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Casallena offers a unique and western creations using classical style of cooking, infused with modern contemporary ideas and creativity to unveil a new palatable menu. They presents a relaxed and yet chilled out place for a casual dining experience. Guests also have a choice of enjoying afternoon tea which includes an assortment of interesting pastries with fine selection of coffee and tea. continue reading
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Carbonara Seafood Lasagna Baked Seabass Fillet with Lemongrass Butter Cream Brasied Lamb Shank with Rosemary Sauce and Orange Zest Buffalo Wings
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Level2 2014-09-16
Went to Casallena after searching for a nice restaurant for some time.Casallena offers a relaxing, modern place to chillax, perfect to spend the quiet evening.The restaurant serves a 4-course deluxe set dinner at only $38++.Extremely worth it.Appetizer:Chilled tomato marinated with mirin and soyu, served with farmer salad and sweet balsamic dressingThe tomato is huge, sweet and juicy.Soup:Cream of vongoleThe soup is towards the more creamy side, and I think the cream overwhelms any flavour of the clams.Main coursean-seared sea beam with seasonal vegetables and red wine truffle sauce Dessert:Hazelnut!Movenpick CappuccinoFor any order of the set meal, you may just top up $6 for a glass of house pour wine. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-19
Casallena was one of the places that I had least expected to visit in The Grandstand due to it’s price range. However, after spending much time deciding on everyone’s taste preference we decided to give it a go.One of my dining partners went for the 3-Course Set Lunch deal ($38.00++) that includes a soup, a hot beverage of your choice, a main (only between Pastas and Lasagnes).The Bug Lobster Bisque with Cognac Cream was insanely fresh and carried a great degree of sweetness coming from the lobster, which tasted good at the beginning, but a bit sickening to finish off at the end.For the choice of his main, my dining partner chose the Carbonara. It comes with the option of having spaghetti or penne, which he opted for the former. We were initially given the Penne option, which we returned for another. The cream sauce may look thick, but however does not seem to be overpowering. It also seemed to carry the taste of bacon which was a tad odd. There was a pool of oil at the bottom of the bowl, which made the whole bowl of noodles rather greasy and messy with the sauce clumped with oil. Not sure if this was caused by the staff when replacing the order.For his dessert, he opted for the Banana Chocolate Pyramid. The chocolate was bittersweet and was a delight to have, more so with tea or coffee coupled together. There is a thin layer of cake which gave it a light fluffy texture, as well as a sweet banana cream in the core which does the classic combination of the two. The fruit salad was a refreshing taste from the heavy tasting dessert as it is lighter in flavour, and provides a variant in taste by incorporating berries into the dish.I rarely go for fish in any restaurant, but I decided to go a bit more adventurous and settled for the Baked Seabass with Lemongrass Butter Cream ($17.90++). No regrets on this one; well marinated fish with crispy skin that had the right amount of salt to bring it to taste. The mashed potatoes had a slight cheesy and garlicky taste to it which was not even at the least sickening even after polishing it off. Sauteed vegetables tasted fresh and well seasoned, which leaves no part of the dish neglected.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/casallena-tapas-wine-bar-bistro-the-grandstand/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-25
I had been recommended by a colleague who raved about the quality and reasonable price of this place and finally walked in to give it a try.Being a very typical Singaporean I ordered their executive set lunch for the value. It cost $28++Starters, I ordered a lobster bisque. The soup was very smooth, and pretty sweet from the taste of fresh seafood, in this case lobster. It was creamy and served at the right temperature, made easy for me to go on mouth after mouth till the very last drop.Next up was Wagyu beef ball pasta.Meat ball pasta is pretty common dish in european restaurant but wagyu beef ball, I believe it was the first time I seen and tasted a meat ball that is using premium wagyu beef. The taste, very special, tomato based pasta and slightly spicy. The meat ball was soft and tender and super tasty, melting in your mouth very easily when chewed. For dessert, I ordered a green tea tiramisu. Again I thought this combination is not very common. It was an interesting combination to me. The presentation of this cake was really nice and the taste did not disappoint either. It was rich and flavourful. Only thing was it tasted more like green tea cake to me rather than tiramisu. Do not get me wrong, it was still really good.This restaurant serves really good food, I understand it's the owner's first restaurant for this brand. For a new comer, I think they are serving really quality good food at reasonable price. I definitely recommend anyone who visit The Grandstand to check this restaurant out. Even if it's just for dessert. It's definitely worth your time and calories! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-18
