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ChickenUp is well known and best loved for serving authentic Korean Fried Chicken. By adapting the Korean methods of removing the fat from the skin and double-frying, Chicken Up created its own distinct variation of fried chicken, featuring juicy, sumptuous and tender chicken meat under its thin and crunchy skin without being too greasy. Best known for its signature SpicyUp and YangNyum style fried chicken. ChickenUp also serves several variations of the dish with the accompaniment of different sauces such as soya and curry sauces. continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-25
The review is very much delayed due to some problems with my OpenRice account, apologies (and thanks) to the organiser. Although I have been to other food tasting events, this is the first event I managed to get an invite from OpenRice. Grateful to Chicken Up and OpenRice, as I loved Japanese and Korean cuisine. I admit I have some limitations to my diet (no Soju, no beef), so did not sample all the dishes, but in a way that could be good as I will not have "diminishing satisfaction", which happens to the last dish, so hopefully can give a more accurate review (although we all know food reviewsare also subjective to personal tastes, ha ha!). Chicken Up is a Korean casual dining concept first opened in Singapore in 2010 with the first outlet at Tanjong Pagar. Parkway Parade is its newly opened outlet in the East. This outlet has a cosy casual feel, nice place for an after work gathering with friends, with a good mix of mains and finger foods on its menu.The first and last dishes served are the Pineapple Soju and Watermelon Soju, which I do not take as I do not take alcoholic drinks (first dietary restrictions). Looks refreshing and aesthetically pleasing start and end to the eventNext up, Makguksu, cold buckwheat noodle salad, topped with sesame seeds (I love sesame seeds!), seaweed and egg. Dressing was made of yellow mustard, chilli and vinegar, a mix of spiciness and sourness. Nice appetiser to whet up your appetite, though do not particularly take to the dressing, which is subjective as I am not particularly fond of the wasabi type of spiciness as well.Another appetiser which I did not take is the Topokki with Korean rice cake, glass noodle, seafood and cheese. Looks spicy and I love seafood and Korean rice cake, but contains beef seasoning,which I wasn't exactly sure if it is just normal seasoning or uses any beef stock in its seasoning, so I wasn't comfortable tasting this (as I can't consume beef). I could have clarified.Next up, the signature dishes of the eatery: Ganjang Chicken Wings and Yangnyum Chicken Wings, both deep fried chicken wings. The first is dipped in soya sauce and the second is dipped in Korean sweet chilli sauce. Both are nicely fried and crisp, but I do find the Ganjang Chicken Wings a bit drier and a tad bit too salty (for me). I preferred the Yangnyum Chicken Wings (my favourite of the event!), but I loved spicy food and yes, sesame, so this chicken wing suits my taste. Not bad. Next up, the Bulgogi Fries (which I can't take as absolutely contains beef) and Kimchi Fries. The Kimchi fries could have been stronger in the Kimchi (which I felt can't taste the Kimchi) and cut down on the mayonnaise which is too overpowering and caused them to be soggy. But partly also due to us spending too much time taking pictures and we should have eaten them hot. Haemul Pajeon is a seafood pancake, which I didn't take as it contains beef seasoning (so again not sure, if I can eat it). Looks good and seems quite popular with the food tasting group.Lastly, the long awaited Ugly Tang Stew, or in other words, Korean Army Stew. I loved the Army Stew and was looking forward to that. The presentation is very pretty and cute! Quite spicy and piping hot, but could be more generous with the meat serving. Nice ending dish for me.Overall, there are some hits and misses and to be fair, I didn't sample some of the dishes, which could be good. The manager was very helpful and tried his best to answer our queries. And the serving was generous (except for the Ugly Tang Stew, not enough meat) for a food tasting event. Kudos to the Open Rice and Chicken Up for a well-organised and enjoyable event. Hope to have more opportunities to improve on my food review writings, food photography and yes, meet like-minded food enthusiasts like me. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-12-24
