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Taking modern French dining to sophisticated new heights, the Boathouse is a quaint, intimate restaurant located at the historical Fullerton Waterboat House featuring a revolving menu based on the season's finest ingredients. Boathouse Menu offers a tasting journey of seasonal ingredients focused on the pure, clean intense flavours as nature intended. continue reading
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Agneau Canard Entrecote Saumon Du Pacifique
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Level1 2014-11-08
We were the first customer of the restaurant as we are going for a concert at VCH. Luxury of having the whole restuarant to ourselves for a while. We ordered the set meal for the night, price reasonable $58++ with surcharge for Entrecote and Bouillabaisse.The set include soup (2 choices), main course (2 choices) & dessert (chocolate thingy)My wife and I just ordered all SoupMine was cream of wild mushroom. There's plenty of mushroom, but the soup has too much cream. So the soup is very thick & the heavy cream over power the taste of the soup itself. Bouillabaisse taste different than what I had from other French restaurants. I didn't catch the Saffron taste as I expect. It does have a hint of fish, shellfish. Seafood portion is ok considering the size of the soup.Main CourseBlack Cod was good. Cook to the right doneness. Overall taste good.Entrecote was ok. The carrot puree was very good. The scalloped potato au gratin was under cook. The potato is still crunchy. The cream sauce could be thicker. Taste is ok. The Entrecote is cooked medium rare. Luckily I am ok with that as the waiter did not check with me when ordered. The meat is quite dry despite the beef was cooked correctly. My guess is the cut is not the Entrecote but other leaner cut. I had Entrecote quite often and they usually quite juicy. So this is dish is a slight disappointment.Dessert is ok. Basically chocolate ice cream + juice sherbet + few berries. Standard.My overall impression is OK, not as good as reported. May be we are too early? Note: If the Set Menu is not impressive (same dishes also appear in Ala Carte menu), why should I come back for more? A set menu is a window to showcase a restaurant potential capabilities. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-01
Shaped like a magnificent three-storey, stately ship that is permanently docked, Boathouse Fullerton looks interesting from the outside and offers diners great views from the inside as well.Interior-wise, this place offers a quaint and intimate ambience in a beautiful setting of rich browns and elegant chandeliers. Besides the sophisticated decor that gives diners a sense of happiness, the service crew provided rather immaculate service as well. This place prides itself on bringing French dining to a new height.For lunch, they only have set meals. We chose the three-course sets.Appetizer was the Crabe - marinated blue crab, smoked tomato coulis and crispy herb tuile. The blue crab paste was very sumptuous, redolent of the sweetness of fresh crab. Eaten with the cheese-like crispy triangles of tuile, this appetiser leaves one longing for more.Our Main Course was the Roeuf - rib eye, fine mashed potato, heirloom carrots and bordelaise sauce. The beef was rather tender (we asked for medium rare) and slightly chewy, juicy. The mashed potato was so fine and tasty we thought it was some kind of cream initially.Finally, time for Desserts. We shared the L'Orange - orange and chocolate meringue rock, crumbles and orange granite. As meringue goes, the dessert crumbled into the mouth and dissolved easily, but it was a little too sweet, in my opinion. While the orange flavor was quite promiment, I thought that the white chocolate somewhat obliterated the orange's citrus flavor; I prefer orange desserts made with dark chocolate as the contrast is better.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to pop by:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/lunch-at-boathouse-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-10
All along i always wanted to plan a visit to Boathouse. So i decide to spend the first weekend of 2014 with a nice dinner at Boathouse with a friend =) The set dinner price actually looks very reasonable and you have a choice of 3 or 4 course meal. But i took ala carte in the end cause want to order wine too and enjoy slowly. Started off with bread which was good despite having raisins in it. I can eat raisins but not a huge fan. Service was good and attentive. And surprisingly there wasn't much crowd on a Friday night.For my main course i had this really yummy pan roasted Atlantic sea bass $32! There was some seafood underneath it and the cauliflower puree just created a very nice overall taste. I enjoyed every bit of it! Fish was very fresh too!Overall it was a great experience and i will love to go back again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (:i love sunday brunch! it's just the awesome relaxing feel of Sunday that makes you want to laze around and combine two great meals in one (: and the sunday brunch at boathouse is definitely a decadent way to kickstart this beautiful day.i love bread. i love pastries. omg. i love it when restaurants serve it at the beginning of a meal. i always have to resist wolfing down a whole lot of carbo before my meal actually