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Bread Society features an extensive selection of over 50 kinds of freshly baked-on-the-premise treats that draw inspiration from simple traditional loaves made with classic time-honoured baking techniques, using an abundance of highly nutritious ingredients such as dark rye, wholemeal flour and even wheatgrass. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-20
Grabbed a bottle of strawberry milk at Bread Society before church for afternoon refreshment Strawberry Fresh Milk - $4.50. Yes, I'm now craving for this, even though the price is tad pricey. It says milk, but it tastes like strawberry smoothie. The sweetness was just ideal, and I love the bottle packaging. Honestly, it's just like strawberry smoothie I use to make at home, however, seems like there's an X factor that makes me craving for more hahaha. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-12
It is a quiet afternoon when I feel like biting something but not too hungry. So I decided to go for afternoon break at bread society at suntec. This cafe have seats by the window and the windows are full glass, hence you can see the view and roads very clearly. You can either order from their menu or pick some items from the bread and cake display I picked the white chocolate croissant with almond and purple sweet potatoes with red bean bread. Great place to have a quiet afternoon tea. Total cost about $4. I did not order coffee or tea as it is a but pricey. However you can ask for ice water. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-24
As I was passing by the newly opened Bread Society after work, I decided to buy some back for breakfast the next day! I got two pretzels, the Chocolate Almond Pistachio and the White Chocolate with Almonds flavour Both are nice but I prefer the Chocolate Almond! The pretzels are still so crunchy even being left out overnight! I also got the Chestnut Pain de Campagne, which is one of their popular ones. However, I didn't like it as the bread was too hard and the chestnut filling was nothing to rave about. I will want to try their breakfast menu someday continue reading
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The renovated outlet of Bread Society at Suntec City looks more inviting than ever. When you take the Esplanade MRT (exit A), it’s the first thing you’ll see once you enter the mall. And boy, does it give a good first impression with its bright and spacious interior, marble-top tables and floorings, rustic chairs, and eye-catching intricate glass lamps. It also has tall glass walls which allow the natural light to enter, making the ambiance look more cheery.With the recent renovation of Bread Society, the bigger space now features a boulangerie and a 35-seater café. Diners and shoppers can drop by any time and enjoy the new dine-in menu which offers breakfast items, lunch specials, and classic desserts.Care to find out what the new offerings are, read the full review here:http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/article/detail.htm?article_id=760 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-06
Have you been to the recently revamped Suntec City? One of the latest additions to the humungous shopping and dining paradise cum business building is Bread Society, an artisan bakery, now with an added café / boulangerie dine-in concept. Since it comes under the Breadtalk Group umbrella, you must be wondering what sets them apart. Well to put it simple, Bread Society is more European-inspired as opposed to the local, Asian flavors Breadtalk tends to offer.In view of that, the selection of breads swings away from your usual pork floss, curry breads. Here, you get to see buns stuffed with real edamame and savory ham ($2.30), French country bread with figs ($1.80) and olive ($1.60), and also my favorite from its new creations – Mentaiko Baguette ($2.50), topped with mentaiko roe and unsalted butter. It’s consoling to see that these breads remain affordable.Clam Chowder ($6.90++ with Grissini & $7.90++ with Blue Cheese Toast) :: Soups are on a weekly rotating basis between this and Corn Chowder and Minestrone Soup. While the soup was acceptable with a just-right degree of clam flavors, the Blue Cheese Toast fell a little short. It would have been much better if it was less toasted. The edges, especially, were hard and overdone. Otherwise, the slight hint of blue cheese would have been bearable for even non-blue cheese lovers (I love blue cheese, so I would have wanted it to be a little more concentrate).Katsu Sandwich ($13.80++) :: Undoubtedly the star of the night. The different shades of color on the surface of dark rye multi-grain toasts would already have suggested a varying texture to it. It was perfect with parts of it being soft, while the remaining, crisp, slightly charred and fragrant. Note that the slice of tonkatsu pork loin was pretty thick too, giving sufficient bite as a whole. For a cherry on top of the pie, the greens on the side were great.The Society ($15.80++) :: This breakfast set is one that defies gravity. The thick baked pancake isn’t your ordinary piece of pancake. It feels like a fusion of cupcake + sponge cake + pancake, glazed with maple syrup and creamy butter. The crispy back bacon isn’t your ordinary strip of bacon. It feels like a mix of pork belly + bacon. It can be too salty, but when it goes with the comparatively bland pancakes, it was good. I love the crispy back bacon, possibly because I really dislike those that are literally crispy, tough and burnt ones. This strays nearer to those I had in Australia, soft bacon that is only cooked for a short while. It comes with a Pork Sausage too.Katsu Curry Rice ($13.80++) :: Available only from 12pm – 2pm daily, it is targeting largely at the working adults who need a fuller meal. It’s served with Japanese potato curry, Japanese rice and thick-cut grilled vegetables. I don’t usually eat vegetables, but when they are grilled, they are awesome. I was initially sold to this, until I had the Katsu Sandwich above. The dish is available for take-away too.Salted Caramel Lava Chocolate Cake ($6.90++) :: Just by hearing its presence got me salivating uncontrollably. I love its presentation. I also think that it is a smart move to make the molten lava cake not only a chocolate one, but a chocolate + salted caramel one. While the molten did not flow very smoothly with the cut, it was still alright. I thought it’s very reasonably priced, considering the daylight robbery that is happening in many other restaurants that offer similar desserts.Dessert in a Jar ($8.50++) :: Again, value-for-money dessert. This is more so because you get to keep the jar, legally. No more empty talks on sneaking cutesy cutleries or momento-worthy menu in your bag. I had the Mont Blanc and Apple Crumble whilst there. The former, which is essentially a chestnut-filled dessert, was made intriguing with a sizable chunk of hazelnut meringue (which I love). I also fell head over heels for the latter because of its addition of cinnamon crumble. I was torn and realized that I have no idea which one I prefer when I was asked.I understand that people mainly look out for cafés that exude a chill-out ambience. No, Bread Society is not one of those. Because of its locality, I would expect it to be more fast-paced than anything. It has an intimate (with a seating capacity of 35), simple and casual concept, characterised by marble-top tables and countryside chairs. Save for the Katsu Curry Rice, the other items are offered all-day long. I wouldn’t rave too highly about it, but if you happen to be in the City Hall area, this is a worthy place to check out for a change. continue reading
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