Was very delighted to be selected for this exclusive food tasting session with OpenRice.The Chicken Up outlet is very easily located at Parkway Parade.1) Pineapple Soju - $30++Can be regarded as a starter drink before your meal. About 20% alcohol, sweet and refreshing, half bottle of Soju is used. Imagine if everyone will to YUM SENG with this pineapple juice at the table, how cool it will be. After finishing the drink, can still scrap out some more pineapple, but make sure you don't puncture the pineapple and waste the juice. The alcohol content is not too strong, so should be pretty easy to handle for a lady especially 2) Topokki with Cheese and Seafood - $20++Very spicy and some sweetness. Not a good choice if you can't take the spicyness. I am glad to have this after the Pineapple Soju as it has paralysed my tongue to start warming up for the rest of the dishes. Best eaten hot with glass noodles. Nice chewy rice cake, Kimchi taste not too strong. Lots of seafood ingredients such as mussels, squid, scallops and prawns in a pond of gochujang(red chilli paste) sauce and beef seasoning.3) Makguksu - $12++Cold Buckwheat noodle salad with seaweed, chilli, vegetable, cabbage, cucumber. Nice vinegar taste to warm up the engine of your appetite too. Got to know from the restaurant manager that this is eaten during the Korean summer period.4) Ugly Tang Stew - $30++This was eating during the war times by Korean soldiers. Looks more like an organized layout steamboat. The portion is good for 4 pax but it's possible to finish the entire stew as an individual too. Also have lots of incredients like pork belly, sausage, vegetable, macaroni, baked beans and noodles.5) Ganjang (Soya) Chick Wings - $12++The soya sauce oozed out just after the first bite. Pretty crispy breading.Fresh chicken is used and marination for at least 12 hours to drown the chicken with flavours for our taste buds. Holdable sized chicken not to poke your face with it and very juicy. Comes in a set of 4 pieces. Maybe after having this, you may not even want to eat the Chinese prawn paste chicken. 6) Yangnyum Chicken Wings - $12++Felt that the chicken is more tender for this flavour and sweet tasting. Good choice for kids to calm them down at dining place perhaps. Although it's flavoured with korean style sweet chilli sauce, but do not really find it any spicy at all, perhaps the sweetness had actually covered it up instead.7) Bulgogi Fries - $18++Beef slices marinated in soy sauce accompanied by special home-made ingredients and fries. Such a combination makes it very interesting and yet very delicious until to the back of your throat. The creamy mayo sauce made it threatening with more calories but should not be placed as a hazard as there are many ways to burn it away. A pretty addictive finger food, good choice for enjoyment while watching movies too(if allowed). 8) Kimchi Fries - $18++Interesting mix of kimchi taste with chicken strips. Crispy fries spread with kimchi and yet brings out the sour taste as if you have just turned into a Korean. Would preferred to be taken while it is still hot, otherwise may just turned soggy.9) Seafood Pancake - $18++Taste a little like our chinese carrot cake but crispy without the carrot bits. With ingredients like shrimps, chilli pepper, onion and chives and beef seasoning. Do not let it chill to long as the hotness maintains the cripycake of the pancake.10) Jabchae - $14++Stir-fried glass noodle with carrots and chives in secret blend of beef seasoning that creates the sweet taste. Very light dish to be a starter as well.11) Pineapple Soju Shell - $38++This will be a great finale to compliment with your main dishes. This is definitely the king of fruit soju at the outlet. The wonder it has always been one of most ordered item for all patrons. Maybe good to chill this out with 4 pax and still feel sober after consumption to have a good sleep. Tasted very fresh and somehow the icey bits is pretty blended very well to keep it very chilled to be consumed.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-12-18
Located at the first floor of Parkway Parade, the restaurant is very cozy and warm feeling with rusty decoration and dim light. It will make you feel like in the bar, ready to hang out drink with your friends.1. Pineapple Soju ($30)Served with a whole pineapple, who needs a bowl when you can enjoy the drink with the fruit itself?The sweet taste of the pineapple gets along really well with soju. Super refreshing, but drink it slowly! This can make you forget how much Soju you’ve already drank.2. Topokki with Cheese and Seafood ($20)Red sauce with tteok and seafood (prawn, scallop, tofu and fish cake) accompanied with glass noodle, top with melted cheese really satisfies your craving for spicy food.OMG I like this, I like to chew the tteok!Some people might find it too spicy, but for me you haven’t eaten a topokki till you have it spicy.3. Makguksu ($12)Who says you cannot enjoy summer in the middle of raining season. Just go down to Chicken Up to enjoy a bowl of it.Cold buckwheat noodles presented in the colorful vegetable (red cabbage, carrot, cucumber) with vinegar, yellow mustard and Korean chili paste dressing.Topped with seaweed and hardboiled egg.It is really refreshing! As if you’re having summer inside your tummy.4. Ugly Tang Stew ($30)Next stop we have Ungly Tang stew that serves 3 to 4 people.They actually cooked it on the spot after we ordered, though it took a while but it was really worth it, because it's a family pot with Pork belly, ham, sausages, mix vegetable, macaroni, bake bean, cheese, noodle, tteok. Woah that’s a lot right?Served while hot and it’s all flavorful.If you really into soups, I would recommend this dish because it really is exotic.5. Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings ($12 / 5pc)It’s a deep fried chicken and it's really crispy and fully cooked.Every bite you’ll take will give you a soft texture of meat which was marinated with sauce till the insides.So they really captured the flavor on that one.If you're like me and you like chicken wings I can recommend this one for you.6. Yangnyum Chicken Wings ($12 / 5pc)Like the last one, compared with the Soya chicken, the Yangnyum chicken sauce is more sour and sweet. Because I’m a fried chicken lover, both of them are served really well. But for me I prefer the Yangnyum chicken as the strong sauce will make you to order for more!7. Bulgogi Fries ($18)Wonderful! It's da Bomb! My first impression is that I've never heard of this kind of dish before, so its new!Thin sliced beef marinated in sweet bulgogi sauce topped with the crispy fries and finished with mayonnaise sauce and chopped shallots.I keep scooping the fries; it will make you come back for moreBasically two of my favorite things got married and this is the product.8. Kimchi Fries ($18)As we have 2 kinds of chicken, we also have 2 kinds of fries.In my opinion, kimchi and fries doesn’t blend well.Because fries become very soggy from the kimchi juice. And the kimchi flavor is overpowering the other ingredients.But if you’re a food explorer and you’re adventurous, please go for this one.It has both unique and exotic taste *they got kimchiYep just go for it.9. Seafood Pancake ($18)In my opinion it’s not really my preference but if I were to analyze this is the Jeon family. They got spring onion, mix seafood with spicy dipping sauce on the side.I found it too flimsy and too soft; I expected something more crispy on the edge.But you might have a different take on this, but still I would recommend this to some people who like soft things to accompany other crispy dish.10. Jabchae ($14)The glass noodle, which is also pronounced as Jabchae, has just the right portion to give you room for the other dishes in the restaurant.I like the sauce because it really sweet. If you’re aiming for a low calorie intake I would recommend Jabchae for you, because they are healthy.11. Watermelon Soju Shell ($38)From the look of it I’m guessing, it's something to enjoy with your colleagues or friends and families.It's similar with the pineapple soju, and very fun to share with other people.The presentation also surprised me haha..They have really outdone themselves, using an actual watermelon as the large bowl for the soju. Also it comes with dry ice on the bottom to make it remain cool.An epic entry when they have smokes!Not just the presentation but the flavor also, if you like Soju and watermelon it’s in your must try list.Sharing is caring! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-12-16
Pineapple SojuRefreshing and sweet with a mild alcoholic after-taste,prefect mixture of pineapple and soju. You will need to drink alot of this to get drunk. Highly recommended.Expect to pay a premium for this party drink is  but dont expect a free refill after you are done.MakguksuCold buckwheat noodle that is almost vegan, saved by half a soft boiled egg. This is a light salad dish with with a tangy flavour and korean seasoning(korean chili paste). Its like eating bibimbap with noodle.Ganjang ChickenTotally the best dish in the restaurant it actually has meat! Yey! Juicy succulent salty flesh of prepubicent chicken bath in burning oil~ Brings tears to my eyes with every bite.The chicken is perfectly cooked and stays crispy until we are done having our way with it. No additive needed     Yangnyum ChickenAnother meat dish,praise the Lord! Unlike its distance cousins, these chickens are drenched in a sticky layer of sweet and spicy sauce. Yum Yum~ each piece of chicken is perfectly soaked in a pot of boiling oil ,there is no chaotah chicken skin nor is there any bloody bones what a joy to be munching on these. However the sweety sauce might be too much for some people who will most likely tire of them after their first few pieces.Oh well,more chicken for me, cheers.  Bulgogi FriesAwesome beef dish with great accompanying sidekick, the potatoes fries.This has my vote for the second best dish in the whole resturant. Thinly sliced beef with soya sauce marinate with mayonise and onions , mouth after mouth i cant stop popping them.Oh yea the fries were well done my preferred carb intake of the meal. Kimchi FriesAnother chicken dish. Contraryto its name I didnt not taste any kimchi in this dish, I can only taste the abundant cheese and the chicken that are mixed in the mist. The chicken doesnt go very well with the rest of the dish , the is no synergybetween the chicken and the rest of the dish especiallythe soft mushy potatoes that resembles fries.The sorry state of the fries could be explained by the plethora of photographers hogging the fries till the soggyness sets in D: Ugly Tang StewArmy stew with a sadder sounding name. I would like to shake the hand of the person who came up with the idea of serving this dish with such a small pot. Its hard work trying to mix the stew without spilling the content. This is a typical army stew dish with less flavour. even with a great big ball of Gochujang the stew still taste weak. I hope this is the result of poor mixing and not the poor judgement of the excellent kitchen crew. JabchaeMeatless Vegan dishzzzzz. Sweet glass noodle with vegetable and seasoning lacks real beef.   