The Grandstand is now home to a plethora of food enclaves and the famous PasarBella farmer's market. One of such restaurants would be Casallena which has been around for a really long time comparatively. This place specialises in Western grills, pastas and pizzas. The interior is slightly mediterranean, with candle lights, stone walls and a slightly dim lighting for the perfect ambience. It's great for entertaining with friends (though be warned that the largest table they can host is for 10-12 persons -anything larger and you'll have to split)The happy hour promotions here end at 8pm, and that includes non-alcoholic drinks too! (2 for $3.90, and there is a selection of these drinks) A Carlsberg (half pint) goes for $4.90 during Happy Hour!We ordered a bottle of Riondo Prosecco Spago (sparkling wine) at $40 to share as well. This sparkling wine is bubbly but not exactly sweet -I would have liked it slightly sweeter (more like dessert wine). Casallena offers a large selection of wines to choose from, we do recommend the sparkling wine though -it's great to share and it's perfectly bubbly.This is the Wagyu Meatball Spaghetti at $13.90. The tomato taste of this is pretty strong, but its also spicy given that it's a tomato based dish. The sauce is relatively creamy -the meatballs are also tender and well shaped. Together, they form a contemporary intepretation of the classic meatball spaghetti combo. Great for those who enjoy beef meatballs!The Hawaiian Pizza is $11.50, and this is a thin-crust pizza -it has the right balance of cheese, ham and pineapples. This should be a hit with families and friends as it's easy to share, and this classic flavour is loved by everyone.The Curry Pizza ($11.80) is a hot favourite here and is one of their bestsellers (we do recommend this strongly!). It's their own creative rendition of curry chicken with an Italian twist. The flavoursome and aromatic curry chicken finds its way on top of a pizza crust -the chicken meat is slightly dry, but the flavour more than makes up for it.The Spicy Pesto Pasta is $10.80 (there is also a non-spicy option!) and has a lovely aroma that wafts up. I chose penne for this as this pasta choice can better hold the chunkiness of the sauce. The sauce has a distinct taste of parsley and garlic, which is delicious. It's also spicier than it looks! Most pastas here are on the spicy side and if you cannot take spiciness at all, you may want to reconsider your choices. Definitely recommending this pasta -it's simple but flavoursome and the heat is welcome too.They also serve steaks like Ribeye at $21.90, served with a brown sauce, and a bed of assorted vegetables. The steak is cooked to perfection (the way you want it!), and the flesh is still slightly pink -gorgeous! The vegetables aren't overcooked too and maintain its freshness.The Seafood aglio olio is $12.90 and needless to say -this is really spicy too! We felt that this had a slightly more Asian feel to its flavour. The savouriness was more layered (like through using different soy sauces and seasonings) rather than just salt/butter that Western cooking for aglio olio entails. The seafood is fresh and the noodles aren't too oily, though so you can consider having this too!The Wagyu Tomahawk is $198 for the entire rack -pricey but worth it if you have a group to share! It's cooked medium rare and its pinkish tinge is absolutely gorgeous! The beef is also served with a brown sauce that complements the flavour as a whole, the freshness of the beef and the slight crispness of the outside.The service is great here -the staff is helpful, friendly and patient especially with the large group orders! The food here is also relatively good -recommendations would include the pastas, pizza and the beef steaks! The ambience is also great for hanging out with friends. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-28
Casallena - a new favorite place of mine for dining in class at a very affordable place. I was greeted with tons of bottles of good wines at the entrance the the friendly and funny waiter bring us to our sit by the window, overlooking the alfresco dining area. We had a soup, an appetizer, an entree and dessert. My favorite of all is definitely the appetizer, the tuna tataki. As this is the first time I had tuna tataki, I find the taste unique and refreshing. Though it is pan seared on the outside to give it a crispy outer layer but still raw in the middle, it does not have those raw fishy smell at all. Taste wise is flavorful with the seasoning and the portion given is sufficient for 2 diners. An enjoyable meal which didn't burn a big hole in my wallet! continue reading
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