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Level4 2014-12-27
See my full reviews & photos at =http://chefquak.com/2014/12/26/nice-dinner-with-son-arossa-on-23dec2014/had a nice, quiet dinner with son at arossa on 23.12.2014.was last here with wife on 3.9.2014.we were given a corner table by the window overlooking scotts road with all the christmas decorations.son wanted some oysters as starter. we decided to order a wagyu steak each & a lobster ravioli to share.the oysters were excellent, very sweet, plump & tasty.the lobster blackened spinach ravioli were tops too. :-) the restaurant split for us so we had 3 ravioli each. the lobster broth or emulsion was superb.the A5 miyazaki wagyu was also top fine dining standard. so what’s missing?first, it was now 150g instead of 180g. i guess that’s ok. wagyu was good, very tender, good tasting, presentation was good also, definitely equalled or beat any fine dining restaurant serving good steaks.but i could tell instantly that the presentation, sauce etc basically everything was different from the japanese presentation the last 2 times – see photos of the kagoshima wagyu on 3.9.2014 & the miyazaki wagyu on 16.8.2014.& taste-wise somehow it did not have the standout marbled fragrance of a top japanese wagyu cut.dinner for 2pax was S$143 after 50% palate discounts with amex.sadly, arossa is closing by end jan2015 & we were told watanabe-san, the grill chef helming the restaurant is returning to japan to start her own restaurant. good for her & all the very best! i will probably return before end jan2015 to have a last go. continue reading
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For original review, please refer to http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/07/sg-arossa-grill-wine-bar-dressing-up.htmlTucked away quietly in a corner at Scotts Square, Arossa Grill & Wine Bar is quite a rare gem within the busy shopping district of Orchard. Specializing on grills, the philosophy of female Chef Chiaki Watanabe lies in Simplicity. She sources for the freshest seafood and grills from Australia and New Zealand before she works her magic with accumulated culinary experience working in various restaurants in Italy. Led by the in-house sommelier Louis, there is also a selection of more than 120 labels of old and new-world wine in addition to classic cocktails.Following her roots, Chef Watanabe observes Japanese and to a great extent, Italian traditions closely. It is also imperative for her to introduce pockets of creativity in her dishes while upholding quality. Setting strict benchmarks for herself, she continuously strives to improve and her sheer determination may be witnessed as she is the only lady in her culinary class who remained a chef today. Interestingly, while discussing with Chef Watanabe, we learnt about the dominance of males in Japan's socio-economic position and while the status of women is revolving, it is rare to see a Japanese lady to head a kitchen.Sommelier Louis and Chef Watanabe spontaneously agreed to a picture!Moscow Mule | S$15, S$18/++There was no better way to break the ice among the diners at the table with a glass of cocktail each. Moscow Mule is a refreshing concoction of ginger juice, lime and vodka and at present there is an ongoing promotion 1-for-1 Happy Hour Session and is valid from Monday to Saturdays, 1800 to 2100hrs!Other available cocktails include Whiskey Sour and Lime Mojito. Arossa is in the midst of introducing more cocktails so stay tuned for more interesting mixtures coming up!Complimentary breadFreshly baked by Chef Watanabe, the focaccia and walnut loaves were a delight and warms up the stomach for the food to come. Served warm, the walnut bread had a nice crust on the edges while remaining soft on the inside. The focaccia had a nice level of salinity which suited my palate but the accompanying condiment took things a step higher.This specially prepared dipping sauce to go with the bread is a blend of anchovies, garlic, olives and drizzled with olive oil. Expect an intense burst of savoury flavours when you spread it across your bread but it was so good that the diners were requesting to buy portions of it home!Calamari | S$21/++The deep fried squid had a nice crispy batter that was perfectly matched by the spicy aioli sauce. Do not worry even if you have a low tolerance for heat because the spiciness was mild and together with the calamansi, it was well neutralised and balanced. I liked that the fresh squid was cooked beautifully to retain a nice chewiness to it.Lasagne di Melanzane | S$22/++I believe most people have tried various renditions of lasagne but having eggplant as the core ingredient was surely something new for me. Being a huge fan of eggplant, I have had my fair share of disappointment when it comes to preparation techniques from most