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Located in Woodlands Swimming Complex, the halal certified cafe, Citrus By The Pool serves western Asian fusion food with no GST and service charge. continue reading
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Level4 2018-03-22
Located just to the entrance of the swimming pool, one was surprised to find a Halal certified restaurant packed with customers on a typical Thursday night. Looking at the menu, one could not help but spotting the localised burgers and over the top milkshakes. Not wonder there was so many families dining in here.Shiok Burger (S$12.90)Crispy deep fried chicken thigh, sliced tomato, crisp lettuce and sunny side up egg, topped with spicy chilli crab sauce on toasted sesame seed bun. Served with cajun fries.Although the sauce was not usual spicy, sweet, eggy sauce which usually associated with the chilli crab, but the sauce here held itself with its spicy and eggy taste.Big Boss (S$17.90)Chef’s specialty burger - tender & juicy beef + mutton patty, accompanied with crispy fried onions, sliced tomato, cucumber, crisp lettuce & purple cabbage slaw, smothered in the all-time favourite satay sauce on toasted charcoal bun. Served with cajun fries. The patty which was made up of a mixture of minced beef and mutton was surprisingly free of the usual gamey taste that was usually associated with mutton.  The Big Catch (S$12.90)Buttermilk-battered dory, crispy fried onions, sliced tomato & crisp lettuce, topped with tartare sauce on toasted sesame seed bun. Served with cajun fries.It looked great with 2 huge pieces of battered fish in it. Best had it as soon as it was served as the cold air con softened the batter easily.Dainty Trio (S$10.90)Deep fried chicken, accompanied with crispy fried onions, sliced tomato & lettuce on mini toasted sesame bun.Interesting version of sliders with the battered onions creating the wow.Grilled Free-Range Chicken (S$14.90)Signature chicken thigh cooked sous-vide to retain its tenderness and flavours, then pan-fried till the skin is crisp on the outside. Served with seasonal vegetables and homemade brown sauce.One of our favourite dishes of the meal. The meat was tender and went quite well with the sauce which we wiped it clean. Like the range of vegetables that was served with it. There's even purple sweet potato.Berry Magic (S$11.90)Strawberry ice cream and jam with fresh strawberries , topped with biscuit roll.It was like an overwhelming dose of strawberry milk.Coco Loco (S$9.90)Creamy coconut ice cream, nata de coco and matcha cookie crumbles , topped with desiccated coconut and drizzled with gula melaka syrup.It may not looked much, but it was a party in the mouth with the chewy nata de coco, crunchy  crumbles, and the rich but not too sweet gula melaka.Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (S$10.90)Served with a scoop of ice cream The cake was served pipping hot, with the hot molten chocolate flowing out like lava easily when cut opened. It was so yummy that we wiped it clean.Strawberry Gem (S$8.90)Strawberry ice cream blended with strawberry milk topped with whipped cream, biscuit roll & ais gem biscuits.Although it was the most colourful of the all 4 milkshakes, this drink was the sweetest among the milkshakes which we tried, giving one a sugar high.Snickerhead (S$10.90)Caramel and peanut chocolate bar, blended with chocolate milk & chocolate ice cream.One would thought that this would be the sweetest among the 4 but it turned not. It was a more like nutty with slightly salty caramel taste.Cookie Crush (S$9.90)Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream blended with low-fat milk and Oreo cookies, topped with whipped cream, Oreo cookie and biscuit roll.Another rich and milky milkshake which was not too sweet.Caramel Popcorn (S$9.90)Vanilla ice cream blended with low fat milk & rich caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream, honey popcorn & caramel drizzle.It looked great with the hill of crunchy pop corn on top. The drink was not sweet while being rich and milky. continue reading
