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BLooiE’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill provides a North American Roadhouse experience in Singapore. It is a great place to unwind as it has an indoor dining, drinking and entertainment area, plus an Al Fresco dining option as well. Their menu offers western cuisine such as steak, burgers, pasta, salads and a list of alcoholic drinks. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-17
Roadhouses are a common sight in larger countries like the United States, Canada or Australia, where passing travellers would take a bite or a night's rest on the way to their destination. But when it comes to having a roadhouse in Singapore, it would be almost impossible and impractical (and I wouldn't go on grumbling about the lack of living spaces locally), not until you visit BLooiE's Roadhouse Bar and Grill. Nestled in the serene vicinity of Science Park, this casual restaurant which was opened by a Canadian named Sarge Sargeant, serves authentic Western affair in their large air-conditioned space, completed by recreational facilities, such as a stage, billiard table and a full-fledged bar. Diners could otherwise opt for al fresco dining - a great opportunity to enjoy their meal under the night sky while enjoying the breeze.I wouldn't go so in-depth into the 12-year history of the restaurant, but I know some of you might find it difficult to process: why BLooiE? Okay, I didn't get the part why it's a complete mess of capitals, but "BLooiE" was actually the name of their beloved hush puppy, which unfortunately had passed on. Oh, by the way, Sarge has an absolute amazing Taiwanese wife, Fiona who is the proud owner of Lee's Taiwanese.Let's start off with their signature Beer Butt Chicken (S$38.80), which is definitely a MUST order. The reasons are no less than a whole chicken marinated with spices, herbs and infused with the most amazing alcoholic drink - beer. The chicken will be then prepared for a long, slow grill to gastronomical perfection (with a can of beer up its ass).Needless to say, the slow grilling process has produced a tender, juicy and flavourful chicken meat that tears off easily from the bone. This dish is completed by fresh salad and their famous cajun fries, which taste so good in their home-made cheddar cheese dips. As always, good things are worth waiting for - Beer Butt Chicken has to be ordered one day in advance.Compared to other pizzas, BLooiE's rendition of thin-crusted Pepperoni Pizza (S$22.90) has slightly more cheese to crust ratio, which accounted for its gooey, flowing cheese. Lovely for sharing with your best pals along with a few pints of draft beer.BBQ Chicken Wings (S$13.90) were pretty good with its smoky flavour amidst the mild spiciness, but unfortunately, were marked down for the tough, overly-chewy skin.Blackened Dory (S$18.90) is marinated with cajun spices, then pan-fried to a nice crisp on the exterior and soft inside. It is completed with seasonal vegetables and dipping sauce. I can't remember which sauce came with which dishes, but pair the dory with their home-made mushroom sauce, you would thank me for that.Their 250g N.Z Striploin steak (S$29.80) was grilled nicely to our requested doneness with really pretty grilled marks. However, the steak we had was a combination of disappoints - tough, gnawy and juiceless. I wouldn't doubt the chef's ability, as Fiona revealed the recent change of suppliers could be the cause of lower meat quality. Nevertheless, the dish is completed with mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables.BLooiE’s Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger (S$16.90) was the second highlight (for myself) during the meal. 180g of grilled beef patty is sandwiched between two home-made burger buns, alongside with the beautiful combination of mushroom sauce and bacon. Now, pair it up with some cajun fries and salad, and you got a typical America casual dinner.Good quality cocoa does not flow as much, because the cocoa content outweighs the liquid/milk ratio. And that's what BLooiE's used for their Molten Chocolate Cake (S$6.80). Exterior was a little crusty, which probably resulted from over-baking. Other than that, the textures and flavour is worth for any chocolate lovers asking for second servings.Once again, I would like to express my thanks to Openrice for organising this food tasting session, as well as, the kind hostess, Fiona who accompanied and entertained us throughout the event. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-26
This outlet of BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill is located quite out of the way, inside of Science Park II. I had once dined at this restaurant many years ago and was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant is still around with the same rural, rustic settings.With the big pond and surrounding of greens, BlooiE's always made me feel that I'm at some countryside instead of the bustling city, Singapore. A great place to relax with a drink with your friends.We had some BBQ Chicken Wings ($13.90) which was great. It's sweet with tinge of spiciness. A great appetizer to start your meal with!We also had Cobb Salad ($15.80) to share and it was super appetizing! Lots of fresh lettuce with Avocado, bacon bits, grilled cajun chicken, tomato, blue cheese & lemon vinegarette sauce. It's super yum! The salad comes arranged nicely like how you see in the picture, and you'll have to mix it up yourself. The good thing is that you can control how much of the lemon vinegarette sauce you want to put in, but I'm all for putting more as I really like the slightly sour tangy taste in my Cobb Salad!The BLooiE’s Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger ($16.90), which is one of their signature dish, is absolutely divine! A thick 180g of beef patty with creamy mushroom sauce & strips of bacon, it's enough to make my mouth water just by thinking about it. I especially love the creamy mushroom sauce that burst with flavour in your mouth with the juicy patty.Comes with a generous portion of fries as well. Highly highly recommended.BBQ Beer Butt Chicken ($38.80) is another signature dish that you cant get anywhere else. Grilled till crispy brown with spices in a beer can stuffed up the chicken's butt, something you should try at least once in your life time. This is how the chicken looks like after the friendly staffs sliced it up for easier consumption. Very tasty & juicy with slight beer flavour.*Please note that to enjoy this dish, you'll have to call in and order it 1 day in advance!Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at BlooiE's, a place I would bring my friends to for a fun gathering night. The place is relatively empty on a weekday evening with just a few tables occupied, but you can see that the customers are here to really enjoy their meals & company rather than those eat & go type.Their service staffs are really friendly & attentive, volunteering to help change our plates when we were done with our appetizers. A truly great dining experience with great ambiance, great service & super delicious food! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-23
