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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), the authority on California-style pizza who first captured pizza lovers’ hearts with the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, is at it again. CPK’s innovators are taking guests on a culinary journey with their seven globally-inspired new additions to the menu as well as an enhanced menu with an emphasis on big flavour. continue reading
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Caramelized Peach Salad Habanero Carnitas Pizza The Original BBQ Chicken
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We are back at my favorite pizza place! While this is not authentic Italian fare, but rather, an Americanized pizza restaurant with an Orientalized menu, I still find that they serve the best pizzas. Therefore, cravings and a promotion lured me back to California Pizza Kitchen.Ever since my last visit here almost a decade ago, I have been back here several more times over the years, bringing different friends to try some of their signature delicacies. California Pizza Kitchen offers a laid-back yet sleek setting for its diners, with smooth wooden tables and a selection of cushy booth seats or the more regal matching chairs.We began with the obligatory Peking Duck Pizza. Besides having a fluffy, crispy thin crust charred to perfect deliciousness, one could really taste chunks of roasted duck meat. The taste is heightened, and made colorful by melted mozarella cheese atop, the aroma of shitake mushroom slivers, distinctive flavor of leek, splays of sweet dark brown sauce that complemented the duck's flavor, and best of all, I love the strips of cripsy fried wanton skins.Next, we had the much-missed Kungpao Spaghetti - a classic pasta with Chinese twist and spicy flavor to it. You can choose to have chicken, shrimps or both - we chose both. Look at the fresh, succulent, huge shrimps that literally bounced in the mouths! This pasta dish consists of red hot dried chilli, scallions, garlic flakes, roasted peanuts, kungpao sauce and of course, the meat of choice. The effect? Spiciness tinged with sweetness ensconced in a savoury dish. Every bite was bursting with flavor!For more detailed information and photos, do check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/dinner-at-california-pizza-kitchen.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-06
California Kitchen had come out with a new flatbread. There were 3 choices and I chose shaved mushroom and spinach. While waiting for the flatbread to be served, I noticed that the restaurant was dim. There wasn’t many lights were switched on. I waited for 15 minutes to have the flatbread served. The pizza was about a 10 cm long flatbread instead of round. It was about 1 cm thick. Mushroom and spinach were spread on top of the flatbread. It was not very hot and the flatbread was served. As the bread of flat, I could not bite the mushroom and spinach. The flatbread was too think and the ingredients added on top of the flatbread did not to have something to eat. The flat bread costs $11.90. I would not grade highly of the bread. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
You can request for plain water to be served here. Though they have quite a number of waiters, you do need to remind them to refill your drinks.The restaurant is rather spacious to cater for large parties ( we had 8 pax ), but the service is definitely better in the US. They had initially cut out pizza into 6 pieces. After requesting for 8 slices upon our subsequent orders, the pieces were rather unevenly cut.CPK's Original BBQ Chicken Pizza did not fail to disappoint in terms of flavor, however, I feel that the pizza has sized down either by condiments or size. I can't place it (from my visit a few months before)Their other house special is the Peking Duck Pizza. The sauce was spot on, but the tortilla chips was a little over the top.Mushroom & Pepperoni/Sausage--felt like normal usual pizza fanfare.Desserts came with complimentary coffee/teaThe way they presented the Tiramisu was rather interesting. I feel that they could have added more rum into it.Chocolate Souffle did not have a very good presentation as it looked rather sunken, but the chocolate was there without being overly overwhelming.The Red Velvet cake was a generous serving, however, there was something missing to it that made it slightly bland.There is also a complimentary Birthday Sundae is your birthday is in the month. Do remember to bring your photo ID to get this The total bill was about $140 SGD for 8 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
I was at Forum shopping mall, but I was at a loss on what to eat, so I just decided to try California Pizza Kitchen as there’s a decent crowd, but not to the point whereby there's a long queue of people staring at you pressuring you to finish so they can dine. The staff are very friendly helpful and patient. I ordered Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The thin-crust pizza is well cooked and the ingredients are evenly balanced and flavourful. Everything is just nice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-09
It has been 3 years since my last visit to California Pizza Kitchen but the kind folks at CPK didn't forget about it and invited me over to try out a couple of their dishes as well as see the new premises.CPK no longer takes up a dual storey unit at Forum The Shopping Mall. Instead, it has shifted a couple of metres sideways to take up a single storey unit in the same building (It's old premises have apparently been taken up by a Japanese restaurant). The open concept kitchen still remains but seating capacity has been drastically reduced from about 400 pax to roughly 150 pax.Mediterranean Focaccia - A great way to start off our meal with the focaccia sporting a light and chewy texture with a faint cheesy aftertaste. Good enough to eat on its own but if you are the sort who needs olive oil to go with your bread, there is the Mediterranean dip (olive oil with herbs) provided.Roasted Duck Breast Salad - I'm not usually a salad person but this one did the trick for me. Tons of fresh greens and edamame beans served with crispy wanton skins in a sweet plum sauce dressing and topped with generous slices of roasted duck breast drizzled with hoisin sauce. Sweet, savoury with a tinge of vegetable rawness all at once. Very nice! Do note that the half portion is big enough for 2 people to share, especially if you are intending to share a main as well. The Original BBQ Chicken - The classic pizza from CPK, on a new improved dough base which apparently is hand stretched every time a pizza order is made aka stretched to order. And personally, I do like the new crust better. Light and airy whilst retaining its chewiness - good for people who love thicker crusts but loathe chomping down on hard, sometimes burnt crusts. Coupled with generous chicken chunks and BBQ sauce, it made for a pleasant pizza experience. Red Velvet Cake - I honestly don't see the big hooha behind red velvet cakes in general so while this was pretty decent, I failed to appreciate this red, sweet and moist cake layered with cream cheese.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2013/07/california-pizza-kitchen-v-invite.html continue reading
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