starts, but it's so difficult! i simply love it. as always, i liked the croissants best. there is just something so classy about eating them haha. crisp and yummy (: there were also a bunch of tasty rolls, as well as some bread. i wasn't very impressed with the bread though. compared to the pastries, they were rather average.boathouse has a brunch special which is priced at $48++ per person. it comes with the bread & pastry basket as mentioned above, as well as a choice of salad or soup (hors d'oeuvres), eggs or pancakes (main course), dessert or cheese trolley, coffee or tea, and fresh juice. it was absolutely delicious and i think it was worth every cent (:my mom chose the grilled asparagus salad (a la carte price: $25) which had pancetta stresa, cheese smoothie, and was covered with walnut truffle viniagrette. the asparagus was beautifully grilled and had a lovely flavour. the accompanying cheese smoothie was light and airy, and come to think of it, it did feel as if i was 'eating air' haha.the creameaux of cauliflower (a la carte price: $19) which my dad ordered had to be the MOST DELICIOUS SOUP i've ever tasted!!! I absolutely loved it. a thick rich soup with scallops that melted in my mouth and the burst of the flavour of caviar when i bit into the little rounds just made it such a wonderful dish.the bread and appetizers were already so awesome. it just made us keep wanting more, more, MORE! (: the mains didn't disappoint either (: the apple pancake ($18) was topped with a generous serving of sweet apple compote and raisins, and listen to this, there were FOUR pancakes. which restaurant ever serves four pancakes? i was completely blown away. perfect for sharing! ;) it came with maple syrup and...if i'm not wrong, creme fraiche! i do hope i'm right. it was a light cream with a tinge of sourness. interesting, although i felt that it didn't really go with the pancake. also, we did wish that the pancakes were a little fluffier, since they were kinda thin. but they were tasty anyway! (:for the first time, the egg benedict ($18) didn't belong to me! hahaha. i'm such a fan of it, that now i've become quite picky about the quality. and i have to say that i felt the egg benedict here was not that great. the poached egg was wonderful, gorgeously poached. however, the bread was a teeny bit tough, not like the crispy brioche or soft muffin that is usually served. this was kind of in the middle, so not that great.the caramalized banana pancake ($18) was really sweet!!! and i loved it haha. especially with the nutella sauce that came with it! can't go wrong ;)my sister ordered the slowly cooked sunny side up ($15). the egg was nice and wobbly and i loved the ratte potato that came with it (:i had the oven baked egg cocotte ($15) which was a really rich bacon leek fondue, with a fluffy egg and truffle emulsion!! it was a deliciously fragrant dish which i loved. but don't try to finish it on your own. i shared quite a bit of it, nearly half, and it was just right xDfor the brunch special, my mom ordered the chocolate (a la carte price: $15) for her dessert. simple as that. it was just different kinds of chocolate. haha. dark and white, with a pile of caramlised bananas and cocoa ice creami pestered my dad into ordering the cheese platter (a la carte price: $23). it was quite interesting! three types of cheeses, i couldn't catch the names (but i know there was one goat's cheese which i refused to touch) and it came with crackers by the side. mmmmm delicious! (:i declare this the best brunch i've ever eater continue reading
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For full review, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2013/02/boathouse-restaurant.html Was given a chance to visit Boathouse during Valentines Day, and it was what I have been longing from a long time. Their set meal for a couple costed about $209, lasting for a 3 course meal. Wanted to get the indoor seating as it seems to be more classy and has a more pretty decor, but due to full seating, we had no choice but to head to the outdoor seats. Hence, photos are quite bad due to poor lighting condition.First course options are Huitre, and Canard. The former is actually a soup based appetizer and soup texture is rather smooth! The latter is a salad type having duck confit in it, which is savory!Second course options are boeuf, and saumon. The former highlights the beef, which is soft and chewy, quite to my liking. The latter highlights the pan-roasted salmon. Salmon is soft, and not overcooked, compact and juicy!The third course options are myrtille, and le'ispahan. The former is more on blueberry flavor. Blueberry chessecake, blueberry muffin ice cream... And it's simply too yummy. Blueberry cravers should not miss this! The latter is less favorable than the former. Le'ispahan has rose &lychee tiramisu, raspberry coulis. Rose taste is too overwhelming, and making the whole dessert a little weird in taste. Unable to finish the le'ispahan, nd having a look round, most tables left this dessert unfinished. Overall, service was good, and crew was very polite to diners though they were busy running here and there due to the crowd. Ambience is rather cosy if not for the crowd. Wouldn't mind heading there again but provided I get an indoor seating to fully enjoy the dining experience! continue reading
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