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Basilico entices with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy a dazzling array of signature dishes and sumptuous spreads of antipasti, mains and desserts. continue reading
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Herb-roasted Atlantic Cod Fillet Grilled Lamb Chops Basilico Wagyu Beef Lasagna
Review (17)
Basilico is an award winning Italian Restaurant located in The Regent Hotel Singapore. Basilico means (sweet) basil in English, always emphasises on using the fresh, seasonal in presenting their authentic Italian Cuisine.Basilico served two dining option: À la carte and semi-buffet. The semi-buffet option mean that you choose one main dish, to accompany the buffet of antipasti and desserts. No doubt you will be able to guess which option that we go for Once you are seated, you will be served bread sticks appetizer with mince olive dip. The bread sticks is freshly baked and crunchy. However, as we are not the people who fancy olives, we did not really appreciate it as much.We started our entrée with the antipasti and begun with something light. Seared Tuna, smoked salmon, Boccocino, Mozzarella Cheese and tomatoes. The Boccocino, Mozzarella Cheese and tomatoes are our favourite. We always order this as entree when we go to any Italian restaurant. It is a simple dish and just allow the ingredients to speak for itself. The same can be said here, the ingredients are fresh and the cheeses are lovely. The same can be said about the sear tuna, while smoked salmon was not overly salty, can be consider quite subtle good to pair with the cheeses.For the cured meat selections the selections are Pancetta, Prosciutto di Parma, Salami and Ham. Unlike other buffet, which they control the output of the parma ham, you can really satisfy yourself with the servings here. Served with slices of rock melon, I have to limit myself, remembering that there is still the main dishes to come.For the mains, I had the Crispy Pork Belly with Oven-Baked Apple. “Agretti” Salad and a Honey Cinnamon Reduction. The crackling is light and crispy, with similar texture to Cantonese roast pork belly. The meat tasted clean and not gamey, while the Oven-Baked apple and honey cinnamon reduction really balance the fattiness of the roast pork belly. Yummyy!!!Little Devil ('LD') ordered Tender Wagyu Rump with Oven-baked Potatoes and Braised Spring Onions. Although using only the Rump cut, the meat is tender and succulent. Cooked to her order of medium rare. The potatoes is slightly crispy on the skin and soft on the inside. The Au Jus is just flavourful.Meanwhile, Tracy's BFF, Lady Baker ('LB') satisfying her cravings for lamb. She had Grilled Spring Lamb Chops with Rhubarb and Ricotta Goat Cheese Cream, Green Asparagus. The lamb chops are small in size, I would say more towards a lady's portion. Consider LB asked it to be cooked to Well Done, it was well executed and the meat remain tender. Asparagus were sweet and crunchy, good with the Ricotta.For desserts, the selections are also impressive. Our picks are: The Bread and Butter Pudding which was very rustic and good. I paired it with a scoop of chocolate sorbet. Bonet (Chocolate Pudding with Amaretti Biscuits provide a good velvety chocolate flavour, while the Crema ai Lamponi (Raspberry cream) will give you a good sour perk up after the meal. For the rest of the desserts, just stick to those with chocolate, as the one without chocolates are quite ordinary.Although the Italian are renowned for the coffee, I was left disappointed with the coffee on offer here. I ordered a cappuccino, not only the coffee feels watery, it was burnt as well. I should have stick with black coffee with milk on the side. On the upside, I need to praise the bartender for coming up a good Lemon Lime and Bitters which I ordered in the beginning of the meal.The atmosphere here is just amazing. The dining section is dimly lid, which provide a very good atmosphere for romantic dinner. The space between table is sufficient to give you a slight sense of privacy. Meanwhile, round central section, is the centre stage for the food. It is brightly lid, with beautiful chandelier and semi open kitchen concepts on the East and West section of the circle. The service is very personalized and professional. One of the best service we ever experience. Big Thumbs up for the service.Overall, Basilico is definitely a place to go for Italian. The Semi Buffet is a must try and the ingredients are always at the freshest and authentic Italian. Kudos to the team for maintaining the consistency all these year. Cincin!! Cheers!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala exprience, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/07/Basilico-The-Regent.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-08
