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Chocolat N' Spice is a homegrown bakery selling pastries, but most well known for its muffins. Offering a wide variety of muffins, it is very popular amongst Singaporeans. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-29
I bought carrot walnut muffin from this famous muffin shop during lunch time.The shop is quite small, only sells muffins.I just ate the muffin, it was delicioussss!!!!The skin was soooo nice.. wanting to eat more..The content of the muffin was very soft and the carrot and walnut make it perfect!!It's the nicest muffin I ever ate.Definitely I will be back to buy somemore! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-09
My little surprise of the day to find a muffin placed on my table as I entered the office. Simple and sweet action like this from colleague had actually turned my day brighter!I'm not a big fan of muffins but the first bite had hit me on the right spot. I was given the banana walnut muffin whose top reminded me of a big mushroom head with its bottom dressed in a muffin cup. Quality of the muffin was good, it started off with a light buttery fragrance and then slowly, I'm attracted to its crispy rim. The crunch from the walnuts gave an additional bite sensation which totally turns my usual thought of a greasy muffin into another aspect. Muffin's interior was moist, maintaining its sponginess with visible banana spread in it. Yums!I cant wait to go down and grab some more.Cost: $1.20For more reviews, visit umakemehungry.blogspot.sg continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Thank You my dear sister for recommending these nice muffins! As I’m seldom in this Tanjong Pagar area, she bought Double Chocolate Muffin and Cranberry Muffin , take away. Super rich, moist chocolatey muffin (die die must try!)Cranberry muffin is soft and moist too with just the right amount of cranberries yummy ! I would definitely drive by cos I know where to get my fix of muffins for my cravings now! Perfect! continue reading
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Level3 2012-10-15
How can you tell between a baker who live to bake and someone who bake to live? A simple one liner like this sometimes requires a series of complex analysis. But Ms. Mary Chan, 34; didn't complicate matters, her muffin says it all. There is no reason for me not to believe that she loves to bake and making good muffins for everyone forms part of her mantra.The former pastry cook from Mandarin Oriental and supervisor at The Fullerton, started her first pastry outlet in the heartland - Shunfu Mart a decade ago; Chocolat N' Spice becomes the talk of the town. As the never ending queue grew, the business expanded into CBD and central part of Singapore. It continues to draw crowds that includes executives in office attire, SAHMs and many sweet-tooth. I had my maiden attempt in 2009 and was impressed until today. I do not sing praises for the sake of good readership, neither am I a devotee of muffins; but these small "mushroom" cakes are really good stuff.Yesterday was my second time, having Chocolat N' Spice muffins - a 3 years gap. Little did I expect they still delight me the same way before. There is consistency in her baking, undoubtedly. These freshly baked muffins were as delicious as 3 years ago, I am glad that I had 6 fuming hot ones to takeaway.Coffee walnut - S$1.40: The batter was amazingly moist and not overly buttered. It has a spongy texture and you could see very fine tiny air pockets in the cake, the batter must have creamed thoroughly. (unlike huge air pockets in others but not as soft) It has a very captivating mocha scent and flavor, sweet but not cloying. Each mouthful was filled with coarse pieces of walnut - absolutely nutty. In fact, all the muffins have the same texture which was so enticing to all. Banana walnut - S$1.20: the ripe banana mash permeated in my mouth, sweet and longing. The walnut bits heightened the texture with crunches. I liked how she baked the muffins that yields a light crispy shroomy cap.(a brush of syrup in between the bakes?) The cake, again was moist and squashy.Double-Chocolate - S$1.40: one of the popular. Chew on the cake, and you have to agree that she didn't compromised on the quality of the chocolate. For a dollar more, you get to appreciate a moist and intense cocoa scent. The rich and velvety flavor lingers in my mouth, I'd know one was never enough. Look at how the cake bloomed? Who wouldn't yearned over this mushroom cap? Pumpkin - S$1.20: Nothing notable, except for its gratifying cake texture. There were wee pumpkin shreds in the cake, but it didn't have a pronounced taste.The prices have not been increased dramatically, given the soaring raw food prices over the years. Barely 20cents different (I used to get them at S$1.10 for some), I am more than happy to reward them for their baking effort and making my day a pleasant one. continue reading
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Level3 2012-09-04
Brownie Slabs - a thick chunky piece of brownie with Macademia Nuts and Melting Chocolate.Brownie Slab sliced into cubes for easy consumption. The Macademia Nuts are evenly distributed throughout the slab of Brownie. The texture of the brownie is soft with a strong cocoa taste and every bite has a good amount of Macademia Nuts. The chocolate is in a melted state which blends well with the soft brownie texture. Catch it fresh out of the oven and you can see the chocolate oozing out. A very delicous brownie at a reasonable price of $1.70per piece. continue reading
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