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Bollywood Veggies is your sanctuary away from the bustle of the “Little Red Dot”. Set in the rustic environment of the northwest Kranji Countryside, visiting is a step back to Singapore's lush history. Their location provides a great opportunity to see a fresh side of the island, rejuvenate your senses, connect with family, and enjoy the simple pleasures of food. Poison Ivy Bistro menu features delicious healthy options for all palettes. continue reading
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Banana Cake Kueh Kosui
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Level4 2015-08-07
For moPoison Ivy Bistro is a Halal bistro, thus very suitable for Muslims to dine there as well. If you are expecting western-style food, you might in for a disappointment, as they serve more to local-Indian cuisine.I was surprised to see this makeshift paper-crafted "dustbin", which I will usually see back home. Well, at least you do not have to feel bad about making the tables dirty, or having your plates filled with bones instead of yummylicious food!Warrior's Platter ($20.00 for 2pax). A total of 6 items, namely Warrior's Chix Curry, Asam Pedas Fish, Tofu with Black Sauce & Mushroom, Chap Chye, Bollywing, and Tempura. All items are served in small portion, but can be filling before you knew it.The Warrior's Platter also come with a bowl of brown rice, clearly displaying 2 portions for 2 pax.Banana Curry ($10.00). I just couldn't take my craving off this item as it seem so unique? I was thinking the curry will be cooked with banana fruit, but no. Basically a sweetened curry with potatoes.KangKong with Garlic ($8.00). Chopped KangKong? This is one of its kind though. Its crunchiness retains while chopped to look like spring onions. You can opt for the spicy version if you like for the same price, but we decided to go on something lighter.Bollywood Dessert Special ($4.00). It consists of a small portion of banana cake, and a cup of vanilla ice cream with what-seems like maple syrup as the sauce.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/08/poison-ivy-bistro-bollywood-veggies.html continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-29
Bollywood Veggies is one of a unique rural scene of Singapore which is well hidden at a deep corner of Kranji and Lim Chu Kang region. Due to its inaccessible location, the place is not too crowded and it provide a peaceful stroll by the vegetable and flower gardens after a meal. Poison Ivy is a restaurant within Bollywood Veggies which provide an organic dining option for the visitors, to have a healthy and satisfying meal while at the farm. Vegetarian meal available as well.Poison Ivy Cafe - outdoor seatingAir Conditional cafeMenu written on chalk boardDessert and drinks menu. One of the hightly recommended item is the banana cake which is made from the bananas freshly plucked from the tree.Banana cake ($3.50) - Warm and moist with rich banana taste. Cake is firm and yet soft in texture. With just one bite, you will be able to taste the banana straight away. It is best to eat it immediately while its served warm. Absolutely fresh and delicious. Recommended!!Aleo Vera ($3) - Aleo vera cubes are small and in small quantity. Not too sweet, organic right!!Warrior's Platter ($20) - This value for money platter consist of 6 dishes: curry chicken, chap chye, fried vegetables, chicken wings, achar and tofu with mixed vegetables. Platter is served with brown rice. Larger platter is available for 4pax as well.Chap Chye - Fresh vegetables that are grown in the farm. Very crunchy.Fried Vegetables - I guess they fried the vegetables. It is crunchy and crispy and at the same time not too oily. Rather bland in flavourWarrior's Chicken Curry - Woooo, this is one good dish. Abit spicy but at the same time slightly sweet and sour. Guess its due to the bits of pineapple added into the curry. The chicken meat is tender and firm, highly recommendedAchar Fish (left) and Tofu with Vegetables (right)Bollywings - Crispy chicken wings Home made Fig tea and Banana cakes for take awayBesides dining, Bollywood Veggies is definitely a good place for family bonding especially during the weekend or school holidays. It is definitely an educational trip for young children as all plants and flowers are neatly labelled all around the farm. A rewarding experience with great air, food and environment, but do not forget your insect repellent!Verdict: 3.5/5 continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-10
Have you been to a farm in Singapore? I haven't, not until now! The Bollywood Veggies is a ten-acre farm, located at Kranji. There are wide variety of plantations there, ranging from flowers, herbs and spices to fruit trees. You can take a relaxing stroll in the farm while enjoying the greenery. Depending on the season, they will harvest some of their fruits or vegetables for sale on site.Poison Ivy Bistro is located inside Bollywood Veggies, near the entrance. It has a rather rustic countryside setting. We had a peaceful and relaxing dining experience there. Despite the secluded location, their business seems good! When we finally finished our stroll and decided it was time to fill up our stomachs, we were told that the indoor dining area was fully booked, and it was during a weekday lunch time!Their menu was written on this big black board.Get revitalised with these Cold Lemongrass Drink ($2) and Hot Fig Tea ($2)! They were refreshing and most importantly, not those artificially sweet beverages and you will be able to taste the natural wonder of the ingredients inside.We ordered a salad - Roasted Pumpkin with Parmesan Cheese and Roast Corn ($8). The dressing served was mint yoghurt. Pumpkin was sweet and roasted until tender, with a hint of balsamic vinegar.I was slightly taken aback by the name of this curry, it is called Warrior's Chicken Curry ($10). Turned out that it was not as spicy as I thought, but the sauce was thick enough to my liking. I poured it all over my rice.Farm minestrone soup with bread - the consistency of this soup is thicker than what we usually have. The bread, instead of being dipped inside the soup, I used it to wipe clean the curry sauce!This was the Twice Cooked Pandan Lemongrass Kampong Chicken ($14), under the Ang Mo Specials. The chicken was a tad dry but the marination was flavorful. We saw few feathers left on the chicken though.Taste-wise, the food here is slightly above average. Experience-wise, surrounded by the greenery, away from the bustle of the city life, no wonder despite the secluded location the place was almost full house. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
My friend and I decided to visit Kranji farms. We took a shuttle bus and it stopover a few farms. We decided to drop off at Bollywood Veggies Poison Ivy Bistro since many other passenger in the bus also drop off there. The Bistro was very crowded before lunch time, luckily we managed to find a table at the corner.We ordered the Chicken & Chips and Banana Curry. The prices for the Chicken & Chips was $10 and Banana Curry was $4. The Chicken & Chips serving was quite small. The chips were normal deep fried french fries. The chicken meat was grilled prefectly on the outside. Inside the meat was tender and slightly juicy. The meat was good with taste of honey and caramel. The Banana Curry was good. The curry gravy had Indian style curry aroma and tasted slightly spicy. The cooked banana in the curry tasted more like powdery potato than banana. Overall, the food at Bollywood Veggies Poison Ivy Bistro was good but the prices were a bit high for such small servings. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Honesly, I don't remember what we ordered! they were all new to me and I was too distracted with feeding mosquitos. So I didn’t get to take note. The place has nice decor and well ventilated. Fresh smell of greens. The staff are very friendly! makes you feel right at home. I ordered a mixed fried battered vegetables and fungus. Crispy and mellow tasting fried leafy vegetable really surprises me; battered mushroom was thinly slice crisp on the outside chewy on the inside; tasted even better dipping in sweet dark sauce and zesty mayonnaise. I also tried their fig tea (they grow the figs in the farm), it's refreshing and delicious. I takeout some banana bread before i left as it just came out from the kitchen; bread was moist and warm with heaps of banana chunks in it. Delightful ! (banana was from the farm too)This place has a nice garden for you to walk and learn and take photos too. remember to bring mosquito patch so you don't end up feeding. Ulu area but totally unique experience. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)