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Casa Verde at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a casual trattoria offering not just wholesome and affordable pastas, Italian sandwiches, and wood-fired thin crust pizzas, but also offers a number of local favourites. continue reading
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Bacon Cheese Burger Fish and Chips Roast Beef on Ciabatta
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Level4 2017-07-18
Mui Kee 妹記生滾粥品, which was from Hong Kong, was having a 6 months pop up at this cafe from 30 June to 31th December 2017, Tue - Sun : 7.30am - 3pm. Beware of insects and other bugs around while dining. Make sure you not eating one of them. Make sure they are not crawling on you. Felt so tourist brunching here, surrounded by doggies around.Thought a table was empty. Turned out someone tied the dog to the table to chope the table. Asked the next table who couldn't answer. Waited about an hour for the food to arrive, as porridge just ran out when I placed order. Else it would be about 30 minutes.Fish Belly Porridge (S$14.50)Served with a side of dough fritters & century eggOne could taste that the fish belly had gone through stir fried with rice wine before adding to the porridge. There's a distinct soya bean milk aftertaste in the porridge. Homemade Pork Meatballs Porridge (S$12.50)Served with a side of dough fritters & century eggThe meatball porridge was pretty bland, comparing to the fish belly porridge. Drunken Chicken (S$10)The chicken was tender but surprisingly sweet in taste and lacking of the alcoholic taste which associated with the dish. Pig's  Innards (S$9)Not sure why but the dish was served with porridge like grain. The pig's liver was a tab too rare and quite veiny too, making it quite an effort to chew. The intestine had lingering bitter taste. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-13
Casa Verde, meaning "Green House" in Italian, is a casual fine-dining restaurant under the Les Amis Group, and situated in Botanical Gardens. It was formerly know as "Cafe Les Amis". Located in Botanical Gardens, surrounding by the luxuriance of greenery, offering casual chic indoor dining or breezy outdoor seatings, this Case Verde offers wholesome, affordable pasta, Italian sandwiches and wood-fire pizzas. Besides that, it also has a daytime menu comprising of a fusion of many local , Asian and Western dishes, making it a very versatile dining place for families, couples and friends alike. The table setting is lovely in a casual manner and the beautiful orchid forming part of the decor is real / fresh!After we ordered our food, the service crew brought us a basket of mysterious bake that resembled fruit cake - slightly yellowish in color, dotted with reds and greens. Upon tasting, it was savoury and we were informed that it was focaccia with olive and sun-dried tomato. It was delicious, with or without dipping into the olive oil served on the side.My main course was the Merluzzo al Forno (SGD$30.00) - oven baked fillet of cod with black olive crust in a sweet bell peppers coulis. The skin was crispy and the flesh was very smooth, and tender. However, the fresh sweetness of cod is lacking herein (not to say the cod used here ain't fresh) - I was looking forward to the distinctive notes of sweetness that usually comes with cod meat. A fine layer of mashed potato and sweet bell pepper coulis filled in the taste for the rather bland dish.The Beau had the Cabonara pasta (SGD$20.00) - spaghetti tossed in egg, butter, bacon, parmesan, and cream sauce. The pasta was cooked to a nice bouncy texture, and the cream sauce was not overly rich. The taste was good overall, and they were rather generous with the bacon pieces.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/07/dinner-at-casa-verde-botanical-gardens.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-29
Located near the side entrance of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Casa Verde offers a casual setting for all.I ordered the Western Breakfast ($13.50) which included a small cup of orange juice, and a cup of tea or coffee. The two slices of toast were good, and the scrambled eggs were also nicely done. I just wish they had given salt / pepper together on the plate, just like how they placed the butter and jam on the plate as well.Salad was not overly dressed, and sausages were also cooked right.Ambience is chilled with nice soothing music being played indoors. Service was fair, and I liked that they took the initiative to ask to serve customers, even though the ordering was self-service at the counter.I will likely visit again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
Taking our snacks at Casa Verde, I knew that it was a bit irrational. Normally, people came here for their proper main meal yet we came for Tea-chatting. Firstly, I was impressed for the natural establishment. I felt myself hidden inside at quiet and comfortable corner peacefully. What surprising me was the Menu was so accomplished, including Italian Cuisine, Local Delight, Toast Snacks, Healthy Salad and Fried stuffs. After discussing, actually many other dishes I also want to try, we placed our order. Deep fried Squids and its Italian sauce was the perfect match. I must say the sauce was unique and appetizing. It was $9.50. Listen to me, life to short to be stuck in the shopping malls, it’s time to step out and felt the beauty of green space. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-01
Casa verde is a great place to go for breakfast on weekend! The ambience is great with lush green surroundings right in the heart of botanic gardens. The food is reasonably priced and pretty good! I really like the pear Danish here. This giant pastry can feed three! The pastry has a lovely cookie like crumble topping, soft baked pears within, and lots of pastry cream with real vanilla bean specks! The whole thing is sweetened further with a generous sprinkling of icing sugar! Really yummy! continue reading
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