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Batter Fluffy Flaps (BFF) is an all-day pancakes café! There are savory and sweet options,where you can also 'create your own’ flavor. They believe that this is not just another place for fluffy pancakes but it is also a place for people to come together and just chill, relax and enjoy some pancakes complemented with their homemade drinks. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
I came to know of this cute pancake place in one of the magazines, probably Iweekly. And if you are thinking, it's just another dessert place then you are wrong! They serve savories pancakes as well, and who says that we cannot take pancake to replace your normal mains?Spicy Chicken MidwingsVanilla MilkshakeGreen Tea Matcha CreamWe ordered the BFF Special which consists of 2 pancakes, 2 drinks and a side. For the side, we ordered the chicken wings, which were crispy and finger licking good. And hor, not spicy at all! Good for us! hahaBreakfast Mambo ComboThis really looked like big breakfast with bacon, picnic ham, sausages and poached eggs, pretty standard. The pancakes were fluffy alright. Dun really like the eggs coz got hollandarise sauce, may appeal to other but not us coz we are no fan of egg benedict lah. Mushroom & Tiger PrawnsWho will imagine that pancake can pair with savories? The tiger prawns were big and succulent and the portobello mushroom was juicy with 'char da' cheese sprinkled on top.Thumbs up for this. All these for just $39, no separate GST or service charge! Really worth it!Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2013/01/batter-fluffy-flaps.html to see more pictures! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-02
We were enamoured by the cute sheep figurine parked at the entrance of the shop and drawn by the prospect of having pancakes for brunch on a late Sunday morning.Located along the narrow and sometimes congested East Coast Road, just diagonally opposite I12 Katong, Batter Fluffy Flaps or BFF for short, boasts a cute, sheep centric interior and menu. Great if you are into cutesy stuff.The both of us had the BFF special, which included 2 drinks, 2 pancakes dishes (savoury or sweet) and 1 side to share. For drinks we ordered the Cookies & Cream ice blended and the Pure Caramel Coffee Blended; Both decent but a tad watered down. And I guess you can't really go wrong with drinks?Honey Baked Chicken Wings - I'm sorry to say this but the wings suffered 50% burns on the outside but remained relatively unscathed on the inside. Read. Relatively raw with blood still seeping through. Very badly executed and we gave up after the 2nd wing.Fish Flaps - This was essentially deep fried fish fillet served with tartar sauce, coleslaw and 2 flapjacks. The fish fillets had way too much flour and very little fish but was still palatable though you would probably need a lot of tartar sauce to down that much flour. Coleslaw was a tad too creamy, rich and sourish for my liking. On a slightly more positive note, the pancakes were quite fluffy (though smallish) and well cooked, but the accompanying "maple syrup" tasted like the hotcake syrup that MacDonalds uses. That's definitely not maple syrup for sure.Banana Bonanza - 2 pieces of pancakes topped with sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and walnuts. Average tasting though the pancakes were quite fluffy. The bananas could have been grilled to achieve a certain degree of caramelisation whilst the ice cream was evidently from the tub as I could find ice chips in it. The sole saving grace was the relatively generous serving of walnuts.The BFF special cost the both of us $42.80, which was honestly a rip off for the quality of food. Please heed my advise on this place; Look past the cute facade and name and give this place a miss.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/06/batter-fluffy-flaps.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-17
Came back to Batter Fluffy Flaps for their desserts as i was too full after eating the main during my the previous visit. I've ordered smiley sundae, which looks so cute! Totally love the presentation of it. This dessert consists of 4 smiley pancakes, marsh mallows, strawberries topped up with chocolate sauce. Despite the cute presentation, taste wise it is average, nothing fantastic about it. I share this with a friend and each of us paid $6. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
Passed by this place while I was cafe hunting and I saw a gal trying to take a picture with the sheep outside the shop.And thus this shop caught my eyes and I decided to call up my bff to have a gathering here.Food portion while we girls find it a bit too big for us as we ended up finished only half of our own share BUT the food was surprising ok. I have never tried pancakes as a dinner or as a savory so the combi was quite refreshing for me.One thing I really like about this place is it's really very cosy.On top of that,it lives up to its name as the pancakes are really very fluffy.Beside that,maybe as there aren't many people who know about this place,thus it's a good place for cam whoring. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-10
Egg benny tastes so different with pancakes, quite a good combination that I just realized.I liked how different it tasted as a whole as compared to having eggs benny or pancakes on their own. With the pancakes, it was totally a whole new taste which I kind of enjoyed it. The bacon strips are flavourful and did not contain too much fat which is good.However, the syrup was a little disappointing though.Also, although they specialize in pancakes, but their pancakes were not exactly fluffy, honestly speaking. But still, the cozy and youthful ambience made up for the average food, so overall not bad. continue reading
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