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Signature Dishes
Mango Salad Pineapple Fried Rice
Review (8)
Level4 2014-03-08
Not only the usual traditional thai dishes are delicious served here, personally my super favourite dish is their stir fried asaparagus with prawns. The asparagus is very crunchy and fresh, and is cooked till with the fragrant from the prawns and stock used in this dish. I usually will just order this dish and eat it with a plate of plain rice. Is really healthy and for less than $15 is value for money. Restaurant may look old and squeezy, still is quite cooling. The staffs here are quite friendly and prompt in service. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
Normally at many Thai restaurants, when you ordered Phad Thai, they usually tasted like our local Char Kway Teow minus the cockles.At Beer Thai House, I heard their Chef was from Thailand and this restaurant was catered to the Thai community in Singapore, hence their food was more of Thai hometown taste.The Phad Thai that I ordered had the aroma of "Wok" when it was served on the table. The noodles was springy and tasted sweet and flavourful with a hint of lime flavour. The prawns in the noodles tasted fresh. But the bean spourt was slightly on the raw side and was cruchy. continue reading
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Where else in Singapore is the best place where can you find authentic Thai cuisine? If you would ask me, I would say that it is none other than our Little Thailand over at the Golden Mile enclave where our Thai friends gather at every weekend for booze and delicious Thai delights! There are so many Thai restaurants and eateries situated around this area which will leave you totally confused for choices too.Located next to Golden Mile Complex, lies a gem at the entrance of Golden Mile Tower. From the exterior of the restaurant, one can tell that this place has a very strong Thai influence. My half-Thai godsister used to work around there and brought me to this place one even for dinner as I was craving for Thai food. So here we are, checking out some of their local Thai specialities.Beer Thai House Restaurant is opened by Mr Somsak, an award-winning chef in Thailand, serving up authentic Thai food which has captured the stomachs of many locals and tourists. This restaurant also have received several commendations and awards from the Royal Thai Embassy. Ever since, many Thai officials and dignitaries visiting Singapore have been patronizing this cosy family restaurant frequently. The restaurant interior feels grand like a sit-down Chinese banquet style restaurant but the items on the menu were pretty much affordable with some selections similar to Thai-Chinese ze char style. Kicking off the meal, I had the Papaya Salad ($6) which is very tantalizing on my palate but it burns in my stomach after that. The salad was very fresh and crisp that complemented nicely with the chilli padi and grounded roasted nuts. Together with the tangy sauce. This salad is a great appetizing start of a meal. For those who do not take chilli too well may like to highlight it upon ordering from the friendly waitress. The Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($12) is one of my favourite dishes in the Thai cuisine. Served in a steamboat, the tom yum soup has squid, fish slice, clams and prawns in it. I would say that this is very authentic as the taste hasn't been compromised to suit our local taste buds. This is surely one authentic dish you can’t miss.Who doesn’t love something succulent and savoury with a tinge of spiciness? The Pandan Leaf Chicken ($8) is the perfect side dish to go along with your meal! The chicken breast meat were marinated and wrapped in the pandan leaves then roasted till it’s juicy and tender. It goes very well with the sweet chilli sauce too!Lastly, if you are game for something exciting, you can try the Raw Prawn Tower ($25) over here. Served cold on shaved ice with the shells on, this little thing is ready to go right into your mouth. Before that, there’s also bitter gourd and a huge slice of garlic which you’re suppose to eat it together for those who are more adventurous.The spice from the raw garlic was strong and pungent. Thankfully, they have fried shallots and their special Thai sauce to dip with. The prawns were very fresh without any fishy scent and the fried shallots added a crispy texture as well as aroma to the raw prawns. After eating a few, I still feel that this dish is quite an acquired taste and texture for some.Overall, it was an eye-opening experience dining at Beer Thai House with so many more unique Thai dishes to try on the menu which we don't get it elsewhere. The service was affable with the waitress checking on our water whenever she walks past and tops it up almost immediately, which was great as some of the food were really spicy. The chef himself came out to greet guests with a smile although he can only speak Thai.If you're in for something exciting and to explore a deeper depth of Thai cuisine, this restaurant is worth checking out! ;) continue reading
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Read about this restaurant at OpenRice.com. Decided to give it a shot as I've always been fond of Thai Tze Char. Turned out it was a restaurant. Not the posh kind, and you probably won't even know it's open till you walk through their doors. No "OPEN" sign displayed and windows were mostly covered with some posters pasted over it. There was no one else around at 12pm on a Sunday, and by the time I left, there were 2 other groups of customers. But I'd keep it this way, for the occasional treat I'd give myself to get away from the masses. The ambience within was pretty much like a family restaurant and there was a constant scent of lemongrass in the air. No worries if you do not speak Thai, as the polite waitresses do speak English. The 3 of us ordered the following dishesineapple Fried RiceThe menu reflected a portion for 1 pax at $7. But the restaurant was flexible to whip up a sufficient portion for the 3 of us at $10+. The serving was unique - pyramid shaped. The rice was so tasty and addictive. Heck the carbs while you're here! I suspect what enhanced the flavour could be the lap cheong, curry powder, pepper and spices (definitely) within. This is a must-try dish!Pork LegThere was another dish - Pork Knuckle which cost $40. Since we already ordered crab, we thought we'd go easy on the calories (yes, balancing calorie intake is a conscious effort!). So, we ordered this "down-scaled" dish. It was interesting as aside from Pork Leg, it was accompanied with 2 other vegs and sliced egg! Looks a little like Kway Chap side dishes to me, only that KC is better! Haha! No shout about this dish, the Pork Leg wasn't exceedingly flavourful.Salted Egg CrabThis dish is a SHOUT!!!!!! This is the 1st time I've eaten Salted Egg Crab, with Sliced Pumpkin!!! The pumpkin slices covered with Salted Egg sauce was absolutely delicious!!! We could choose between Sea Crab and Flower Crab - we picked the former, since there is more meat in it! The crab was big and fresh. Its meat could be picked out effortlessly. Real good!! And it cost a flat price of $40. We ordered another dish - Lala, but I don't eat this, so can't comment much. I've tasted the gravy though, and it was good! A tad salty, and a little like Curry + Tom Yum. Whatever it was, I liked it! Haha! Am I making a 2nd visit? You bet!Total Cost: $96 for 3 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
My sister has recommended me to try the squid curry from this restaurant. Finally today I managed to find times to go with her. The restaurant was quite cosy and comfortable. It is quite spacious and cooling as well. We have ordered the curry squid and plain rice to go along with it. In less than fifteen minutes, our foods are served to us to our table.First taste of the curry gravy, I immediately fall in love with it. The curry gravy was very thick and creamy in texture, with slight spicyness in it. The sliced squids are very chewy and fresh, which blend in really well with the curry gravy. Have it on its own or with the plain rice, both taste equally good! I suppose without ordering other dishes, we still enjoy the meal delightfully and I am certain I will be back again to bring my friends to try this amazing dish. The squid curry cost $20 for the regular portion, which we think is quite affordable. Plain rice at $1 per plate. continue reading
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