Osaka based authentic Japanese causual buffet restaurant, Chisō Zanmai is here in Singapore. Enjoy a gastronomic fare of over a hundred items in a contemporary chic setting adorned with a signature bonsai as the buffet centrepiece. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Hokkaido Salmon Hotpot with Miso-based Soup Mat-cha Tofu Okonomiyaki
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No doubt the stark whiteness of its chic exterior and entrance looked very inviting, and the restaurant is spacious, serving very affordable buffet at just SGD$29.99 per head for dinner plus SGD$1.99 for free-flow drinks.I took a walk around the place to check the buffet counters out - a little assortment of sushi, sashimi, shabu shabu items, different soup base and some desserts, that was about it, in this vast, spacious restaurant.Our hotpot was boiling prettily with the ingredients we had tossed in - golden mushrooms, vegetables, shiitake mushrooms etc. While the Tonkotsu soup was tasty in a more gentle manner, the Shoyu soup was literally as its name implied - robust. The saltiness stunned us awake literally.We changed soup base just to try the other two - now Prawn Paste base and Seafood. The staff did not help to change so we had to DIY with hot water and more bowls.  Our second pot of soup began sizzling in heat again, and it was time to dump the ingredients in. The Prawn Paste soup was scrumptious but very salty as well. We solved the issue by adding in a glass of hot water. The Seafood soup was delicious as well, with the right level of saltiness.I also had a platter of Salmon Sashimi, Swordfish Sashimi, Squid and Sushi in Tofu Skin - the latter was rather nice but then the recipe was idiot-proof. The sashimi was disappointing - not fresh at all, and really hard.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/12/dinner-at-chiso-zanmai-japanese.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-22
In this Japanese buffet, it offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine food which includes sushi, ramen, Japanese steamed egg, curry chicken, salads and other main dishes. Although the price for their lunch is one of the lowest, there is a wide range of their sushi available which include the popularity salmon sushi, ebi sushi as well as the inari beancurd sushi. The sushi is made freshly on the spot and the chef will replenish once it is going low. As for their steamed egg, it has a very smooth and soft texture. At the bottom of the steamed egg contains small chunks of meat and crabmeat. The curry chicken is well cooked and seasoned just that the amount of meat in the curry is quite limited. Overall the variety of food with such a low price is definitely worth a try for people who love Japanese cuisine food.  continue reading
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Level1 2014-03-11
Paid a visit to this Japanese buffet restaurant for the first time. Food was fine, with fresh Sashimi being served in cups and the Green Tea tofu would leaves a lasting taste in the mouth. Only vanilla flavored ice-cream is available, and not a lot of cake and desert varieties to choose from.Plates are being changed in a timely manner, the only setback is that, you will feel like you are being "spied" on, I overheard them talking among themselves about the food wastage of the other customers behind their back. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-07
This is the place to look for budget japanese buffet if you got the cravings, from soba, sushi, fried tempura, hotpot, desserts, for the budget price with even more discount for senior citizens, this is a popular buffet place, food generally considered ok for this price and you won't expect too much for this price and you will have a nice view of Clarke Quay through its windows, reservations are advised as it always get fully booked. I generally enjoy it as me not a big eater with so much range of japanese food. : ) you can choose to add on with free flow of drinks too. Clearing of plates also fast. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-25
I am writing this with great displeasure to inform of my recent experience at Chiso Zanmai (Japanese buffet situated at Central, Clarke Quay) because the soup-base (ramen) is soya only. I thought their Shabu Shabu buffet has kimchi or miso soup base when my girlfriend and me were at the counter on Sunday 7.00 p.m. because I unable to call through their hotline 6221 3177.She simply asked us to top up $5/pax to enjoy unlimited servings on a choice of Sukiyaki/Shabu-shabu/Tonkotsu Hotpot for dinner with free flow meat and vegetables are included. There is free flow of drinks at only $1.90 which includes the standard available soft drinks and non-gassy drinks.Therefore, my girlfriend made her payment first before our buffet started.Based on the above picture, you can see that the lady at the counter was offering poor service to their customers.However, it changed my rating on their services because the waitress was having confidence in serving their customers by rendering superior customer service "go the extra mile" for their customers. She knew that we did not like their Shabu-shabu soup, so she requested us to take out all the food inside the Hotpot and changed to Tonkotsu soup for our dinner. Subsequently, we tried to have the first sip of new soup, but left with a bad taste in our mouth and we decided not to do anything with our food in the hotpot.Low quality or poor variety of food was being served. There are several sections spread in the buffet. There is cold section serving the salads and chilled tofu flavours.The Hida Takayama Ramen has a robust Soy Sauce (Shoyu) soup Base that carries a distinct Wafu (Japanese) flavour.It's bitter gourd with egg is not bitter and I really enjoyed it.Conclusion: Chiso Zanmai is not value for money Japanese buffet restaurant without great ambience, not much nice food, less varieties and unreasonable price. continue reading
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