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Boon Lay Raja Restaurant was established in 1979 at Boon Lay Shopping Centre. They focus on providing delicious Chinese cuisine, specialising in seafood and shark's fins dishes. continue reading
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Level1 2014-06-01
We booked for table for 4, when arrived, table wasn't prepared. Went for dim sum lunch on 30 May 2014. We always go to this restaurant previously, but unfortunately the good staff and cooks are gone.We ordered dim sum & eu fu noodles plus beer. Beer is $9 each bottle.The ok food choices were: Har gow, siew mai, egg tarts, char siew bau & century egg porridge. The dimsum standard would be considered average if sold at a hawker centre but inadequate for a restaurant. The dishes which I found really unsatisfactory were the Ee fu noodles, xiao long bao, carrot cake & liew sha bao. The Ee fu noodles were too oily. The soup inside xiao long bao tasted sour and did not have any meat at all, only fats. Carrot cake was supposed to be pan-fried, but we found it to be deep-fried. The liew sha bao wasn't properly steamed, the outer layer was a bit hard and skin stuck to the paper.The hiccups during the meal were: Har gaw came twice instead when we ordered 1. Staff charged us for tea and towel, which we didn't even ordered and they did not provide the towel either. Following this unpleasant experience, I would not return to this restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-26
Ordered a set dinner for $185 and requested to change one of the dishes (pork ribs) to roasted half chicken (+$8 for a full chicken). The chicken lacked flavour but the tenderness and crispy skin compensated for it. The prawn rolls were served piping hot and fresh too. The nonya fish was a unique dish and it was slightly spicy and very flavourful. The prawns were very fresh and texture was just right. The dessert of honeydew sago was quite addictive too. Shark fins soup was included in this menu and it was wonderfully cooked.This set meal has 7 courses and is meant for 6-7 people. continue reading
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You have to be honest when it comes to food recommendations. While Boon Lay Raja restaurant may not be able to beat famous brand names like Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung, Boon Lay Raja restaurant does give off its own rather exquisite flavour. Perhaps its' the supplier's fault for not offering a fantastic-quality food like THW and DTF, but the way Boon Lay Raja steam and fry their food is rather excellent.Carrot Cake- $3.40The Carrot cake was not at all oily despite its crispiness. The insides were rather flaky, which was good for a carrot cake, because it contained both juiciness and crispiness. This is worthy of your calories, really.Century Egg Porridge - $2.50The century egg porridge is best to be shared with two people, because I got bored of the taste after awhile. I don't think Boon Lay Raja Restaurant specialises in porridge, but in their Dim Sum. They were generous with their ingredients, and in every spoonful we can taste a little meat, a little century egg.Fried Noodles - $8The fried noodles were fragrant and huge in portion to be shared among 4 people. It is rather plain, thus you must order their Dim Sum, some vegetables or meat as a side dish!Siew Mai (left) - $4.30; Ha Kau (right) - $4.30Here is the highlight of every Dim Sum. I put them side by side because Siew Mai and Ha Kau are basically the summaries of all dim sum comparisons, really.Ha Kau - $4.30The Ha kau was rather dry in the skin, but moist on the inside. I don't know if this means that the steamer was too slow that it only penetrates the fillings within and did not manage to heat up the skin, and it mostly stuck to the paper liner, which wasn't a beautiful sight. However, the shrimps and prawns that filled it were succulent and delicious!Siew Mai - $4.30I can't tell you how much I like the Siew Mai. It was rather fresh, and the roe that was on top of it were tasty and made a slight difference to the siew mai. It had no foul odour which most siew mais usually have.Prawn Roll - $4.30I will highly recommend the prawn roll because of the layer of flour that was extremely fresh and delicious. I can tell that it is not made from the refrigerator but made right at the spot, the char siew or the prawn fillings inside were both equally delicious! A Table of feastingWe ordered many food and took home some when we couldn't finish it Here is the long list of items in our Receipt. They also charge for tea and paper towel, as well as the peanuts as a starter. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-06
A reservation was made prior to entry, hence there was no waiting time on this crowded sunday. My family went for the 308sgd set menu for 6-7 pax. The first dish was shark fin soup with crabmeat. The soup itself is nice and would be equally nice without the shark fin. Honestly, all shark fins are practically tasteless, so ordering shark fin soup is literally a waste of money and contributing to the cruel death of many sharks. (no photo posted for this)The second dish was roasted duck with mango. This dish was average at best. I remembered tasting it 10 years ago and it was way better than it was now. It simply tasted like roasted duck with some mango sauce decorated with sliced fruits. Deep fried marbled goby fish was next. It was fried well and tasted great when drizzled with the accompanying sauce surrounding it. The next dish was a funny combination of roasted pork, tofu and sea cucumber in a claypot. Personally, the roasted pork was too strong and render the entire dish a porky aroma. It would be nice for people who love pork but I did not appreciate having sea cucumber and tofu together with roasted pork. The ginseng and chicken essence herbal prawns were great. The prawns were fresh and huge. The soup tasted like some potent herbal cocktail. I am not a fan of spinach as it is pretty tasteless, but somehow the spinach with abalone was cooked very well. The spinach had a slight wok hei taste, which could be due to high heat stir frying prior to mixing with the thinly sliced abalone. The abalone tasted normal, with nothing to wow about.We ordered an additional medium sized ee fu mee and it was one of the best ee fu mee I had ever eaten. The ee fu mee here was slightly wet, different from what other places usually serve. That accompanying gravy was the factor behind its brilliant taste. As for dessert, it was yam paste with gingko nut and pumpkin puree. Rather than having thick coconut milk, this dessert used pumpkin puree, which I would say is sweeter and less creamy. It allowed us to enjoy this dessert at the end of a heavy meal without feeling too bloated. If given a choice, I would take this rather than yam paste with coconut milk, anytime. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
xiao long bao the proportion of meat, skin and soup broth was just right. delicious but i stll prefer DTF's version. chives dumpling $3.60there were lots of chives in it, if you wait for it to cool down the skin will become rather dry and hard so it's best to eat it hot.glutinous rice $3.60sticky glutinous rice served piping hot. the rice was very flavourful and well seasoned. fried mee sua $10 could be more seasoned and moist. It was still tasty but it was a little too oily for my liking. ingredients were also fresh except for the shrimps and texture of meesua was very smooth.No service charge!!!will come back again continue reading
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