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Head chef and co-owner of Flor Patisserie, Chef Yamashita has started his namesake cakery offering a variety of his signature cakes and desserts. Takeaway only. continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = https://chefquak.com/2016/04/15/chef-yamash!tas-delicious-cakes-on-14apr2016/a primary school buddy bought me chef yamash!ta cakes. chef yamash!ta was with glace then flor & now his own chef yamash!ta).first time i am trying them. i have seen the photos prior, & they all looked delicious & alluring!& i had good time as you see above, coffee + cake when i got home. ^^i don’t know the names, but looking at the sliced cakes in chef yamash!ta website, i had the uji, a green tea cake (btw uji is a small town about 15km south of kyoto on the way to nara & famous for its green tea…i visited with my sis in may2013); the mt fuji; the ichigo; & another pink roll which looks like the framboise turned sideways.& among these, looking at the whole cakes in chef yamash!ta website, seems that ichigo is his recommended cake.cakes are not exactly my forte to comment. i do like japanese cakes. the cream is usually lighter & tastier. & of course they are visual delights to behold.i tasted each of the 4 cakes. i think my favourite is uji. the green tea flavour was excellent, light but lingering, not too sweet (not sure, maybe can be even less sweet), and already said the cream was light & tasty. next was the ichigo (which means strawberry).actually mt fuji also not bad, chocolate & chestnut cream…not sure what was the pink cake. but it was not bad too. this are cakes that i am actually quite happy to finish the whole cake, usually i would not. continue reading
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Full post and pic http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2015/03/chef-yamashita-still-as-good-as-always.htmlI have been a follower of Yamashita's san cakes since he was at Glacé. He moved on to Flor Patisserie later but little did I expect that he have set up his own shop when I was merely away from Singapore for only a year. Though locations have change, the taste and style of this Osaka trained patissier has remained the same. For instance, his signature strawberry shortcake still delivered that excellently fluffy, aromatic sponge with luscious super-fresh cream. The Creme Pudding A la Mode took me by surprised as the custard pudding is still rich but not overpoweringly sweet, a welcome change from the classical dense version which is a brutal test of one's tolerance to cream and sugar. Fresh fruits and hidden crunchy chocolate balls lightened the deal.  On the other hand, something went amiss when the chocolate sponge roll seemed to be as sweet as the plain shortcake sponge. More like a traditional English Swiss roll with more sponge than cream, the wavy strands of chocolate chantily and melt-in-your-mouth Nama chocolate squares became the target of my fork. I wish there was more intense cacao notes in this cake. But out of the five cakes I've had during this sitting, my favourite was the Matcha Mont Blanc on Sesame Chestnut Roll and the Luna Wrap. Some might feel that the matcha wasn't concentrated enough but I thought it was one of the better matcha-incorporated cakes in SG. But the highlight is not the mountain of matcha cream, but the greyish roll that has the potential to stand as one good dessert itself. Perhaps inspired by the crescent shaped moon (Luna), the so-named omelette sponge wrap looked so deceivingly dull but one will be greatly humbled by its taste and texture. Pillowy and fragrant with egg aroma, the sponge encases caramel sauce, caramel whipped cream and bananas as if they were delicate babies. Consistent quality cakes at no more than $6. This is going to be my regular to-go place for Japanese cakes. continue reading
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Chef Yamashita is helmed by the master himself, who has been based in Singapore for the past 7 years. Previously from Flor Patisserie, the soft-spoken chef and his wife like Singapore so much that they have decided to take the plunge in setting up their own shop here since they are here to stay.The quaint little shop facing the inside of Tanjong Pagar Plaza is located on the 2nd floor. Apart from the display of desserts and tarts, the shop also has the Chef's cookbook displayed on the shelves by the wall, along with other little nibblings such as madeleines and cookies which are readily packed for easy take-away.One simply cannot leave without trying the Chef's proudest creation - the Luna Wrap. These are available in assorted flavors, and we got the Caramel and Banana Luna Wrap to try, along with the GT eclair.Cocooned within a soft fluffy pancake-like roll, the caramelised bananas sit atop a two-layered cream base- custard cream followed by caramel-flavored cream. The velvety cream complemented the fluffy pan-spongecake and it all makes for an enjoyable afternoon tea piece without being cloying. The caramel was however, slightly burnt, as it had a little bitter aftertaste to it, but the cream made up for it with its delightful lightness.The GT Eclair contained Kyoto matcha cream made using Uji Green Tea and came studded with crunchy chestnuts and little mounds of azuki bean paste. The mix of textures made every mouthful a delight and matcha fans will not go wrong with this, though eating it prettily proved challenging as it was hard not to destroy it while forking through the piece.We took away the Brandied Cherry Tart and this was my favorite among all. Brandied, juicy and sweet dark cherries are generously heaped upon a glazed soft custard, enclosed within crumbly tart base. In all, this was a very well-made pastry.For the full review, go to http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2014/05/chef-yamashita.html continue reading
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Chef Yamashita, the co-owner of the popular bakery Flor Pâtisserie, has left the joint venture and started his very own bakery. I got the news of this move from posts of follow foodies on FB. His new shop is located in the nostalgic heartland of Tanjong Pagar Plaza.Situated in a quiet corner with a modern minimalist decor theme, Chef Yamashita Japanese Artisan Bakery stood out like a sore thumb among all the old school shops on level 2.Mrs Yamashita, who was manning the shop welcomed us with a sunny smile and Japanese's enthusiasm to serve. At around 4pm, most of the popular pastries were already sold out! I had to make my choice with what's left for the day. I managed to grab the last two pieces of Banana Caramel luna wrap and a few other Petit Gâteau (small cakes).Banana Caramel Luna Wrap $5.90 and Ichigo Luna Wrap $5.90, looked exactly like the ones sold in Japan bakeries. They do not just look good but taste super as well. The vanilla sponge cake was fluffy and light as air, and pairs perfectly with the fresh cream and the generous serving of sweet tasting cut fruits.Thumbs up!Rikyu 利休 $6.80, a Matcha flavored cake with green tea cream atop of green tea meringue roll with fresh cream & azuki bean filling, sprinkled with chopped Japanese chestnuts. This cake is a Matcha fan's dream come true, it has aromatic matcha flavor oozing from inside out.Chocola Hill $6.80, dark chocolate brownie with walnuts topped with chocolate cream and chocolate tuile. The brownie turned out a bit hard to chew after leaving in the fridge overnight, overall passable but no wow factor.Darkcherry Tart $6.80, a cream cheese tart with dark cherry compote topping. Hubby ate this one, he said it was yummy.Do note that all their pastries are freshly made every morning with no added preservatives, and must be refrigerated asap if not consumed within 30-45mins after purchase.For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/06/chef-yamashita-japanese-artisan-bakery.html continue reading
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