This big bowl of salad has always been my favourite choice of main course whenever I visit this restaurant. Other than the restaurant environment is very comfortable and spacious, the service here is also prompt and friendly. MY all time favourite is their Classic 49th St. Caesar Salad (which cost $13.80++) is really good enough to fill my stomach. Lots of fresh crunchy lettuces served with juicy tender grilled chicken meat and mixed with flavourful Caesar dressing. Presentation may looks simple but it just taste delicious! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-11-05
If you are looking for a unique dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, BlooiE's Roadhouse at West Coast is the place to be. Tucked right in the heart of Science Park II, you are guaranteed to be awed by the view of lush greenery whilst enjoying good food.BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill is the first North American roadhouse in Singapore. It is the brainchild of Sarge Sargeant, a Canadian Harley Davidson aficionado.I learned from his model-like wife who graciously hosted us during the OpenRice food tasting session that the name BlooiE was actually adapted from their first dog who is now in dog heaven. That's the story behind their logo.Being the first of its kind in Singapore, BlooiE's has gained loyal customers by word of mouth. They are known for their homemade, delicious and generous-sized portion meals.Warning: Please read further with full stomach. Don't say I never warn you, ok?APPETIZERS:1) BlooiE's Roadhouse Quesadillas ($16.90)The big-sized quesadillas came with 3 choices of dips, depending on what suits the taste buds of the diner. It served its purpose to whet our appetite.2) BBQ Chicken Wings ($13.90)I am not as crazy as my girl about chicken dishes but whenever I eat chicken, I always choose wings and other bony parts. This one did not disappoint my taste buds.MAINS:1) BlooiE's Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger ($16.90)Oh. Am. Gee! This top seller burger doesn't just look so good in photo, it is actually good in real life. Take my word for it, it's a must try when you visit BlooiE's especially when you are a bacon, mushroom and cheese lover like me.2) Blackened Dory ($18.90)This dish is a healthier choice for health conscious patrons. Dip that perfectly grilled blackend dory in the garlic sauce, squeeze that piece of lemon and prepare your taste buds to be tickled. You can opt to dip the mashed potato and juicy vegetables in a separate mushroom sauce provided. I did just that and I was in mushroom heaven! I'm a mushroom lover, remember? 3) Pepperoni Pizza ($22.90)This is similar to the brick wood oven baked pizza I raved about when we were at Harris Resort? The thin crust cracks when you bite, you could tell that it is fresh from the oven. The pepperoni and cheese are like icing to a perfect cake. Pardon my luck of better words but you get the drift.4) NZ StripLoin Steak ($29.80)If you are steak perfectionist, you are welcome to skip this. It lacks the juicy factor of the other steaks I have tried before.5) BBQ Beer Butt Chicken ($38.80)Pardon the name butt this is something to rave about. It definitely belongs to the DDMT (Die, Die Must Try) category. It is actually the highlight of BlooiE's Roadhouse. As strange as it may sound, the whole chicken is marinated overnight with a special concoction of spices and seasoning, and just before the chicken is roasted, a beer can is inserted up in the chicken butt, set upright and grilled to perfection. It tasted perfect to my liking. Please note that this signature dish must be ordered 1 day in advance. You also have to inform them what time you are arriving because final preparation and grilling requires about one hour.I love how BlooiE's is surrounded with wood works including furnitures, displays and crockery. It added plus points to the unique dining experience factor.DESSERT:Molten Chocolate Cake ($6.80)There's no better way to end the food tasting session than devouring on this chocolate cake with vanilla icecream and a slice of peach. It may not be comparable to Chilli's molten lava cake but this miniature version wasn't bad at all. They used 70% cocoa so can you actually savour the chocolate taste without the taste of too much sugar.Needless to say we all went home with happy tummies. Can't you tell from our smiles and tongue-licking emoticon? Thank you so much Fiona (the very tall lady, I told you she is like a model right?) of BlooiE's and Calvin of OpenRice for graciously hosting us. We will surely never forget our unique dining experience!Dying to try BlooiE's signature BBQ Beer Butt Chicken and Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger?Like BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill and visit www.blooies.com for latest promotions.Happy eating!*Complete photos and review at http://www.sweetmemoirs.com/2013/11/unique-dining-experience-at-blooies.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
For a detailed post with pictures, please visit my blog post http://hannahchia.tumblr.com/post/65527937755/food-review-on-blooies-roadhouse-at-science-park-2When one steps into Blooie's roadhouse, you will naturally feel very relaxed by the rustic laid back deco. Beside having a bar with pool table on the inside, that is also alfresco dinning facing the pond. What a perfect place for dating and gathering, right?BBQ Beer Butt Chicken $38.80 This is one of the signature in the house, not only is the chicken well marinated with herbs and seasonings. The meat is also very juicy and tender because a can of beer is stuffed up to the chicken butt before the grilling. Thus resulting to a flavourful juicy tender whole chicken.BBQ Chicken Wings $13.90 The chicken wings were first deep fried before coating them with BBQ sauce. Initially I was quite hesitant to taste this dish as I am not a big lover of BBQ sauce. However the bbq sauce here is not overly sweet nor have that "weird" artificial smell that a lot of places have. Thus I was rather impressed with the BBQ wings here. On top of that, there is a tinge of spiciness which really made this dish very interesting. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)