restaurants but this was firm and moist. It was cooked perfectly and the rich creamy cheese would make most swoon.Chitarra | S$29/++The homemade square-cut pasta reminded me fondly of my experience at Sanpoutei Ramen where they were one of the few places which serves squarish noodles. The fresh sea urchin used was blended into the sauce which was rich, creamy, briny with a slight nutty flavour.While I enjoy my pasta slightly undercooked, retaining a slightly hard texture, this might not appeal to most who prefer a more al dente touch. So if you are ordering the pasta, it would be recommended to make your orders clear and known to your server.Guanciale di Manzo | S$37/++This Piemonte style beef cheek was braised in red wine and acacia honey. Unlike most savoury preparation methods, this tasted surprisingly good with the tender meat almost melt-in-your-mouth. The slightly saccharine gravy complemented the smooth potato mash, overall a palatable dish. I was told that most of the cuts would be prepared medium-well unless instructed otherwise upon ordering.For different types of meat or seafood served, the sommelier can actually recommend various forms of wine-pairing and for our beef cheek, we had the 2009 Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Cabernet Sauvignon to match. It delivered a crisp and grassy flavour that was bold and intense.Tonno | S$36/++Grilled blue fin tuna with caponata. From my understanding of caponata, it should carry a sweet and sour tinge due to the use of sweetened vinegar but I found that lacking in the dish. I was quite disappointed with this as I had expected more given Arossa's specialisation in grills. It was slightly overcooked which resulted in a slightly stiff texture. Personally, I would prefer my fish bear some tinge of pinkness on the inside while seared beautifully on the surface. The fresh and crisp tomatoes livened the dish with its burst of freshness.Tiramisu | S$14/++Introduced as one of Arossa's signature desserts, it was with great anticipation that we await the arrival of the tiramisu. All the elements were checked with the velvety mascarpone cheese juxtaposing the coarseness of the cocoa powder though the alcohol level was quite reserved and did not quite shine through. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable dessert that is worth a try when you visit.Overall, I felt that the ambience is simply sublime. Tucked away at one of the latest buildings to occupy the Orchard district, Arossa within Scotts Square is beautifully decorated with its brick wall layout, illustrating a very rustic look and feel. The service was impeccable and Chef Watanabe would even come out to greet her guests and diners. The open kitchen concept right in the middle of the restaurant is also an interesting feature and while there was hits and misses on the food, it has a comforting aura that makes me want to return after the first visit.For those working in the area, be sure to check out their lunch set menus starting from S$15 and goes up to S$38/++ for the four-course Executive Lunch. Chef Watanabe also innovates and reviews her menu periodically and with the National Day coming up, she has prepared a special five-course dinner set priced at S$75/++. There is no doubt that the chef pays top attention to the source and quality of her ingredients and while you might notice that most of the cooking have a more Italian influence, there exists elements of Japanese touches especially with the selection of premium ingredients. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-11
Indoor seating only, formed in an L-shaped formation, is limited. Thus, reservation is recommended if you are looking to host a casual and romantic dining experience with your partner.With more than 120 labels, consisting of old & new-world wine, Arossa can also be another place to enjoy a glass of liquor by the street of Orchard.A basket of complimentary bread, giving off a slight aroma when chewed in mouth, I can't help feeding my mouth with the bread before the 1st course arrived.Calamari ($22.00) came as our first course. Fried squid isn't oily, and is springy. While the fried squid is good enough to be eaten on its own, a dab of the spicy aioli sauce would add-on an additional taste to it.Primo Piatto, Chitarra ($29.00). Arossa's homemade square-cut pasta with sea urchin paste, chives, and peperoncino, is definitely worth the amount.Secondo, Tonno ($36.00). Grilled Blue Fin Tuna with salsa fresh tomatoes, although failed in my expectation as a beef dish, it's texture and taste does surpass my disappointment. Perhaps a dish for diners whom ain't beef-eaters, but still can act like one A great place with prompt service and overlooking the street of Orchard from level 2. Most restaurants would have placed a whole row of cutlery on the table, and count on you to know which to use for the type of food served. Arossa did the opposite way, but neatly placing only the right cutlery on your table, and switch to another when another different type of food is served.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/08/arossa-grill-wine-bar.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-05-08
