<BR>Chili's started out in Dallas and opened their first restaurant in Singapore at Tanglin Mall in June 2009. They have a tradition of hanging one dining room photo upside down in every restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-17
We decided to try something new from Chili’s and settled for their Fajita Trio ($35++) which consisted of grilled prawns, chicken and beef steak. The set also came with some wraps, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream and lettuce as accompaniment. The dish had a good mix of ingredients and flavours. However, we felt that the meats were too dry and not at all appetising, especially the grilled chicken. Even when mixed with the accompanying sides, the dry texture of the meats was evident and hard to swallow.At $35++, this was definitely not worth a second try. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-21
My boyfriend and I went to Chili's for lunch on a weekend. This is 2 of their must try dishes written on the menu. So we decided to try it. However, we rather disappointed with the food standard. The pasta was served cold and the cheese was too creamy. After, 2-3 mouth you will feel full and didn't want to continue anymore. The pork rid was nice with sauce on it make sweet, however, some part was overcooked that make it so hard to chew on. After awhile, we get sick with the sauce and our stomach is too full to continue! We only ordered this 2 dishes but in total we were charged $70plus! To be honest, i don't think the food is good enough to worth that price, I pay a little more to have buffet instead. continue reading
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I always had the misconception that Chili's food menu is all very spicy... I'm sure I'm not the only one that think this way, right? But NO, they offer more non-spicy food than spicy food. However, I always know that their prices are much more expensive than other restaurants around so I steered clear of it! But since I have some Chili's vouchers to spare, why not? I asked my best friends along to try out their food! I ordered their Pulled Pork Burger ($21+). It is very very tasty and I loved it... the only thing that bothered me was how humongous the portion is! Definitely can be shared by two people. I have quite a big appetite for an average human but even I cannot finish half of it. It gets a little jelat in the middle of the meal. One of my friends ordered the Chicken Ranch Sandwich ($19+). My other friend ordered Mushroom Alfredo Pasta ($19+). In a nutshell, SHARE with your friends because all the food there has such huge portions, and actually if you divided the prices by two it is quite affordable! continue reading
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Chili's first joint opened in Dallas as a burger joint, and have been spicing things up since 1975. Way to go, Chili's!It's VERY obvious in their decorations that they originated from somewhere along in the United States. Where exactly in the U.S? We didn't know until I research on it and found out that they started in Texas, which probably showed how their table layout (table is made up of tiles instead of the normal wooden table material) got inspired from. DecorationsI love how detailed they are, even up to their lightings. When we first went in, the waitress didn't allow us to sit anywhere we wanted because of 'reservations', which apparently is another example of restaurant serving invisible guests. I'm getting sick and tired of restaurants who always have their tables RESERVED ONE OR TWO HOURS in advance, when their guests never arrived even after we finished eating. So she placed us right beside the kitchen, which had smells emitting from it and my dining partner (my mother) wasn't too pleased.The open kitchen concept, to me, was a flop because it really made me feel very uncomfortable.I love how they included the plastic bottle Heinz Ketchup rather than the usual glass bottle, which really changed the total feel of Chili's table dining presentation.MenuSalad MenuChili's had an extensive menu of items to choose from, including different variations of salad! This made us very pleased because we have a lot of options. They are also very detailed in describing each set of food, and the service crew was very helpful in explaining to us each dish.Big Mouth Bites - $24.00These four savoury mini fresh beef burgers is made with USDA choice ground steak. It is also topped with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and Ranch dressing on sesame seed buns. The buns were not as tasty, but the focus is really on the meat! Served with crispy onion strings and jalapeño-ranch dressing, big mouth bites is really delicious and definitely a MUST-TRY!Close-up of the Big Mouth Bite burgerThe melted cheese mixing into the bacon, letting each carnivorous mouth be delighted with juicy tingling sensations.Overview (crispy onion strings & jalapeño-ranch dressing)This is a dish that can be shared by two medium-sized eaters, therefore its' quite worth it! Country Fried Chicken - $19.00This pork-tender battered chicken breast is served with traditional mashed potatoes and black pepper gravy. It is also served with corn on the cob and garlic toast, which I must place emphasis that the CFC is really my favourite. The chicken which was crispy on the outside, juicy and tender in the inside, gives me a verdict that it is the BEST CHICKEN I've ever eaten! The corn was really sweet and not too oily, and the mashed potatoes bathed in gravy sauce was a perfect combination to make me feel more full.They were a little stingy on their black pepper gravy though, because it tasted SOOOOO DELICIOUS, it was peppery and salty, making the chicken moist and a whole lot tastier! The potatoes were given in a right portion, sometimes certain restaurants give too much mashed potatoes or too little. Chili's do measure their portion for the asian appetite really well!Topical Sunrise Margarita - $16.00A tropical sunrise margarita is a beverage best taken in summer (which Singapore has all year round) because it is refreshing and cools you down! While the alcoholic content was quite strong, the sweet sourness of the drink amplifies the flavour of all the dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing drink kindly recommended by the waiter. Oh yes, you can share it with two or three people because the cup was as huge as my face, ha-ha-ha.If you are looking for a meal budgeted below $50, I'd recommend that you order all three items that I've ordered. I can't ask for more, they are a perfect combination to a happy, blissful evening with the family! As for the service, I'd give it a neutral rating because I was pleased by the waiter who served us but not the waitress who handled us in our seating... really quite arrogant in the way she provides her service to us. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-07
First time to chilis to try out their delicious burgers. I went on the promotion day where all big mouth burgers were priced at $8.80. The beef burgers are really good. East boasts a super thick slab of fresh quality beef that is seasoned to perfection and paired with a buttery hot toasted bun topped with sesame seeds. However the pulled pork burger tasted really porkey as though the meat was not that fresh continue reading
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