Haemul PajeonKorean pancake with seafood and special dipping sauce. Split opinion on the special sauce being spicy or not. Soft pancake that goes well with its mushy interior and rubbery squid hiding within. Topokki with Cheese and SeafoodRice cake in Gochujang bath surrounded in lots of vermicelli. The sweet sauce goes well with the rice cake and vermicelli, excellent as an appetizer.Some says its too spicy...heh weak sauce.Watermelon SojuAlcohol with watermelon juice in a watermelon.This time round the soju overpowers the watermelon taste unlike the pineapple variant.Bring enough money...came for the chicken stayed for the beef. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-12-16
Chicken up is a casual dining experience which allows people to experience Korean cuisine without travelling to Korea .My first visit to chicken up thanks to Openrice Food tasting event as i wasn't really a fan of fried foods, but i always have a weak point when it comes to Korean cuisine.I went to the outlet at Parkway Parade it is located at first floor beside Starbucks, they have a simple interior design which makes you feel cozy. I like the idea where they use glass bottle which contains preservative fruits and species as part of their decoration, it would be better if all containers are filled up with the same portions.1) Pineapple Soju ($30++)The pineapple soju was freshly made with real pineapple juice and serve in a whole pineapple. My first sip on the pineapple soju was sweet followed by the alcohol aftertaste.At the bottom of the soju shot glass, i am able to taste the pineapple pulps.2) Makguksu ($12++)One of my top three favorite dishes at Chicken Up. Makguksu is a cold buckwheat noodle salad filled with cabbage, carrots, cucumber, sprinkled with seaweeds & sesame seed and one-half of a hard boiled egg. What i love most is the dressing, the dressing was made up of Korean chili paste, Vinegar and yellow mustard. Which makes this a wonderful appetizer to start your meal with.3) Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings ($12++ / 4PCS)Ganjang (Soya) chicken wings is one of my top three favorite dishes. Chicken wing was marinated with their special soya sauce (secret recipe) and freshly deep fried till golden brown.4) Kimchi Fries ($18++)Kimchi Fries are topped with fermented kimchi, mayonnaise, cheese, red onion and green chili. As the sauces melted quickly, hence my suggestion is to eat as soon as possible once served.5) Bulgogi Fries ($18++)Bulgogi Fries are topped with Bulgogi beef , mayonnaise , red onion , green onion  & sprinkled sesame seed. This is my number one dish i would definitely go back for !! It a heaven for beef lover ~6) Haemul Pajeon - Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes ($18++)Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancakes) is commonly found in Korean cuisine. The Seafood Pancakes consist lots of ingredients like shrimps, squids, chili pepper, onion & chives prepared with a Korean batter mix and beef seasoning.The pancake was more towards the soft chewy side rather than the crispy.7) Ugly Tang Stew ($30++ - For 2pax)Ugly Tang stew in Chicken up is actually Korea Army Stew, the usual Army Stew sold outside only consist of ham, sausage, luncheon meat, Kimchi & noodles whereby for Chicken up's Ugly Tang Stew it consists way much more than our usual army stew, which is pork belly, ham, sausage, vegetable, macaroni, baked bean, cheese & noodle boiled in a hotpot with chicken stock broth. A note to small eaters, it's actually quite a big portion which is more likely for 4 pax.8) Jabchae ($14++)Jabchae is a stir-fried glass noodle with carrots, onion, chives & sprinkled with sesame seeds in a secret blend of soya sauce with beef seasoning.9) Yangnyum Chicken Wings ($12++)The Yangnyum Chicken Wings is something similar to Ganjang Chicken Wings just that it wasn't fried with soya sauce but coated with Korean spicy chili sauce. The spiciness of the chicken wings wasn't very spicy, which is good for those who unable to take spicy stuff like me.10) Topokki with Cheese and Seafood ($20++)Topokki with Cheese and Seafood was too spicy for me to sample it. I have a weak point when it comes to Topokki too ~~~ so i took up the courage just to sample the Topokki only. Topokki was chewy, but i prefer the tradition Topokki with fish cake.11) Watermelon Soju ($38++)Watermelon Soju is served in a big bowl filled with dry ice underneath the extremely huge watermelon. Watermelon juice is freshly blend, a whole bottle of soju was poured together with the watermelon juice and stir for a minute or so. It is good for a group of 4~6 pax as soju alcohol percentage is relatively high (varies from 16.7% to 45%).  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)