long chit-chat sessions . continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-05
Being someone who is always watching food shows on television, paella is one of the dishes that are featured very often! Also, it is proclaimed to be one of the best dishes in spanish tradition! Having heard some good reviews about Ambush, i decided to go down to try the Paella! I liked the sauce between while it was tangy, it wasn't too overpowering. The rice had also absorbed a lot of the tasty goodness that it was probably soaking in. The best thing was, the seafood that was paired with the rice was fresh and succulent! Kudos! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
Met up with my friends at Ambush for dinner last Friday! Even though there was a queue, I got a table of 5 within 15 mins of queuing. I ordered Norwegian Salmon Fillet in thai basil sauce ($13.20)! You can choose from different types of pasta; spaghetti, linguine, penne or fusilli and I got penne in the end. The pasta was great! The salmon was big and succulent. The thai basil sauce gave an tinge of spicness to the dish. And because I'm not a lover for garlic, it's the only thing that I didn't like about this dish, too much garlic. But otherwise, great dish! Even my friends said the sauce was good. Service can be improved though. We asked for our warm water and it came after we prompt them for a second time when we were almost done eating continue reading
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