Inspired by the vivacious Bangkok, otherwise known as the “City of Angel”, Bangkok Jam started with a refreshing idea - to offer a modern twist to traditional Thai fare for diners who seek a contemporary culinary experience. continue reading
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Duck Breast in Red Curry Grilled Australian Beef Ribeye Grilled Pork Spare Ribs Mango Sticky Rice Soufflé Pancakes Mix Grill Platter Tom Yum Fried Rice with Seafood
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Level4 2017-04-04
Made an reservation online but we reached the place way before the appointed time. It was empty and we had our choice of table. There was 2 male service staffs who were both quite friendly. We were served water after placing our order. The little one was served with kid friendly plastic cutlery with the water in a plastic cup.peek gai tod nam pla ($10.50++)Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce MarinadeThe tiny mid joints looked dry but packed a punch of flavours, without tasting too salty.peek gai sod sai ($10.50++)Stuffed Chicken Wings with Marinated Minced Chicken & Glass Noodles It looked like over bloated chicken wings but there was a lot of juicy liao inside. Went very well with the sweet chilli dip.yum som o goong sod ($10.50)Pomelo Salad with Shrimps Simple looking salad topped with raw long beans and roasted cashew nuts. It tasted tangy with a slight spicy taste.yang ruam ($25++)Mixed Grill of Chicken, Beef Short Ribs, Squid & Prawns The beef was tab tough and dry. The squid was chewy but juicy. A tab difficult to de-shell the prawn.ba mee poo ($10.90++)Egg Noodles with Crab Meat & Bacon Simple looking stir fried mee but tasted flavourful.Boat Noodles3 for $12++Dried Kway Teow with PorkKway Teow with minced pork, pork balls, fried wanton, long beans, dried prawns and lettuce The small pieces of rice noodles in the sweet herbal broth kind of reminding one of kway chap. Remember to give it a stir before eating as the chilli powder was in the bottom.Egg Noodles with ChickenSpringy egg noodles with chicken slices and chicken balls Served with chilli powder on top. Flavourful broth.Stick Noodles with Pork (normal)Stick noodles with pork slices and pork balls Served with chilli powder on top. Flavourful broth.lord chong ruammitr ($8++)Thai Chendol A lot of liao in it, packed with green jelly strips, crunchy water chestnut in the red ruby, sweet corn, topped with shaved ice and milk. Not too sweet. Refreshing to end a meal with.kluay tod cheese (S$8++)Crispy Banana Balls with stuffed Mozzarella Cheese & Honey Took quite awhile to be served. It was very hot. While it was crispy outside, inside was packed with molten cheesy filling. It was not too sweet or oily. Remember to drizzle some honey on before eating.Overall the food was good. The restaurant was a tab short handed during the peak lunch hour, when the restaurant was full. One may had to wait awhile for the food to be served. continue reading
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Taking my dinner after window shopping session at Orchard, my friend suggested settling at this place. Modern Bistro concept of Thai Cuisine, Bangkok Jam was actually another brand by Creative Eateries. Ambiance was stylish with simply black and white theme, many pictures about Bangkok city can be seen on the wall. Extensive Menu based on unique Thai recipe, food was up to standard at a relatively affordable price drew a large crowd to the restaurant.Serving up Fried Rice at first, presentation was an earthen looking bowl. Fluffy rice with strong taste of Pineapple aroma, cashew nuts and papaya salad were putting aside as dressing. Price at $11.50, the portion was rather generous. Tom Yum soup was the must-order dish, spicy and heavy enough for my liking. Salivating bowl was priced $7.90, quite a worthwhile cost. We ordered for side dish as well, Bangkok Mixed Grill was symphony of baked Squids, Shrimps, Beef and Chicken in single plate. Nothing beats, Seafood or Meat were all fresh and tasted awesomely with the arrival of special Thai sauce. It was not cheap, price at $23.00. Having to say, the relaxing and comfy environment made me feel like staying longer to continue our girl’s talk. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-24
I didn't think that Orchard would be crowded on a Wednesday night; so I didn't make a reservation for dinner. But boy, was I so wrong (note to self: never underestimate the Christmas rush). Most of the restaurants were packed! So, my friend and I just settled for Bangkok Jam at Wheelock.. We had to queue for about 30 mins though to get seats.Anyway, I ordered the Curry Chicken with rice. It wasn't spectacular, coming from a restaurant which boasts of serving authentic Thai food. It was just too spicy that you can't really taste anything else. I think there were also a few tiny pieces of chicken. I've had better. continue reading
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It was a Tuesday afternoon and I met my friend for lunch at somewhere nearby for the both of us and we decided to have some casual Thai food at Bangkok Jam.  It is located on level 2 of Wheelock Place just beside nydc restaurant which is too hard to miss on the outside with the prominent signage at its door front.The interior of the restaurant has a warm and cosy ambiance thanks to the wooden setting among dark wall, giving customers a welcoming yet intimate feel. Although I sat at one of the corner near the entrance, the restaurant was very noisy as more diners stream in during the lunch hour and makes it difficult to speak to my friend without raising my tone of voice. (Side note, this place is not suitable for lunch meetings!)Feeling humid in the afternoon heat, I started my meal with a glass of Lemongrass Tea ($4.80) which was light and refreshing. I thought the flavour of lemongrass could be stronger but I could make do with this glass as they didn't add in too much ice, which thankfully didn't dilute the uplifting fragrance of the tea as it melts.Coming to the mains, I usually love my Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Basil ($11.90) not too spicy with a powerful punch of basil. Without specifying it to the waiter, they did it the way I prefer! Mildly spicy with a good douse of basil accompanied by juicy essence of chicken that goes very well with the steamed white rice! The only thing I didn't like was the egg being overcooked on 1 side as I love my sunny-side-up egg yolk runny. However, it was very delicious in flavour and generous in portion yet not overly oily compared to another Thai chain cafe belonging to a local celebrity. Browsing through fellow OpenRicer's reviews, I read that most of them enjoyed the Banana Tempura with Hot Caramel Sauce ($9.90) so I thought of giving it a try. When it was served, it certainly looks a lot like the glam-up version of our local goreng pisang. Topped with raisins and drizzled with good o' caramel sauce, the piping hot battered banana slices were oh-so-decadent when eaten with the ice cool vanilla ice-cream. Heavenly yum! My overall dining experience at Bangkok Jam was pleasant with nice food but their service could be better improve as it took a long time for them to serve the food. It took 10mins for my friend's main dish to be served and another 10mins for mine to be served. Imagine the awkwardness in between. Apart from the long waiting time, top it up with the noisy ambiance, this place isn't a good choice to have lunch meetings at all. I recommend you to visit if you have the extra time to dine and do not mine the crowd. I hope their service will be better at their other outlets. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-15
My friend come to orchard town for training, and she brought me to the Bangkok Jam for lunch (my first time visit ). During the lunch time, the waiting for food time a bit long Seafood Phad Thai. My friend ordered the Seafood Phad Thai, fresh prawn and squid. Overall is good Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Bacon & Crabmeat. Noodle serve with bacon and big crabmeat, but a bit salty for me. continue reading
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