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Cafe Melba offers great coffee, delicious wood-fired thin crust pizza, and homemade cafe favourites, all set in a tranquil and family-friendly environment. continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-08
For the full review, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2016/05/cafe-melba.htmlThe name Melba is inspired from the blend of Melbourne and Asia cuisine. Located in Goodman Arts Centre, Café Melba offer a unique dining experience. It is a family friendly cafe hidden in the tranquil garden of Goodman Arts Centre, with indoor and outdoor dining area plus plenty of space in the yard and designated children playing area for the little one to run around. The food on offer definitely reminds LD and I of the time we were back in Melbourne. Such as Crayfish Pasta ($27). This simple looking spaghetti are infused with crustacean broth. The pasta is al-dente, robust, and well complement the fresh crayfish. The rocket salad add a slight bitterness to the dish, however it is definitely a pasta dish that you don't want to miss. During the weekend, they have a special Weekend Roast on the menu that rotate weekly. On the day, it was Roast Pork ($30). The roast pork was on display in the kitchen passing area. It was just so inviting, we decided to order one. Three beautifully roasted cut pork saddle, served with Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables and apple sauce. The meat is tender, succulent with a nice balance between meat and fats. The cracking is crispy with a bit chewiness, typical in western style roast pork. For a good measure, they also include a few crispy pork rind. The yorkshire pudding is about the size of your fist, eggy and definitely goes well with your pork and roast vegetables. The apple sauce is infused with vinaigrette to balance the fattiness in the dish. The only thing missing here is the au jus or gravy, something for the yorkshire pudding to hold on. Ticking off one of the must try food list, I ordered Reuben Sandwich ($24). A thick solid slices of corned beef, topped with sauerkraut, melted cheese and Russian dressing in between rye bread. The portion of the sauerkraut is the same as the portion of the meat. On my first bite, the sourness really hits me, follow with tanginess. Though the sliced corned beef is tender, I just feel sourness in every bite onwards. I was not what I expected. If I ever order this again, I will definitely ask them to cut down on the sauerkraut portion or serve it on the side. We also drop by during one of the weekday and I had the Roast Chicken. A perfectly roasted spring chicken, with a nice paper crispy skin. The meat on the breast is moist and the same can be said on the thigh and drumstick. The au jus really boast the flavour of the chicken. End result, I clean up my plate and left with just the clean bones, my homage to a perfectly cooked roast chicken. However, during the weekday visit, we also notice the inconsistency in standard of cooking. The steak on that day was done pretty ordinary. Though it has the grill mark, it did not seal the juice in the steak. LD was disappointed with the steak on the weekday. Moving on to desserts, Chocolate lava cake ($14) is a must try. Had this on both of our visit. Solid chocolate flavour on the cake and on the ozzing thick chocolate fillings. On the side was chocolate crumbs, berries and crumbs, provided a contrasting crunchy texture and nice topping for the berries sorbet. Granny's Apple Crumble ($12) is also a good pick for dessert. The apples is chopped to mini cubes, well coated with sugar and baked to soft yet remain crunchy. The crumbles was slightly chewy, while the vanilla ice cream provide a nice finishing to the desserts. Of course an Aussie cafe will not be completed with Lemon Lime Bitters ($8). A little bit overpriced, but definitely worth the money. The mix of Angostura bitters, lemonade and lime cordial was spot on. If you want something more healthy, try their Mango Smoothie ($9), fresh, thick and creamy. The décor in Café Melba is bright, airy, with see through glass windows and doors surrounding the restaurant. There is a flow between the indoor and outdoor dining area is very seamless. For indoor dining, the menu and order can be done through the tablet available on each table. While outdoor, still using the traditional way. Service is good, though it can be hard to get their attention sometimes. Overall, LD and I really enjoy dining at Café Melba. The food is good, the place is bright, comfortable and family friendly. If you are looking for a place to enjoy your leisure dining during weekend or weekday, this is a place to try. Cheers Mate!! continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-28
