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Caffe B embodies the Italian restaurant and bar concept, serving contemporary Italian cuisine and fine Italian wines. The restaurant fuses East-West service philosophies and cultures, such as in blending Italian traditions with Japanese cultures. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-07
Having been to Caffe B. a couple of years back and enjoyed myself tremendously with the palatable food, impeccable food and elegant settings, I decided it was time for a revisit - this time with *Charmaine for her birthday. The pillar with wine bottles still greets us at the door, and the interior is still as beautiful as ever.For mains, we took the recommendation of Risotto "Singapore" (SGD$38.00) - chilli crab inspired risotto with giant scallops. The huge arborio grains were chewy and solid, giving the dish a wonderful bite. As for the chilli crab sauce, it was distinctive in flavor and crab's unique sweetness, but not too spicy - even *Charmaine who had sore throat was able to handle it well. The giant scallop was succulent and bouncy in its freshness, the perfect choice for this dish.We also shared the Angel Hair Pasta (SGD$33.00) - consisting of capellini tossed with veal jus sauce, truffle oil, edamame and Hokkaido pan-seared scallop. Imagine springy pasta infused with the rich flavor of veal jus and truffle oil - a very tasteful combination. The juicy scallop and crunchy edamame completed the dish; it was tempting to order another of this but of course we refrained.Finally, we had dessert - Tiramisu (SGD$18.00) - the classic Tiramisu done a la Minute. They were so lovely to serve this as a complimentary dessert because we were celebrating *Charmaine's birthday. The Tiramisu was moist, soft and tasted distinctively of the sweetness of mascarpone cream as well as Amaretto infusing its spongy layers. It was very good, but I was a little saddened it was not the same Tiramisu I had 3 years back, with the biscuit fingers. For more information and full review, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/dinner-at-caffe-b-mbs-revisit.html continue reading
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Full Caffe B review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/03/caffe-b.htmlSituated along the waterfront of Marina Bay Sands, Caffe B is a nouveau fine dining establishment that offers Italian cuisine with sprinklings of Japanese influence. Rounding off the experience of good food and friendly service is their extensive list of fine Italian wines, including several rare labels.Ambience at Caffe B benefits from the view along the Singapore River. Mostly comprised of outdoor seating, Caffe B is chic and stylish, with muted tones befitting a fine dining establishment. However, the limited seating means you'll probably have to wait about 10 - 20 minutes for a table during peak periods.Service at Caffe B is friendly, efficient and professional. Staff are knowledgable on menu items and ingredients, and food is served pretty quickly. I like that they also accomodate change requests. Noticed that staff are quite alert as well.Food at Caffe B is primarily Italian, with several twists by combining Japanese ingredients and flavours. Menu items comprise mainly of pasta, pizza, and salads, with a small list of Italian desserts. Prices at Caffe B are on the higher side, because of its fine dining status, but each dish portions are generous, sufficient for 3 - 4 people. The Calzone (SGD $20) is stuffed with black truffle paste, mozzarella cheese, a soft boiled egg, fresh button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and Italian Mortadella sausage. Tasty, and so beautiful when cut as the egg yolk just oozes out. Aroma is strong and fragrant, and taste is earthy, fresh, and meaty. I also liked that they covered the empty half of the plate with Mesclun Salad, drizzled with truffle and pesto sauce. My only complaint was that it is slightly overseasoned with salt, leaving me thirsty towards the end. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-30
While exploring Marina Bay Sands, I walked past Caffe B, which looked really posh. I am not a big fan of Italian cuisine and the prices were quite high, so I gave it a miss. A few weeks later, there was a lunch deal on Groupon, haha, now I had the perfect excuse to try Caffe B!Don’t be mislead by the word “Caffe”; this establishment is a nouveau Italian fine dining restaurant. The owner is Japanese while the chef is Italian so you will notice some dishes marrying Italian and Japanese flavors.The swank exterior was impressive, so I was surprised by the change in décor inside the restaurant, which I would describe as rustic European.Caffe B has a no children policy so if you are looking for a place to have quiet dinner date, this is an ideal choice. While making reservations, we were also informed that shorts and slipper were not allowed. Service was courteous and not over-the-top friendly.The Groupon lunch menu ($39.50 