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BLACK&INK is a traditional espresso coffee bar where coffee is the main focus featuring a specially crafted signature house blend "From The Heart" which literally embodies the passion the owners have for coffee and how they want to bring the best out from the beans they are serving. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-28
This is my 3rd time visitng Roy at Black & Ink, and he seems to have spiced things a little up since my last visit! Featuring cold brew coffee, tea, and more main course options.His ice cream counter is what keeps me going back, the very dark chocolate sorbet and mao shan wang sorbets are the two must try flavours! Instead of waffles, you can choose to have these delicious sorbest in a chocolate covered cookie cup!1. Masala Chicken $8.80A completely new item is this Masala Chicken croissant. The croissant itself is freshly baked and is so flaky with fresh goodness of fluffy textures. The cassava chips are my favourite! The masala chicken was tender and well seasoned with the masala. When I ordered this, I was told it was the last portion of the day and it was a sunday at 2pm. WoW! Talk about a best seller! I highly recommend trying this as the croissant will not disappoint, neither with the juicy and tender chicken!2. Wild Mushroom Pie $6.50 *highly recommended*This was my favourite, although it took a couple of trips back to the kitchen to get it to the right temperature, I think Roy is still experimenting in this area. But the mushrooms were varied and the sauces was mouthwatering! The pie texture was abit too soft for me, maybe because it wasn't baked on the spot, rather it was reheated in an oven? Nevertheless, the mushrooms were enough to satisfy my cravings!3. Scottish Breakfast Tea $5Very aromatic but tasted normal, no wow factor here. But at least we were allowed a couple of refills! Thanks!4. Earl Grey Lavender Cake $5 *highly recommended*I'm an earl grey cake lover and this was truly an eye opener for me. When the cake was served to us, I felt that it didn't look or smell very appetizing, but digging it. I was so wrong. The cake was dense, not dry and the flavour of the earl grey lavender was very sharp in every mouthful. Not to mention, the crumbs of this cake literally stick together!5. Muffin Pandan Kaya $3.80I'm a pandan kaya lover and this was new to me! A muffin heated up in an oven the top layer was crispy and the inside of the muffin was soft and warm. In the center, you will find a dollop of kaya.My friends didn't really find this great, but as a kaya lover, I liked this quite alot! It's an interesting concept!6. White LatteBeautiful latte art as Roy never disappoints!7. White Cold Brew $6.50I don't have too many experiences with cold brew but this was a bit too bitter for my liking but the temperature was great, as I sat outside.8. Mao Shang Wang Sorbet $5Yes! The most raved about mao shang wang sorbet! It is creamy, and sweet just like eating the real durian flesh! I must admit, the aroma wasn't as strong as when I last tried it. This cup was gone within seconds, and this was the only shot I got of it, before I had to fight for the last scoop!9. Very Dark Chocolate Sorbet $4 *highly recommended*The favourite amongst my friends, this dark chocolate sorbet could even please non-chocoholics. It is not too sweet, with the right blend of sweetness and bitterness.Check out the texture of the very dark chocolate sorbet, it wasn't icy!10. Tiramisu *highly recommended*Their Tiramisu cake was lovely, it  was very moisy and soft. It was also dense with flavours, and unlike the last time, the sweetness level seems to be more. But it paired well with my white cold brew, it was perfect. Do not let the size of the cakes fool you, it may be petite but huge in satisfaction value! Every bite is filled with Big Roy's huge passion for a happy tummy!I'm definitely coming back for more of this tiramisu!!11.  The Tapping Tapir (Orange & Jasmine)A cool and refreshing drink for the late sunday afternoon! The citrusy taste of the orange was very strong in my mouth and the jasmine was more of a frargance when I twisted open the bottle!12. Cold Brew Tea *highly recommended*A very interesting cup of tea. There were so many evident flavours that my brain was trying to determine what they were. The fruity and floral aroma coupled with the fact that Roy told me that was no added sugar, but yet I could still taste a tinge of sweetness. This cup of natural cold brew tea is a wonder!13. Salted egg yolk Muffin $4.80 *highly recommended*You cannot leave black & ink without trying this salted egg yolk muffin. Singaporeans have a salted egg yolk weak spot and this is not only awesomely tasting, I've yet to find a better tasting salted egg yolk muffin! The top of the muffin is crispy like a toasted bread and on the inside, it's a sweet and fluffy muffin.Drenched with the salted egg yolk sauce, it was heavenly! Not to mention, instagrammable.Overall :  A great place to chill out, even though it's quite a small and cosy place, do enjoy your coffee and tea with a conversation with Roy. Don't forget to get some ice cream to go too!! continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-16