We wanted to go to the old airport road hawker for dinner before going to maple & market for desserts. But so unluckily the hawker is closed for renovation. Then we wanted to try brawns & brains, but they are sold out for the day. So, our last alternative is cafe melba. Cafe Melba is more like a restaurant rather than a cafe actually. European and Victorian interior design, open concept kitchen. They have both interior and al fresco seating. Good ambiance but i would say quite disappointing food quality given the expensive pricing.so we ordered, Chicken Parmigiana ($24). Its like breaded chicken with tomato chutney and mozzarella cheese with mixed leaves salad. There’s a choice of shoe-string fries or wedges. I would say it one of the best among all the dishes. At least the chicken is flavourful and tender and portion is still reasonable. (largely due to the wedges = potatoes chunks). Linguini aglio olio ($18), the portion is really pathetic, i think it can probably be finished within 5 mouths? Crayfish linguini ($27) and lastly Vongole of clams and squid ink pasta (500g, $19). The pasta is totally dried, undercooked, rubbery. The clams are still decent though with white wine flavour. All in all, i could say quite a disappointing experience there. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-23
Free range eggs benedict ($20) for myself. I personally feel it's rather run of the mill, riders and choupinette serve much better than this. Full melba cooked breakfast ($25) for my friend who felt that it was overpriced. Food is nothing to shout about and definitely overpriced. Service is also quite substandard.Highly doubt I'll be visiting there again because it's firstly not quite accessible and you still have to wait because they don't take it reservation. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
I went breakfast with my friends and I am extremely excited about it cos is a new place and can explore more food! The place was rather complicated we roughly drove in parking space was quite okay not very packed. The whole cafe was full glass so we get some morning sun even when we sat indoor (air conditioned). The aroma of coffee smell was so nice, seems like I am dipping into a bath tub hahaha.Saw many others ordered Egg Benedict so I had one too and replaced the bacon to smoked salmon. The eggs were nicely done with oozing out when you poke open a little! My daughter went for pancake which tasted good - it is fluffy not dry... yummy! French toast was rather bland, nothing to rave about. Nice ambiance great place to relax and service was good! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-27
What an awesome day to end your awesome weekend before your new week at work.... My group of friends met up and we sat down and had brunch at Cafe Melba.Along the roads of Mountbatten Road, Cafe Melba has one of the best dining brunches I have personally tried. However to get to this location, it is a little bit confusing but i promise you the trip is worth it. You have to alight at Mountbatten train station and would have to take exit B and upon which, walk on the path and you would head over the the Goodman Arts Centre located on the left hand side of the pavement.We walked past the blocks with a reminiscence of nostalgia. The place looked as if I was in my Holding site in my primary school... Monks Hill Secondary School...As we walked into the restaurant, I had the smell of the freshness of the coffee with the aroma greatly lingering in the bistro area. The alfresco area comprised of a high chair bar style concept along with the garden style low seat dining.The menu consisted of a mixture of an American cuisine along with a classic Italian cuisine in which the variety of prices ranged from $8 to $100 over. They had a classic brunch menu in which you could ever imagine from steak and eggs to a proper classic breakfast.I had the full Melba breakfast. A big oval plate filled with toast, a hash brown, eggs of your choice (scrambled, poached and over-easy), bacon, a bratwurst sausage, sauteed mushrooms and 2 lightly grilled cherry tomatoes. A small saucer of baked beans was also served along with the breakfast.The food was delicious, as i ordered the poached eggs and i would expect a very high standard of poached eggs because if one restaurant or bistro can pull it off, it is incredibly tasty. I then ordered poached eggs and i placed it on top of my toast and drizzled the bacon oil and wow it was truly amazing. The yolk was oozing out properly and the bacon was perfect. I quickly tucked in my brunch and i was quite famished by the time the meal arrived. I paid $25 for the entire meal of course i didn't order any alcoholic beverages to accompany me such that I would not have a weird taste in my mouth. Its breakfast but i would have alcohol if it was dinner. They also have a fine selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits for consumption apart from their juices, soft drinks etc.The ambience of that place is perfect for a Sunday morning or afternoon where you would be able to bring your kids or your dogs to sit by the area and play. Such a beautiful place. Excellent service and lovely food. Be sure to drop by this place if you feel like having a good time with your family on a Sunday afternoon. continue reading
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