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Blue Bali on Cluny is a restaurant, a bar, a meeting place and a spa of light that is the feeling that captures people's imagination. A multicultural palette combined with bright colours and pungent fragrance - while leaning heavily on Indonesian roots, Blue Bali borrows from Western, Thai, North Indian and Chinese influences. It is a Balinese garden that provides a dining and entertainment experience allowing people to commune with nature, relax, de-stress and be happy. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-08
The Beau and I decided to head to Blue Bali on Cluny (formerly known as "The Villa Bali") for dinner this evening, so we could indulge in Balinese food with a modern twist. I just had to keep snapping photos of the place because it was so pretty, like a charming little world of its own nestled at the edge of Botanical Gardens.Located at 1D Cluny Road, Singapore 259600, the number to dial for Blue Bali is 6733 0185. It is a quaint little bungalow, one of those "black-and-white houses" that the Beau liked, very colonial and historical. The restaurant is furnished in a grand, elegant Balinese style complete with authentic ornaments / art deco furniture that adorns its every surface.There were various dining halls in this great courtyard gardens- setting, one could choose the air-conditioned indoors, or dine close to nature alfresco-style, enjoying being surrounding by the trees and plants, listening to insects and soothing music all night long. There were traditional Javanese Joglos, Lesehans and daybeds etc - we wanted to dine in one of the tents / huts but were told that the total bill had to exceed SGD100+.  We should've chosen it since our bill exceeded that amount in the end too!Next, we were being served the Pumpkin Prawns (SGD$20.00) - succulent prawns stir-fried in a creamy Blue Bali signature sauce delicately infused with curry leaf and chilli. I loved the fresh, bouncy prawns enhanced by the sweet, sandy (like salted-egg texture) sweet flavor of the creamy pumpkin-concocted gravy. It was deliciously-tinged with curry's aroma, and I kept drinking the gravy like soup, simply because it was lovely, and non-greasy.Then there was the Sumatra Beef Rendang (SGD25.00) - beef loin braised with rendang paste flavored with Salem leaf, lemongrass, star anise, cinnamon and served with Nasi Kuning and Lawar Kacang (Balinese long beans). The beef rendang was sapid and heavy in flavor - sweet, savoury and spicy blend all in one, infusing the naturally rich flavor of the beef. The rice was fragrant like nasi lemak or saffron rice's taste, going very well with the beef, and the spicy long beans added a hint of refreshing crunch to the dish. The chilli served with this dish was superb too!Our final main course for sharing was the Blue Bali Dirty Duck Confit (SGD$28.00) - a tradition in Bali married with an age-old French recipe of preserved duck leg prepared with Indonesian spices and served with Mesclun salad and spicy Hoisin sauce. It was duck confit in French restaurants literally - crispy on the inside and tender on the inside - except that this was uniquely flavored with spices unfound in French restaurants - and we loved this dish, needless to say!For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/07/dinner-at-blue-bali-on-cluny.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-10
Abit shock nobody review the food there. Such a wonderful & quiet place.When for my MIL birthday cum Mother's Day celebration. Environment is romantic. Food is delicious. Service is super thumbs up.FB: https://www.facebook.com/BlueBaliOnClunyTheVillaBaliExGillmanVillage?fref=tsLive band singing birthday song. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-15
I went to this place for friend’s birthday gathering. Just off the Southern Ridges trail, Gillman Village is home to the idyllic Villa Bali, designed with nature and relaxation in mind. Featuring contemporary Balinese, Northern Indian and Thai cuisine, this restaurant also offers Asian tapas, desserts and cocktails. Lucky that my friend drove us up, else I won’t know this hidden place.With its quiet and tranquil settings, Villa Bali is a great place to chill - out with friends. This spacious hideaway is also perfect for celebrating special events, with its wooden cabanas, water features, and lovely ethnic cuisine.Order this sex on the beach, pretty good. continue reading
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