Black and Ink cafe had become one of my frequent hangout places. I'm always here to try out new items on the menu. The boss, Roy, constantly introduced new pastries, new burgers choices and gelato flavours in his cafe. There bound to be at least one item here that wows you What I tried on this latest visit1) Masala Chicken set at $8.50 (croissant at +$1) (cheese at +$1)- Boss Roy kept telling me how good this new sandwich was, strongly recommend me to try it and so I DID! First bite and I was already impressed. The croissant was very crispy, flaky and best of all it's super buttery! The usual combi was onion thyme with chicken masala but I upgraded it to croissant, definitely the right choice. Chicken thigh slices were tender, the masala meat sauce was really savoury. I request for cheese to be added and love the warm melting cheese moments! If you're not fond of chicken, Black & Ink also serves egg mayo sandwiches.Other than cakes, lava muffins, danish and the sandwiches, Black and Ink now also invades the world of pies. Introducing us with flavours including lamb shank, beef rendang, wild mushrooms, bbq chicken and beef goulash. I gave the bbq chicken and beef rendang a try.(2) Bbq Chicken Pie $6.50- This lovely, light buttery crust pie comes in a rectangular shape. Every time I fork in, there's generous chunks of tender chicken cubes. Bbq sauce was sweet sourish with mild spicy peppery aftertaste. A decent choice.(3) Beef Rendang $6.50- Beef rendang, usually ate them at a Malay nasi padang stall, first time in a pie (IKR, I'm a mountain tortoise). The coconut milk aroma was fragrant. Juicy tender beef cubes were also cooked together with carrots, potatoes and chilli spices. Flavour was good but can be heavier. Spiciness level can increase too.Both pies were quite filling, suitable as a lunch meal for ladies. I will come back for other flavours real soon!! Boss says Lamb shank was the most popular flavour(4) Dark Chocolate Lava Cake set $8.50- First look at it didn't impress me because the plating was bad. But people always said "Don't judge a dessert by its appearance".. And true enough, the taste says it all. Thick, luscious dark chocolate slowly flows out of my lava when cut. So thick, It's a "throat choking" indulgence that chocolate lovers must definitely give it a shot. I paired mine with another scoop of banana peanut butter gelato (Top up $ because it comes with vanilla) and it's HEAVEN! It will never go wrong when chocolate, peanut butter and banana comes together. There were many other gelato choices available but do note that there will be additional charges.(5) Pear Danish- Small and petite, it would be a great choice for afternoon snacks with coffee or tea. Having slight crisp on the outside, danish fluffy and airy inside. Not only adults love it, the sweet candied pear fruit in the center would attract kids to love it too. If you're lucky, you could get their signature apple crumble danish too (runs out fast).Verdict: A small but very nice place to chill at. Menu changes regularly so there's surprises every now and then. Cold brew, espresso cubes coming up too! Definitely a cafe that makes you feel at home and kept coming back for. Boss was too friendly to be missed and he love chatting with customers to share his life experiences. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-23
Understatements of cafes, undertable cakes. When I returned to Singapore from land of coffee snobs, I steered clear of cafes knowing that it'll be hard for me to feel wow-ed again. Especially coffees - I'm not adept at tasting notes of coffee but I do know a good one from a bad. I came to BLACK&INK by a Sugarrush event (read: #welovesugar #sugarapp) and we were treated to an array of BLACK&INK's specialties. From the outlook, they look ordinary, but they are one of a kind mindblowing. If you self-professed to place more importance on taste than looks, this is the place to go. Note: BLACK&INK's menu does not include pork or lard, but they are not officially certified Halal. One of the cafe's founders is Muslim, so one of the motivations is to create a cafe that serves food that our Muslim friends can enjoy as well. I can't wait to be back for more this weekend, but here's what BLACK&INK has to offer:I have no idea what good coffee is made of, but Big Roy from BLACK&INK knows. A friendly coffee-loving giant of a barista who really knows how to charm his customers with the many cuppas, Roy made a really neat mocha (SGD5.50) for me with sweet berry acidity and dark chocolate finish. Whatever that means, it is definitely one of the best on this sunny island. Spoil yourself silly and have a cup here.Muffins can really be fun, as you will see two carefully curated flavours that are bound to be extremely popular - the Salted Egg Yolk Muffins and Thai Milk Tea Muffins. While you can't see the flavours through these pictures, they are thoroughly infused throughout the muffin. It is not overwhelming, not too sweet but well-balanced. The flavours are taste very natural which makes them very enjoyable.If you're looking for mains, BLACK&INK serves their unique cafe creations, the Hot Chick Burger (SGD8.80) and Brown Cow Burger (SGD10.80). I really can't decide which one I like better, because the Hot Chick Burger is really piquant and fragrant, with hints of spiciness that is quite manageable. The Brown Cow Burger is like the comforting and classic good ol' burger sort. Both patties are quite juicy and on top of that, sauces