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Canton Paradise serves Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisines. It has chirpy interiors, which reflects the activity commonly seen in Cantonese eateries. Diners can see the chefs preparing roasted meats and other dim sum. Canton Paradise also offers traditional favourites such as wanton noodles, congee and rice dishes. continue reading
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Reservations can only be made at <a href="http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/canton-paradise/24899/"><b>Canton Paradise's I12 Katong</b></a> branch
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‘Ting Zai’ Traditional Congee Crispy Pork Bun Roast Specialties XO Carrot Cake
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Level4 2015-11-23
Food is very similar to what you can find in Crystal Jade.We had wanton mee which had QQ noodles and the sauce is nice. The char siew is not bad, I prefered their wanton.My friend ordered this deep fried brinjal slices with pork floss. It sounds a little funny but it tastes amazing! Star of the meal!If not for the Groupon voucher, I may not have eaten at Canton Paradise in the first place. It was a pleasure dining experience. continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-27
Full Canton Paradise review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/10/zi-char-paradise-group-canton-paradise.htmlCanton Paradise is the Paradise Group Dim Sum concept restaurant, styled after Hong Kong tea houses. Welcoming diners into a elegant oriental setting, and serving up Cantonese favourites like Dim Sum, Congee, Wanton Dumplings, and Roast Meats, as well as a selection of Chinese Zi Char dishes, I enjoyed my dining experience at Canton Paradise!Ambience at Canton Paradise is styled after a traditional Chinese tea house, but with touches of elegance. Colours themes of purple, black and gold lend an air of sophistication and royalty, while partitions and furniture in oriental style bring to mind the traditional. As befitting the Hong Kong tea house inspiration, the interior does get noisy and bustling during peak periods. I also like that the roast meats are well displayed, and look appetizing!Service at Zi Char - Paradise Group (Canton Paradise) is efficient, with orders served extremely quickly, even during peak periods! I also like that they assign a particular staff to attend to a selected group of tables, which results in more proactive attentiveness, such as quick clearing of dirty / empty plates, topping up of drinks, and friendly service. Staff are also knowledgable on the menu, and able to make recommendations. Excellent!Food at Canton Paradise includes a variety of Cantonese specialities, such as double boiled soups, roast meats, dim sum, and wanton dumplings. They also do pretty good Chinese Zi Char dishes, as per the rest of Paradise Group. Portions are meant for sharing, and communal dining is encouraged. But I find prices to be slightly higher than other dim sum restaurants, budget about SGD $28 or more per person for a meal here.We ordered the BBQ Combination (SGD $22.80) with 3 varieties of meat - BBQ Pork With Honey Sauce, Crackling Pork Belly, and Crispy Roasted Duck. Perfect for sharing, and I find it value for money for the portion size, overall, this is an above average dish.The BBQ Pork With Honey Sauce is sweet, and the meat is well marinated, but I find it lacks a noticeable smoky char of grilling. The Crackling Pork Belly is above average, with skin that is so crispy and satisfiying with a loud crunch, but while the meat is tender, there is a strong smell of pork. The Crispy Roasted Duck has a nice savoury, salty taste, and the duck is tender and moist, but the skin isn't too crisp.Loved the Double Boiled Spare Ribs Soup With Chinese Yam And Snow Pear (SGD $8.80), the soup is fragrant and sweet from the infusion of snow pear and chinese yam. The fruits are suitably soft, as is the tender pork ribs at the bottom. A very good Cantonese style soup!The Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Soup (SGD $8.90) features huge, fresh prawns, wrapped in a dumpling skin that is thin enough to be translucent, yet thick enough to hold together without falling apart. Very good wantons, but the soup is rather astringent, with a strong soybean taste that I didn't quite like.The Congee Scallop, Prawns, Sliced Garoupa (SGD $10.90) was so heavenly! The congee porridge was thick yet smooth, and fragrant with ginger infusion. The garoupa fish is thickly sliced and very fresh, without any bones. The fresh seafood, consisting of prawns and scallops, were large, meaty, and scrumptious.Love the Crisp Fried Egg Plant With Pork Floss (SGD $7.80), with its crisp, almost crunchy texture! I also like that it isn't too oily, but the overall taste without the pork floss is rather plain... but together, it's quite tasty! continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-22
I had an early 5pax family dinner @ canton paradise on 21.9.2014. last time we came was also early dinner on 22.2.2014.it is first come first serve so we went at 5.45pm to avoid long queue. it’s hk food. the hk roast duck looked particularly inviting & we decided to order 1/2duck at S$25. it was very good, genuinely hk standard. can’t say it was better than the roast duck at noodles restaurant @ centrepoint, but i would order this again anytime. we ordered another roast 2-combo (烧腊双拼) of roast pork & char siew (did not take photos). it was competent but the char siew was not comparable with the excellent charcoal broiled pork neck & also the char siew at imperial treasure teochew ngee an city.tastebuds had not changed since our feb2014 visit. my daughter still likes this crispy char siew pao best & i still preferred the crispy char siew pao @ timhowan toa payoh. for me though, both were not of the standard of timhowan @ shamshuipo hk.har gao was good, the skin tore when i picked up one, but the prawns filling was excellent-fresh, bouncy, sweet. charsiew fun cheong on this occasion was very poor, totally sub-par..the charsiew was not tasty enough & the cheong fun (肠粉) was thick & not smooth. this was the worse dish for me! we also had a xianglongbao. on this occasion the skin was a bit thick & the soup inside was not as sweet, so a poor second to crystal jade la mian xiaolongbao!i did not try the noodles but it looked good & no different from hk standard & the children liked it too.we ordered the porridge 3-combo=beef, pork liver, kidney. the porridge was excellent – velvety smooth & tasted great. the beef, pork liver, kidney were all great! i could come here just for porridge & roast duck. daughter thought salted egg buns (流沙包) here was best. it was very good! for me, the 咸蛋流沙包 at imperial treasure teochew at ngee ann city was just as good.see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/09/22/good-hong-kong-food-canton-paradise-star-vista-on-21sep2014/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-13
The dimsum here tastes really authentic! Order cheong fan and it was the hong kong style with filling inside. The custard buns were awesome with the salted egg yolk flowing from first bite. mango rolls tasted ok though because it was a bit too oily for my personal taste.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-18
My friends and I decided to have something for tea as our lunch was not very filling. We ordered the following to share.Plain Congee $1.80Their plain congee came in quite a big bowl and was really really smooth. Even though there weren't any ingredients, it was tasty on it's own. This was really good, an ultimate comfort food. Plain Noodle Dry $3.00Their noodle was kinda starchy but al dente at the same time. This would be good if it's less starchy. Pan-fried Water Chestnut with Osmanthus Cake $4.20These were kinda like radish cake, except the cake is a gelatinous and transclucent version so you could see the diced water chestnuts and osmanthus bits inside. While I could not taste the osmanthus, I still liked this dish and found it interesting. It was a little sweet and I liked the contrasting textures of the crunchy water chestnuts and the jelly-like cake.Xiao Long Bao $4.40These did not disappoint. Thickness of the skin was ok and the soup and meat were flavourful. Good! continue reading
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