nett) consisted of a starter, a main from a choice of veal, Italian meat platter, venison or seafood, and a dessert accompanied by coffee or tea.The food was a hit and miss (I was sorely disappointed with the dessert). Portions were too small; we were still hungry after the meal.Upon seated, we were served fluffy Focaccia with Tapenade, a paste made with finely chopped olives and olive oil.Mushroom soup with truffle, Extra virgin Olive oil and foie gras. I like the thick, creamy and smooth texture and intense flavor of this soup, but can’t seem to catch any foie gras flavor.Hubby was very pleased with his Italian Delicacy Platter- Parma ham, Cured beef, and Italian salami with Rock Melon, served with Mozzarella, fresh Picacadilly Tomatoes, crunchy garden vegetables and homemade Focaccia. Well-plated, simply authentic Italian food. It was so good that Hubby wish he could have another platter.Snapper with sea bass fillet, mussels, clams, prawns squid broiled in tomato broth, served with homemade garlic bruschetta bread. The star is undoubtedly, the spicy and slightly zingy tomato broth, which went very well with the fresh seafood.Dessert was not in line with what I expected- it was simple and the serving was so small that it makes it hard for anyone to be excited. You have a choice from 3 flavors the Silician Sorbet: Coffee, Fresh Amalfi Lemon or Sicilian Almond.For full review and pictures, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2013/11/03/caffe-b/ continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-06
Pink risotto champagne cavier gives me a ‘WOW’ taste. This is in particular to the pink champagne infused with the risotto and provolene cheese. The champagne not only enhances the overall taste, but also made the risotto looks more enticing. Not to mention, this dish blends perfectly well with cavier.This Dolci (dessert in Italian) with chocolate mousse and crushed peanuts tastes really crunchy and gives me a velvety feel on every bite. continue reading
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If you are thinking of pampering yourself this Valentine's day, Caffe B might be the place for you. This Japanese-Italian restaurant sits a distance away from most celebrity chef restaurants , providing a quiet ambience though one might take some time to be used to the dimly lit brown interior. The set meal ($120 /person) of five courses is based on the Groupon voucher and not all items are available on the ala carte menu. The original price was $240. We also ordered other ala-carte food so For full review : http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/ Amuse Bouche : Deep fried Myoga in Italian Butter (right) Simply put, this is like a less crispy version of the gyoza or fried dumpling filled with the pink ginger (myoga) which you normally have in Japanese sushi restaurantsAmuse Bouche :Truffle Potato and Asparagus Croquette (left) is a mini sized deep fried ball which tasted more grainy than the usual smooth creamy Croquette paired with a savoury Pamersan cheese crisp below.We loved the very nourishingly sweet Japanese pumpkin soup with tomato, with the nutty aroma from the roasted walnuts topped with a piece of fried basilArgentinian Beef Tenderloin For the main, I believed our choice of the Argentinian Beef Tenderloin with Marsala (red wine) Reduction was a right one out of the three choices including salmon and risotto. The purple and white pom douchesse are the two spiral shaped things if you can spot them in the picture. They are seasoned mashed potato mixed with egg, squeezed out from a piping bag then baked till golden.Just look at how pink the meat is and you can imagine the tender of the beef was. The meat sat on top of spinach puree next to a sauteed radicchio trevigano, a vegetable which resembled purple cabbage to mePre dessert: refreshing sweet melon granite and basil with chantily cream. I just realised the chefs from Caffe B must have loved basil a lot.chocolate semifredo the standard of the dessert was consistent with the earlier dishes. The chocolate semifredo with croccante is a frozen mousse coated with nuts. It had a sticky chewy texture when served in a semi defrosting stage. One must be quick to snatch the chocolate triangular shaped flat biscuit if you are sharing this with someone. It was just the right Italian biscuit which I was looking for. Bitter with a tinge of earthy cocoa fragranceService was courteous while not too friendly since a distance is kept to give some personal space to diners especially since most customers that night were couples. Anyway, there is still something that grapples me. In Japan, I've heard of B-class restaurants, whose names are relative to A-class Michelin restaurants but it does not mean that the food is not good. It just implies that such places are more down-to-earth eateries, serving delicious cuisine with inexpensive prices. Could that be why Caffe B is called Caffe B ? continue reading
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