Beer Market is the only bar in Singapore which pegs the price of alcohol to the fluctuation of the stock-market - a concept that originated in Barcelona. The bar area, covered with screens, displays the fluctuating cost of the various local and international beers available which are influenced by trend and consumer demand. Beer Market has all the makings of a perfect hang-out location with their blend of both local and international cuisine, to live-music acts, live-sports coverage and pool/darts machines. continue reading
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Beer Market Fries Buffalo Wings Grilled Pork Cheese Bratwurst Pork Belly Soft Shell Crab The Beer Market Burger
Review (17)
Level4 2015-05-19
Back at Beer Market at my request, because I want to try one of the special pizzas. Anyway, the famous beer market exchange needs no introduction - we are all familar with the "buy when low" routine, I believe?We had a round of Spring Rolls and Luncheon Meat Fries (also known as "spam fries") - the latter was crispy and simply tasty (they were not even salty). We had 3 - 4 servings of the Luncheon Meat Fries that night alone!We had to choose between the Chicken Rice Pizza and the Salted Egg Seafood Pizza (SGD$21.90), since everyone claimed they were full. So we settled for the latter. The crust was crackling and thin, smeared generously with cheese and salted egg. There were good bits of squids and prawns, but the salted egg could have been richer / thicker. Instead, the salted egg coating was rather thin as well, unable to overcome or stand out against the seafood and cheese flavours.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/dinner-at-beer-market-clarke-quay.html continue reading
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Great place to get together over drinks and a hearty meal.Beer market serves a wide range of beer from all over the world, we particularly liked the Banana Bread beer as well as some of their other fruity selections like Lychee and Mango beer.Not only this, food served is not like any other ordinary bars. Try their unique fusion of east meets west combi like their Chicken Rice Pizza, Beef Horfun with french onion soup as well as their Tiger Radler shooters with seafood which are incredibly fresh!!!Full review and pictures here: http://ilovedawn00.blogspot.sg/2014/07/food-review-beer-market.htmlWarning: very droolworthy... continue reading
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Beer Market is the perfect blend of good quality food, music and sports whereby the prices of the beverages move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. Obviously, the concept of Beer Market was inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange. Buy Low Drink High! Beer Market will get you high on food and beer!They have very unique and interesting pizza creations here that you must try - Singaporeans' favourite food on a pizza! Chicken Rice Pizza ($17.90) and Salted Egg Seafood Pizza ($21.90) only at Beer Market! Started to drool already? Had a very full dinner before we went to Beer Market so we only managed to try the Chicken Rice pizza. The taste was exceptional but the chicken was a tad tough. The pizza comes with 8 slices (Very filling for 2 pax)The service here was very good as we were served by a very friendly auntie! Beer Market definitely is an awesome place to chill out with friends, with nice food as well as a great place to watch football!For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/06/beer-market-clarke-quay-3b-river-valley.html continue reading
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Beer Market is one of my favourite bars to go when I simply want to catch up with my friends! The interesting concept of stock market style beer prices caught my attention from the start as they fluctuates up and down according to demand level every 15mins. Since I'm not a pro drinker or anything, I would just always try to order different cocktails and beer to try out. Besides the alcohol, they do have an interesting menu with local flavours incorporated! Have ordered their Baked Honey Glazed BBQ Wings ($10) and it's one of the nicest wings I've tried compared to several other bars. The wings also comes in crispy and spicy. The Satay Platter - 8pc ($6) was also really good! Regretted so much not getting more but the grill was so tender and juicy. Service was prompt as it came to pretty fast, served hot. There was also the Carrot Cake ($10)! I can't really tell how they cooked it differently compared to the ones we get outside but this was delicious! The chili was really hot and spicy as well but matches really well with the overall flavour of the carrot cake which gave me a distinctive taste. Overall, I enjoyed myself pretty much here. The wide variety of the beers and cocktails along with the service, ambience and awesome food would definitely attract me to going back! Will try to go earlier next time to get lower beer prices! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
Beer Market is another pub I had like to hang out in and this time I brought my drinking buddy here for dinner. Having tried their fried carrot cake, I decide to try their western cuisine and ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and my favourite Strawberry Fruli Beer.My friend ordered some hamburger steak, but I didn’t get to try it as it’s beef. Besides the mains, we also had ordered the nacho chips with cheese as an appetizer while waiting for the food (which normally takes quite a while).Anyway it’s hard to find good carbonara pasta in Singapore but I still held a teeny weeny bit of expectation that the ones served at BM will surprise me but it didn’t. It came with some bacon bits but didn’t add much flavour to it.The nacho chips were served warm, as if it was just baked and when paired with the cheese (which is equally served hot) were so hot. The chips came with a tinge of salt so it’s good on itself too.As usual there is a live band playing so we got to enjoy good music while having dinner. Though at the time of my visit, there was a mini-party to the side of the pub and so it got increasingly noisy and difficult to hear the band playing. continue reading
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