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BOTAK JONES® was born out of the idea that everyone should have access to well-made food of all types. Seeing a lack of good, well-made western food in the industrial and heartland areas, the good people at BOTAK JONES® deemed it timely to carve a market niche and take the heartlands by storm. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-30
Justa Burger. Not a set. JUSTA Burger.Usual price $6, with the special QR code? $3.80. This was a larger than normal meat patty, 100% meat and they've managed to retain the juiciness within.It didn't have a strong flavour of beef which may or may not be a good thing depending on the individual.A slice of tomato, a lettuce leaf and some chopped onions for that added fresh crunch (I do wish they had options for extra vegetables).This was a burger vastly different from those served up at your regular fastfood outlets.I liked it. But this definitely wasn't a proper meal. Here in Singapore, we've all been spoilt silly by the set meals with added options of sides usually included in the prices.And never have I felt such a deep sense of loss without fries, potato salad, coleslaw. Maybe even a tiny excuse of a house salad with a few leaves?And after all that hullabaloo of an emotional rollercoaster ride,let's just put in an order of medium spicy fries, shall we? This was probably the size of a regular sized side Botak Jones used to serve till they realised that many were leaving those fries behind due to the large serving sizes (oh why oh why!) so to prevent unnecessary food wastage, they adjusted the servings accordingly.In any case,the deal has since endedhttp://plus.bigdeal.sg/Botak-jones-justa-burger.html/c=maillist&date=2012-02-17&secode=6c5f65abe353bbd6ccc9a0c4a1e514e9but perhaps, due to popular demand, it might return? continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-26
If you want a piece of steak at an economical price then Botak Jones is one of the places to be but go with a reasonable expectation. I have got a sudden craze for a piece of steak on that evening and so, i suggested to dine here. I could not quite remember when was my last visit to one of their many outlets. I decided to go with the 200 grams NZ Ribeye Steak for $16.90 that came with 2 side dishes. I requested the doneness to be of medium and to be served with Coleslaw and Spicy French Fries. It was served to my table in 10 minutes. Though it was a Saturday evening but their business seemed quiet. The steak was served together with the side dishes and mushroom sauce. It got me to wonder a little why they served it without the cutlery then i realised there is a self-service station just right in front of their stall. I helped myself with the fork and steak knife with chilli sauce for french fries and tobasco sauce for steak.They have got the doneness spot on. The steak was slightly charred with a nice pinkish within. I can clearly taste the black pepper taste, it was just right and not overwhelming. i would prefer to have it without the mushroom sauce though as the sauce played no part in enhancing the overall taste. Their spicy French Fries used to taste much better and came in a pretty big portion but the standard seemed to drop rather significantly and reduced in portion too. The Coleslaw was a good choice though, it tasted rather refreshing and accompanied the meat dish pretty well. It was still an enjoyable dinner somewhat. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-22
Beef burger with cheese ($9)A lot more ordinary as compared to other fast food.swiss hotdog bun ($10)The sausage is really huge and nicely grilled. Not bad.lamb chop ($14)Tender, no lamb unpleasant smell. Tasted nice with the mint sauce.All includes a cheese baked potato add on sides ($0.80) and the baked potato is really nice. Baked melted cheese on top of the mashed potato, very flavourful and filling. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-04
cajun chicken which was a large tender and juicy chicken breast, topped with cheese and cajun sauce. One of my favourite dishes at Botak Jones! I love the tingling cajun taste together with the rich sauces that they slather all over.The steak on the other hand had more flavour, being chargrilled nicely. It wasn't as good as eating steak at a proper steakhouse but at this level it was pretty darn good. Only thing was that the sauce didn't really do anything to enhance the flavour of the steak.Char Grilled Salmon Fillet. Nicely charred on the outside and pink and tender on the inside. their Spicy Fries was spiced just right and not too overwhelming, you can be assured of satisfaction. continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-10
My friends and i decided to head for western meal after tests. So we decided to head to Botak Jones for meal at AMK! As students, we want to have a cheap and nice meal, so we reaffirm our decision and headed to botak jones! So this is what i ordered! Look at the size of the fish!My friend order this! This chicken meat is awesome!Before we start, we took a picture of the meal!after 30min of food and chat, we completed the meal! IT WAS SO GOOD THAT WE COMPLETED EVERYTHING! overall, if u want affordable and full western meal, u probably could try botak jones! The location is at coffeeshop and thus the cleanliness of the area might probably affect ur dinning experience. If you want to eat this for dinner, perhaps coming earlier to get a seat would be a better choice; as the coffeeshop gets really crowded during dinner time. The fish was alright however the chicken should be consume when hot. After a while, the chicken feels a bit dry and hard to sweet. I would say thumb up for good portion at reasonable price!P.S maybe a additional of good soda or fizzy drink could probably add points to this meal! continue reading
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