Set within the cobblestoned courtyard of the historic Sculpture Square, Artichoke's kitchen bangs out modern Moorish cuisine in a casual and relaxed environment. Our cooking is inspired by the backstreets and alleyways of Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Morocco, regions united by a common thread that winds it way back to Arabia. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Citrus Breading Pudding Lamb Shortribs with Chermoula Spices
Review (9)
Level4 2016-05-03
See pics @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/05/artichoke.htmlLoved the food at Artichoke; there was a harmonious mesh of flavours and a refined symmetry in everything. For sure Artichoke's going down as one of 2016's bests eats.PSA: For first-timers to Artichoke, it's at the junction of Waterloo Street and Middle Road; the little restaurant is tucked away in a nook behind this bright yellow heritage chalet-looking building, opposite Fortune Centre and next to the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations ("SCWO") along Waterloo Street. Park along Waterloo Street or Fortune Centre.We had:1) Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($38): sumptuous and hearty and rich but balanced, with meat so soft it practically fell off the bone. One of the very best lamb I've ever had in my life.2) Smoked Chicken ($30): succulent and perfumed with a heady char3) Greenland Halibut Fish Fingers ($28): loved the pairing with velvety squid ink tartare sauce4) Duck Adana Kebab Tacos ($18 per pair): may not have received the same amount of love as the preceding dishes, but I liked it well enough. It was texturally meaty, and its intense potency was countered by crisp apple strips, shaved radish, a drizzling of lively garlic chive oil and creamy avocado hummus.5) Charred Broccoli ($16) strewn with a piquant hodgepodge of miso vinaigrette, crumbed feta, pickled garlic, pickled shimeiji and mint. So good we ordered seconds continue reading
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Tucked away in Sculpture Square, Artichoke Cafe & Bar is really more of a communal dining restaurant than cafe, that serves moorish cuisine. What is moorish cuisine? Well, I didn't know till I googled either. Moorish cuisine is a middle-east styled food fare with some mediterranean influence. Interesting, huh?Artichoke is also one of the popular brunch places in Singapore. Unfortunately, I haven't been disciplined enough to wake up early for brunch these days. But thankfully, Artichoke serves dinner, just as well as they do brunch (I would think so, based on their popularity)!I was instantly intrigued by Artichoke as I made my way in. I can't quite put it into words but Artichoke has this really quirky vibe to it. It sort of perked me for my dining mood too.For starters, order the mezze. Mezze is like appetizer (think the equivalent of bread in western cuisine). It comes with 3 moorish dips that are absolutely whetting. I personally make very conscious effort to minimize my carb intake. But with the dips, I was uncontrollable!Ahhhh... Grilled Haloumi. Cheese lovers, you have to order this. I'm not gonna say much except, "you won't regret it".I can't remember what this dish is called. Okay, actually I can't remember any dish names because this post is simply way overdue.What I know is that this is one of my favourite of the night. You probably can't tell from here but it's fried cauliflowers! Not any cauliflowers but cauliflowers that are perfectly marinated and crispy. That's like a huge chunk of brownie points for the girl who secretly wants to indulge and diet at the same time. This is... bacon something. It doesn't matter what this is called because a bacon by any other name would taste just as heavenly. As is this dish. Just try to screen through the menu to look for bacon and eggs in the description. You should get it right.Chicken! The commoner's choice of protein. In this case, it's commoner's protein with the royal treatment. I don't know what they did to this chicken but even the most loathed part of the chicken - the breast meat, is as tender as any other parts.As taken from Artichoke's Facebook page -"Lamb shoulder, brined overnight, rubbed with mechoui spices, slow roasted for several hours, ripped apart to order, bathed in a lamb jus enriched with fermented butter, topped with a pile of zucchini shoelaces marinated in garlic & lemon".Both my heart, body and soul agrees that it is as delicious as how they have put it in words.Desserts for a sweet ending. Here's the sticky date pudding that doesn't look like your typical sticky date pudding. I joked to my friends that it's a combination of chinese steamed cake (huat kueh), herbal jelly (guilin gao), and peanut paste.But of course, it doesn't taste like that at all. Underneath that messy presentation, is a sweet explosion of decadence.Conclusion: I'd give 7/10.I LOVE IT! My night was made flawless with faultless dinner and wonderful company of the zoolings. The only hurt came when the bill was presented to us. A whopping spend of S$60 per pax, for a group of 7. Youch. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-26
I have not forgotten the last time I went to Artichoke 2 years ago. The food was great and I've finally paid a dessert pilgrimage to its sister cafe at Overdoughs selling very sinfully good (x5) pastries. One example is the bak kwa sticky bun that I had at the Public Garden Event.It was supposed to be a lunch cum dessert session at Overdough but it turned out that lunch is only available on weekdays. Hence, we head next door to Artichoke without reservations but luckily there were seats.With fewer than 5 items on the menu, we chose the Mezze Platter ($25 see top picture) . The fluffly za'atar toast was a natural match for the extremely savoury items such as smoked salmon, Serrano ham and mozzarella-like Turkish string cheese. And the Beetroot tzaiki and zucchini pickles provided a tangy contrast to the creamy Chicken sesame hummus.For full review and more photos, please visit http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2013/10/overdoughs-calories-overboard.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-06-28
I was having a hard time deciding on a cafe to bring a visiting friend who has scoured parts of the globe. It could not possibly be a buffet at Straits Kitchen as she is a Malaysian, definitely not some place in our infinite air-con malls, even though it was tempting during the hazy week.I finally decided on Artichoke Cafe – located at Sculpture Square (which not many locals know of the location) – beside Singapore Women’s Association Council. Through the gates into the cozy shed of luscious pastries and rustic dishes abound.Pan fried Halloumi S$22++Sauteed organic mushrooms, huge slab of creamy omelette underneath and two slices of grilled dough on the side. It was a big portion for one and luckily this was my first meal of the day into noon time. I cleaned it up!Every ingredient was cooked well, done right and seasoned well – nothing complicated.I would have shared it if I were to have a Snickers Tart afterwards (from their sister bakery – Overdoughs) but not for the sore throat around.There will be next time.For full review and more photos, visit http://sofood.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/artichoke-cafe/. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-06
Do not mistake this seemingly gooey mess with unappetising food. The sticky date pudding in smoked milk custard and salted caramel is a delightful thing to be had if you are craving some sweet desserts. The milk custard was not overly sweet and reminded me of the Hong Kong cantonese milk puddings. The salted caramel added a tinge of saltiness which sufficiently balanced the overall dish. Great! continue reading
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