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The Cedele brand has always advocated healthy and quality food. The same philosophy has been extended to its chain of bakeries, then bakery-cafes and now even all-day dining restaurants around the island. continue reading
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Full review and pics: www.dairycream.blogspot.comFrom its classic Carrot cake to Middle Eastern inspired Sesame Tahini Cake, Cedele's organic cakes have always impressed with their light, delicate, exceptionally moist cake layers and this is no exception for Christmas log cakes.Blessed with a touch of zen, the Green Tea Yule Log ($8.50++) is such a wonderful and joyous thing to eat because of its unrivalled intense flavours and superbly fluffy green tea sponge. One bite simply tells it all-- a genuine matcha cake that in on par or even better than some in Japan. The bonus lies in the smooth black sesame mousse, a much better match than red beans in my opinion. Since it is now the festive season, we decided to try the all-day Christmas set menu which features a Grilled Turkey Bacon Roulade (or any other main course) + Christmas cake (or any chilled cakes) + coffee/tea continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
The presentation of the soft shell crab was soft and there was succulent meat within, however, the crab was not fried and served immediately as it was a tad bit cold. The pasta was al dente and done decently, but the flavor of the pasta was sort of mundane as you get used to the pepper after a while. I suppose if you like alio olio, you would quite enjoy this pasta. I think they used olive oil and because of that it feels light and not too heavy despite the fried soft shell crab.The reason why I would head back to Cedele is due to their 'healthy' marketing, however I think their service can definitely be better. The waitress ignores you when you need assistance and hovers over you when you'd rather they leave you alone. The bread section should be more accessible and perhaps served to those that are in business meetings or is not able to access the station so easily. continue reading
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Had dinner with my friends last night. And of course, I was the one in charge of picking a restaurant again. If no place comes to mind, I always suggest Cedele...so that's where we went to. I love their outlet at Wheelock because it's in town but it's NOT THAT crowded. You can stay there for hours and the waiters won't shoo you away. Though I wanted to order pasta, I just ordered the Beef Mushroom Sandwich with Caramelised onions. Since I'm also trying to eat healthier I had it with wholegrain bread. Service was quick for me. As for my friend Harold, they gave him a wrong order, so he got free soup together with his pasta. So for that, I would have to commend the restaurant. At least he had something to eat while we were all chowing down our orders.Anyway, my order didn't look filling but it was. I liked how the beef patty just crumbled when I sliced the sandwich with my knife. And the caramelised onions just made my dinner sweeter! continue reading
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If not for the fact that the food here is pretty good, I would not have even bothered coming here for a second time. The first visit did put me off quite a bit due to the poor service but I needed to grab dinner before class on a Saturday evening and this was the only place I found without a queue. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it will be better the second time round.Well, in terms of the food, it did impress me. However, the service still leaves much to be desired. The restaurant was only half-full and yet you have the waiters and waitresses standing around while I waited for my plain water and order. It left me wondering if the kitchen was too slow in dishing out the orders or the waiters had too little to do. In the end, I did not even ask them to bring my bill to the table. I walked straight to the counter to pay or else I would have wasted more time waiting for the bill.Coming to the food, this mushroom chicken soup was really great. It was rich but not to the point of being overwhelming and it had lots of ingredients which made for a hearty meal. I wasn't expecting such a huge bowl of soup so if you are a small eater, chances are you will be quite full after finishing this.The chocolate fudge cake was passable though. It wasn't moist enough and felt a bit rough in terms of its texture but in terms of taste, it was just right i.e. not too sweet or bland. I would have wanted the chocolate and the sponge cake to be more moist.The rosemary sea salt chicken was quite unique since it comes with the apple cranberry sauce which is sweet. Coupled with the savoury rosti and chicken, it was unexpectedly good. As for the salad, it was a bit too sour for me so I guess there was too much vinegar in it.Frankly speaking, if you can turn a blind eye to the patchy service for the sake of the food or relaxed atmosphere here, I think this outlet will be suitable for you. Otherwise, you might be better off going to other outlets or else you risk spoiling your appetite due to the long waiting time. I still like Cedele's food but I prefer spending my time elsewhere than to wait here and spoil my mood. When you are in a bad mood, nothing tastes good. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-29
The Rosti ($15.90) here is very different from the ones you get at Marche - and it feels like a much healthier version of the crispy, buttery ones you get at Marche. Here, you will find thinly sliced potatoes (with the skin still intact) pan fried lightly and stacked on top of one another to form a "potato pancake".Well, the scrambled eggs didn't taste that "healthy" though - it was soaked in butter, which made it taste superb but I can just imagine all those extra calories I'm putting on. >.<"The Dark Chocolate Milkshake ($7.80) was thick and creamy but I could not really taste the 'dark chocolate' bit of it. It's more milky rather than rich, but is an awesome 'comfort drink' that would lighten up your mood any time of the day! continue reading
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