For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/05/arossa-wine-grill-thumbsforfood.htmlArossa prides itself for its grills that are flown fresh from Australia and New Zealand. They also have wines that are brought from all over the world to pair with their food on the menu. Another interesting fact about Arossa is that the chef, Chiaki Watanabe is actually the first Japanese woman chef in Singapore.As we enter the restaurant, it is alike stepping into a cozy European Restaurant. Yet, there is something modernistic about the whole place brought forward by it's open concept kitchen placed at the heart of the restaurant. We particularly like the full-length windows where you can dine and people watch at the same time.Our welcome drink for the night was Mojito ($15; 1-for-1 at $18). The freshly squeezed lime juice coupled with the fresh mint leaves made the Mojito a really refreshing drink. The glass that the drink was served in was also thoroughly chilled, making the drink constantly cold.For starters, we had the Oysters with Champagne Vinegar, Lemon (1pc at $8, 6pcs at $42 and 12pcs at $75). The oysters at Arossa are air-flown from Canada. They were really fresh. Unlike other oysters that are slightly on the mushy side, the oysters hear are pretty firm and succulent. The downside was the prices are on the steep side.Another signature dish on their menu was the Spanish Iberian Pork Loin ($38 for 200g). The meat looked similar to the steak just that the cut was thicker. We were told that the pork was raised akin to beef in Spain, which might possibly be the reason for the meat to be more tender. This is my personal favourite because the way the pork is being cooked and served is not quite common.Arossa really offers an extensive wine collection. If you are lost by the myriad of choices, you can get introductions for pairing from the friendly staff.For desserts, we had their Tiramisu served with Sweet Mascarpone and Savoiardi Biscuit ($14). The tiramisu was really good, an instant melt-in-the-mouth dessert. It was light which makes it a good choice for dessert lovers even after a filled stomach.We also tried the Apple Tart served with Cinnamon Ice Cream ($14). I particularly enjoyed the crust of the Apple Tart and it went so well with the caramelised apples.Overall, we feel that Arossa serves up quality grills set in a great ambience. They also have private dining rooms for large groups. We would recommend this place for dates or for special occasions in the family. We hope to be back to savour their quality meat again! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-12
Arossa is a classy Wine & Grill restaurant, which specialize on grills that come from Australia, New Zealand, and fresh seafood such as live lobster, oyster and many more. It is located at the second level of one of the latest shopping malls in Singapore, right in Orchard Road. In a lovely redbrick tavern setting, it gives a old world charm. Currently the restaurant is headed by Chef Chiaki (oh she looks real pretty in person). Although we early for our reservation, we are showed straignt to our tables. There is box to ladies for put their bags. A of hiccup when one of us is given the lunch menu instead of the correct dinner menu. The menu offered is quite limited, no option for dessert. We are served 3 types of bread (Walnut, Focaccia, sourdough (I think so) With a tasty dip after placing our order. For appetizer, there is Buffalo Mozzarella with Sicilian Tomato and Basil Salad which tastes simple and nice, as well as, Shrimp Salad with Fennel, Chickpea and Orange which has quite juicy shrimp. As for Main, the Today's Fresh Fish of the Day with Caponata, Herb Sauce is quite juicy with very crispy skin. As for the mains:Today's Fresh Fish of the Day with Caponata, Herb Sauce is quite tasty with juicy fish and very crispy skin.The Grilled AUS Ribeye with Rocket Salad, Parmesan, Balsamic Sauce is done alright. Although the serving looks small, but is quite filling. As for the Tiramisu, the sponge base is quite soft, having soaked in coffee. Overall taste not bad except looks too soft, threatening to topple anytime, as well as, there is no alcohol taste. We end the meal with a cup of complimentary tea each, which tastes hot and nice, just right for a cold, wet night. Overall food and service are good. But the best is the atmosphere, which made us quite relax and stay quite a while in the restaurant. continue reading
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