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Level4 2014-03-21
Wandering the coffee shop, I was finding something heavy. Anyway I decided on Mamak food, sinful indulgence was delicious guaranteed. I accepted the queue if there was good food, waiting time was around 20 minutes. Stall was quite neat and huge, boss was a friendly young guy. Banana leaf was put on bottom, extra fragrance was given. Tempting fluffy Briyani with delicated flavoursome gravy, every spoon was a firm bite. Paired along with good-sized drumstick, handful spices were smothered within. Excellently thick, decent amount of sour veggies balanced over while lighten up the whole. Chicken was tender filling, juicy and with a succulent hint of spicy. Though slight salty, yet the rice covered it well. Enough to satisfy my taste buds, price was $5.00. continue reading
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