Buffet treat from a good friend and knowing my weakness for Italian cuisine, she brought me here.Where do I begin? The cold spread, cold cuts, the bread selection, cheese choices, the hot spread, the Asian spread (I know...I think maybe for those who come and realize they don't like Italian food actually), the pasta choices, the desserts,etc.One word. AWESOMENESS! Of course there are dishes I don't like but it's just my personal taste buds. Because my friends who tried those dishes I don't like, find them nice. It's just me I guess. The overall spread is just wonderful.Service was attentive and warm. Made our dining experience so much more wonderful.Left bloated with Italian goodness and still craving more!! I'm so bringing hubby here!!! Not for his sake, for mine!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-02-16
We have been wanting to dine at this classy and elegant Italian restaurant for a while, what more, enjoy a good Italian buffet. So here we are finally.So, it works this way - order a main course, and one is entitled to the Buffet selection at the round counter. We had thought that it was an entirely Italian buffet concept, counters filled with platters of different Italian pizzas and pastas, but it was not so. Nonetheless, we ordered a Main Course each, and then went ahead to attack the buffet bar.The mains came. One of the items was the gigantic and thickly-crusted woodfire Squid Ink Pizza with Smoked Salmon and caviar - delicious, but mostly because of the sumptuous factor from the salmon and caviar. The crust was a little thick for my liking, and "squid ink" could not be tasted though it is rather evident in color. I thought it was a tad dry, but we were assured that traditional, authentic woodfire Italian pizzas are such - so we learned to enjoy the moment and chew.Finally, my King Scallops - a mouthwatering, grilled dish of succulent, juicy, bouncy pieces of heaven served on sticks. Yes, they were huge, and each bite was a delight. The scallops tasted of the sweet, faint distinct metallic taste of seafood that I absolutely adore, and the bouncy meat was meltingly soft. This was the winner of all four, for sure - and the only one that got polished 100% (duh!)For more detailed information and photos, do pop in:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-basilico-restaurant-at-regent.html continue reading
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Friends have the misconception that I don't eat (much), but put me in the middle of such a buffet and I won't stop till I start rolling. Especially in face of a buffet with an impressive selection as what Basilico offers, it is impossible to resist! Located on the second level of The Regent Singapore, you will find plenty of pizzas, pastas, meats, cheeses, desserts, salads, seafood, and a lot more. Primarily an Italian buffet, Basilico is most famous for their meats. Carnivores will rejoice at the amounts of meats available for your taking. My favourite section, the dessert table, has plenty for the sweet tooth, although worthy ones are few. There's also a gelato section, which has about six flavours of the day for you to choose from. Restaurant setting is generally quiet and comfortable, with professional waiters and waitresses who clear plates promptly. Post-christmas decorations give an added cheer to the place.Most of the mains were quite good but none of them were particularly outstanding. In fact I found some of their meats rather tough to cut or bite. Their pasta and rice were slightly better in comparison. Pretty for photographs, but the desserts were mostly too sweet even by honey bear standards. The tiramisu lacked the rum flavour completely, but since I don't really like that part of tiramisu, this is perfect for me. Lemon meringue cakes and pear tarts surprisingly turned out to be my favourites even though I was already almost full. The lychee sorbet I tried was also way too sweet to be bearable. They can go easy on the sugar for the desserts. The best part about Basilico is the variety that they can provide, but taste-wise, most of the dishes (mains and desserts) are good but rarely, spectacular. It is still considered one of the more affordable buffets around central Singapore with this standard of service, atmosphere and spread. For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
Lovely lunch buffet here at The Regent. Hotel environment is really comfortable, posh and spacious. Step into this restaurant and was warmly welcome by the waitress here. Buffet spread was really a lot, especially enjoy the fresh prawns and oysters corner as they are very fresh and delicious! The crayfish was also very sweet and juicy, eat it cold without any dressing taste really good. Steak was tender and fragrant. For the price of near to $60 per person, is worth the price. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)