help to make it better.I'm two minds about sharing this limited edition Under Table Cake (I mean in limited quantities, while stocks last) because what if I don't have access to this when I need it right?! How I was initiated to this cake was pretty strange - I settled into my seat and overheard one of BLACK&INK's returning customers comment, "This is really, really very good." Of course, I am always curious when a certain food gets such high praise, and then I sneak a look over... the platter was polished clean. Damn. What is it?! Later, I got my own share and was blown away by how delicious this tiny little cake can be. I can go on forever eating it. It feels so dreamy, luscious and moist, not heavy at all (as opposed to what it looks) and really good.Their Tiramisu is rum-free, but with BLACK&INK's own tweaking of the recipe, it turns out to be even better than the usual rum versions that I've had. It's very down-to-earth, moist and delicious. I love alternating between the Under Table Cake and the Tiramisu, because... let me have my cakes and eat them all!They make their own Signature Gelato (SGD4/scoop, SGD5/premium scoop; additional scoop at SGD3/4 respectively) as well, definitely more expensive than most gelato places but I would say their gelato is of premium quality, smooth and rich. It is surely more value-for-money than say, if you were to order a dessert at a restaurant for around 10 bucks. BLACK&INK have some pretty unique flavours that you can't find elsewhere including Honey Lemon Sorbet (new flavour which I haven't tried), Dark Chocolate Sorbet (my favourite) and a more localized Kaya Pandan Gelato which is really lovely to have!Follow them on their Facebook (fb.com/blackandink) and instagram @blackandink to find out the latest flavours and coffee bean sources! continue reading
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It was my third attempt at Black & Ink Cafe, and finally managed to catch them OPEN! Located at a commercial building and standing out rather distinctly, it is just a stone's throw away from Eunos MRT. I passed it enroute for meetings at another nearby building, and wanted to check this hidden gem out. Too bad I was always here on Mondays or Tuesdays - the days they are closed.When I spotted the OPEN sign today, I popped in gaily. I totally dug the vintage chic settings of this monochrome-themed cafe, right down to the old-fashioned "coffee shop" chairs and white marble-topped tables. The quilted mirrored-wall added a touch of elegance, as well as length to the sparkly interior.I started for an Iced Mocha (SGD$6.00), served in a thick glass that gives it a translucent outline in photos. I love the bittersweet flavour of this coffee, tinged with chocolate tones lurking amongst the tastiness of roasted coffee beans.Then I had my Earl Grey Lavender Cake (SGD$5.00) and ate it too. Crispy on the outside, with a solid, yet soft texture within, exuding strong notes of lavender and earl grey in every bite. In this unique creation, it was surprising to note (and I noticed it subsciously - emailing away on my tablet while eating) - the nose was able to smell the fragrance of the cake all this while too. The lingering fragrance never wavered, even as the cake was already being chewed into a messy pulp by the eager molars.Next, the Salted Egg Yolk Muffin (SGD$4.80), which Roy personally recommended, but I had already set my sights on it the moment I came in, because I love all salted egg yolk dishes / pastries. Do not be deceived by the seemingly innocent exterior - the muffin retained crunch, and tasted like digestive-biscuits crumbs, delicious on its own.Prying apart the top revealed a very pleasant surprise - the pool of yellow, which in Chinese dimsum, we recognize it was "liu sha" (cascading lava custard) in a healthy golden tone. The sandpaper-textured liquid gold flowed over the tongue slowly, settling in nicely - a very lovely muffin overall, and the most special I have ever tried.For full review and more detailed information, please refer here:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/07/tea-tine-at-blank-and-ink-cafe-eunos.html continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/black-ink-cafe-coffee-centric-cafe-along-changi-roadFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookNestled in the midst of a mature district is an old school kopitiam furniture with a modernistic touch, Black & Ink Cafe. The brain child behind this coffee centric cafe is none other than Big Roy, who is a food blogger and coffee lover himself. For the time being, coffee and cakes (from a friend who graduated from Le Corden Bleu) are the only items on the menu, with possible expansion in the near future.I like the uniquely designed double wall glass cup which was easy to handle and aesthetically pleasing.Being a coffee connoisseur himself, Roy sure takes pride in his coffee. Robust and rich in flavour, I could drink this cup of latte all day long! The blend consisted of Columbian and Ethiopian beans.Pairing it up with a chocolate tart (probably not the best combi with coffee), nonetheless it was appetizing.Definitely a good and convenient spot to chill! Black & Ink Cafe is a stone throw away from Eunos Mrt station and has a bus stop right in front of its vicinity. continue reading
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