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Baker & Cook is the brainchild of Dean Brettschneider. He has had more than 25 years of experience, and is the author of 10 best selling books on baking. The products at Baker & Cook are handmade and they produce bakery-inspired food served throughout the day. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
I have always wanted to check out this artisan bakery but the location is pretty far off. Anyway, I finally had a chance to visit this cafe with my friend who lives around the area ^^ When we first step in, we were actually surprised by how small the cafe is. Luckily, we were there on a weekday morning and there were a few seats available. I can just imagine it being super packed and cramped during the weekends! It's not considered breakfast without a cup of coffee! Anyway, the Cappuccino was good and I like how it looks! A mini brownie is served along with it too. The almond croissant was not the best I had but was decent enough. I find that the flakiness is just right but it was too buttery. The Pain Au Chocolate is not bad and I also find that the flakiness is just right. However, it would be much better with more chocolate filling Most of the reviews on Baker & Cook commented that their carrot cake is a must-try(!) and really, it is the best slice of carrot cake I had so far!! The amount of cream cheese, which was topped with black sesame, dried apricot and pumpkin seeds, on the moist and dense cake was just perfect and too addictive! A pity that it is quite petite in size compared to elsewhere but quality over quantity anytime! continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-22
We already had a go at two main dishes for brunch at Baker and Cook (Eggs Benedict and Spanish Omelette), so this time, we came back for a little dessert! We ordered 2 slices of cake: a slice of carrot cake and a slice of blueberry cheesecake.Everyone online raves about their carrot cake, and they are absolutely right in doing so. It was simply a delight - it had a moist texture with a rich taste. The cream cheese wasn't too rich and complimented the cake really well and did not overpower the taste of the carrot cake. It was really decent and worthwhile for the price of $4.50 per slice.The blueberry cheesecake was average and decent, and not too sweet. Although a bit small for a $5 slice, it was satisfying and the portion of fillings and toppings was generous and really made my day. I've heard that the lemon tart is another excellent buy and worth the visit, so maybe I'll try that the next time I visit! continue reading
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Nestled in the sequestered neighborhood of Hillcrest, Baker & Cook prides itself Singapore’s only true artisan bakery and foodstore chain. Helmed by Global Baker Dean Brettschneider, the cafe does not only serve up a wide array of artisan breads, pastries, hot items, and cooked items, their own-brand range of items like jams, cookies, and chutneys are also on sale. It proves to be pretty popular amongst dwellers of the area. Baker Dean has had over 25 years of experience, and also the man behind some best-selling baking books. I wouldn’t very much doubt his capability.The inner core of Baker & Cook is a communal table that can sit about 10. And that is essentially it, save for the 2 bar-top window-facing seats. On the other side of the glass panels lies some 7 – 8 tables that can sit about 3 – 4 each. So it really isn’t the most spacious and comfortable cafe to laze. However, the crowd (of expats), and the low-ceiling makes it feel like a home away from home. I wasn’t too much a fan of their indoor seating, however, due to its loud coffee-maker + machines’ noises.Latte ($5+) :: Allpress Espresso coffee is used, for the first time in Singapore, at Baker & Cook. However, it failed to impress and was average-tasting at best.Pastries :: I went momentarily out of hand when I saw the whole stretch of pastries set behind the counter. If it had been the kind like in bakeries where you self-service your breads and pastries, my wallet might not have been able to withstand it. It was much to my surprise that I found the Pecan Tart ($5.70+) the most satisfying. It is not overly sweet and the portion of pecans was generous. I also liked the Caramel Brownie ($5+) quite a bit, though only because I’m a huge sucker for caramel. It comes in an especially big portion, and though it was rather tough a brownie, it was still fine.It was the first time I had a Lamingtons ($5+). It sounds very English to me, but is actually of Australian origin. It’s a pretty cube of sponge cake coated in a layer of chocolate icing, followed by dessicated coconut. I thought it was unmemorable though, in that the flavors were very light. The Chocolate Croissant ($3.30+) was ordinary; nothing to yell about, while the Sweet Scone ($4.20+) was too dry for my liking.Salmon Quiche ($9+) :: Though slightly expensive, I still quite like it. The crust was crumbly yet hard enough to make a mark, and the sufficiently-topped savory salmon completed the experience. Quiches tend to be cloying very quickly, but I did not have a problem this time round; I guess it was good that the cheese wasn’t too overpowering and dominant.Eggs Benedict Bacon ($17+) :: Ready your phone and take an instavideo right from the start, because it is going to be needed, anyway, to neutralize the otherwise slightly tough bread that the poached eggs sit on. The bacon is the crispy and hard ones – not my cuppa’ tea. The eggs were pretty good though, well-flavored and perfectly cooked. I thought it is again, slightly overpriced though.It was a rainy weekend morning while I was there. Consequently, brunch at the cafe felt seemingly better. Service was pretty alright, nothing to complain / rave about. Pastries were largely at least of average standard, though not crazy-wow enough for me to head back to the secluded neighborhood without private transport. If you’re up for an adventure and in search of ‘hidden gems’, Baker & Cook passes as worthy. continue reading
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Opened by New Zealand celebrity baker and cookbook author- Dean Brettschneider, Baker N Cook joins the ranks of international bakeries such as Maison Kayser and Paul Bakery that have recently opened their flagship store in our sunny Singapore in the past few months.Nestled among the restaurants and shops of Greenwood Ave, Baker N Cook blends in so beautifully with its surroundings at the junction of Hillcrest Road and Greendale Ave that you would almost miss it if you were not looking for it.This artisan bakery/foodstore/cafe displays its wide variety of pastries, breads, pies and cakes on the counters, tempting you even before you walk through the glass doors. Freshly baked croissants, meringues and muffins are just some of many goods offered as part of their handcrafted signature range amongst others which include jams, chutney and granola which are packaged for easy takeaways. Get ready for a carb-laden morning/afternoon when you get here because you will definitely be spoilt for choice!Between the four of us, we first ordered the Pain Au Chocolat $3.10 which was crisp, buttery and well-flaked. Unfortunately, being a chocolate croissant, I would have appreciated a little bit more chocolate inside and it would have been perfect if this was served still warm from the oven.The Lemon Tart $4.95 came highly recommended by many and it delivered. The crust was not too dry and had just the right amount of butter to pastry ratio. The lemon curd filling was the right balance of sweet, tangy and sour with great texture. It was truly delightful watching the filling spill out so smoothly when cutting through the crust.The Baker & Cook Freshly Baked Bread & Croissant Selection $9.95 was served in a country style bread basket. There were 4 different types of breads pre-selected for you, together with butter and jams as accompaniment. Honourable mentions go to the mini croissants and walnut bread!Overall, there have been a couple of hits and misses here at Baker N Cook. But in all honesty, I am envious of the residents around the Greenwood Ave and wished that this bakery was around back in the day when I was in NJ because I would be here every other day buying a loaf of bread or a pastry for a treat.It's safe to say that Baker N Cook does great bread, croissants and pastries and I will be back for a takeaway soon! continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-12
If you like bread, then Baker & Cook would be a good recommendation. Situated in the midst of the private housings in Bukit Timah, this is definitely a nice place to visit for a quiet brunch or afternoon tea.The Deluxe Granola is quite filling for just one pax, so I would recommend for 2 to share. Coupled with the Toast of the Day, the brunch set is more or less complete. A must try is their home-made jams. continue reading
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