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Home to The Whopper - America's favourite burger, Burger King operates more than 30 outlets here in Singapore, all offering their signature flame-grilled goodness. continue reading
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No need for introduction to this regular breakfast item in Burger King's menu.  You can choose between Turkey Ham, Sausage or Bacon.  What sets it apart is the usage of the recent issue of coupons, where this sandwich is accompanied with Hashbrown and Minute Maid Orange Juice for $4-$5. You cannot swop the Orange Juice for Coffee, the cashier said - "because it's a promotional item".   What's upsetting to me is how fast food companies advanced in creative marketing and yet, fail to similarly level up complementary areas. I suppose the cashier was just following orders, but really, some flexibility can be granted to create a positive customer experience! I felt numb after the unsuccessful swop.  Would have raved about how delicious the sandwich was, and standards never fell since varsity days, how I got everyone hungry by smuggling one into the lecture hall and eating it secretly.  The mini hashbrowns were all-time good.  Better than McDonald's, as they remained crispy for a longer time.  The orange juice was too sweet.  Best for diabetics to avoid.  All the good points above, I'd peg them at 60% after the unsuccessful swop. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-12-18
This King needs no introduction. I'm glad that Burger King now have a range of more affordable set meals compared to their full-sized but higher-priced set meals even if the portion is a tad smaller. We came here on a weekday night for dinner and the queue was fortunately not as long like it usually was, so we got our food pretty fast. What we didn't like was that they removed the full menu listing from the signboard above but replaced it with more pictures of certain meals. While this was visually helpful, it also meant that there was no way to see if other unlisted items on their menu was still available. We ended up having to keep checking with the staff. Chicken tenders? Got. Sundae Pie? Still have. Err... Honey Mustard Chicken Burger? Yup, it's that Chick'N Grill Burger. In the end, we just gave up and ordered whatever. But you gotta credit the staff for good product knowledge. Flamin' Hot Deals - Spicy BK Chick'n Crisp ($3.95) At $3.95 for a set of a burger, potato wedges and coke, it was really quite affordable and value for money. We didn't really expect much of the food since this was the value set, but the slightly spicy chicken patty was quite crisp although I personally preferred their Honey Mustard Chicken burger from one of the earlier promotion. The wedges were also quite okay and we actually preferred these over their usual french fries, but these are best eaten hot.BK Cheesy Fries ($1.95)They also have a "Star buy" promotion for some of the items at lower prices like the Sundae ($1.45) or Taro Turnover Pie ($0.95). The promotion when we went included the cheese fries which we bought to try. This came with just fries and cheese and did not have mayonnaise and garnish like KFC's cheese fries. Still, the Burger King cheese fries was quite okay and the cheese was cheesy enough for us. But when it comes to cheese fries, KFC is clearly the King both portion-wise and taste-wise.Hershey's Sundae Pie ($2.95)For me, the highlight was still the dessert, the Hershey's Sundae Pie! This was the first time I actually tried this since I always buy the Hershey's Chocolate Cream Pie from Long John Silver instead. The pie did not looked as nice as shown on the packaging due to the flattened whipped cream on top, but the slightly moist chocolate crust with the chocolate ice cream filling was quite chocolate-y and delicious! Can't go wrong with Hershey's! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
Early morning at Woodlands Causway Point, there were only a few fastfood open for Breakfast. Hence i decided to buy from Burger King since I have not eaten their Breakfast for ages.I had ordered their Breakfast Platter. The price of this set was not cheap at about $6. This Breakfast platter consisted of hashbrown, a croissant, half tomato, chessy omelette and a spicy hot dog.The chessy omelette was quite good in between  the egg was flowing with juice and melted cheese.The spicy hot dog was too spicy for my liking. It was also dry as they had deep fried it instead of grilling. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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