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Halal-certified café restaurant Citrus By The Pool introduces more than 20 new dishes, drinks and desserts to its menu. Expect more side dishes, burgers, milkshakes and desserts. Started in 2013, Citrus By The Pool is a Halal-certified café restaurant, nestled at Woodlands Swimming Complex, that serves Western and Asian Fusion cuisine. It is a 10-minute walk or short drive from Woodlands or Marsiling MRT Stations. Seeing a lack of chillout places in North, the owner decided to bring the café experience to theresidential estates, offering accessibility, relaxing ambience and good food.Step into the retro-themed space decked with large windows and cosy lights hanging from exposed wooden beams. The restaurant seats up to 70 people indoors, suitable for large group/ family gatherings.Check out their new Mighty Milkshakes ($8.90 - $10.90), available in 6 flavours - Classic Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Strawberry Gem, Caramel Popcorn, Cookie Crush and Snickerhead. Depending on your appetite, you can choose to take on the massive drink on your own, or share it with a favourite buddy.I was pretty full from drinking the milkshake by itself, it's gotta be at least 2-3 scoops of ice cream alone! If you're a caramel popcorn lover such as myself, go for it and do not be afraid of it's looks. It's not as sweet as it looks. Actually, the sweetest amongst these 4 milkshakes was surprisingly, Strawberry Gem. Which would still serve as Big Hit for the kids, with the generous toppings of Gem icing biscuits.Bite into the Little Boss (single patty) $14.90/ BIG Boss (double patty) $17.90 (served with Cajun fries), the chef's specialty burger that defies conventional burgers by combining the best flavours of beef and mutton (BM) in one patty. The burger is about being bold and fearless in its flavours. Accompanied with crispy fried onions, sliced tomato, cucumber and crisp lettuce and purple cabbage slaw, smothered in the all-time favourite satay sauce on toasted charcoal bun, expect an explosion of flavours at the first bite.The idea of mixing beef and mutton together to form a juicy burger patty is a brilliant idea. It held the right amount of moisture in the patty.Look out for Shiok Burger $12.90 (served with Cajun fries), a crispy fried chicken version of Da Burger Bomb with a spicy kick. Savour the crispy deep fried chicken thigh, sliced tomato, crisp lettuce and sunny side egg, topped with spicy chilli crab sauce on toasted sesame seed bun. This is a burger that"ll make you go Shiok!Other new burgers include The Big Catch $12.90 (served with Cajun fries), a buttermilk-battered dory fillet, crispy fried onions, sliced tomato and crisp lettuce, topped with tartar sauce on toasted sesame seed bun.Dainty Trio $10.90 (Fried chicken patty) | $12.90 (BM patty), 3 sliders of your preferred patty, accompanied with crispy fried onions, sliced tomato, lettuce on toasted mini sesame seed buns. Customers can choose between BBQ or Teriyaki Sauce.Citrus By The Pool's signature chicken thigh cooked sous-vide to retain its tenderness and flavours, then pan-fried till the skin is crisp on the outside. Served with seasonal vegetables and homemade brown sauce. I recall the tenderness of Curry Chicken I had at Citrus Bistro at Sengkang and I was not disappointed here, the chicken meat was extremely tender. You could easily remove the meat from the bones with just a fork. Definitely a must-try at Citrus By The Pool.To end off your feast, try one of their Sundaes. Berry Magic is a sundae filled with strawberry ice cream and jam with fresh strawberries and topped with a biscuit roll. There were biscuit crumbs at the bottom of the jar, to add a crunchy bite to the dessert. The creamy coconut ice cream was a refreshing taste to clear my palate. I'm a huge fan of nata de coco jellies and this was filled with tons of it! Matcha cookie crumbs together with desiccated coconut and gula melaka syrup made this one sweet dessert.Overall : Citrus By The Pool is now a location that all foodies who enjoy good burgers should check out this hidden gem. I really enjoyed the nice, relaxing dining location. The burgers are relatively huge for a female appetite. continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-09
Good news for those nearby or at woodlands and café-hoppers! Citrus by the Pool has jumped into the trend too, providing its patrons with café’ food of both Western and Asian cuisine. It is located right next to Woodlands Swimming Complex, making it easier for people in the North to “chill and dine” at the same time. To leverage further on their location being in a swimming complex, there are healthier meal options available too such as protein shakes, salads, and also citrus sandwiches.Ambience (5/5)Although it may seem unusual for a café to be situated right next to a swimming complex, the exterior of the café complements its location as an outdoor-fun based theme, which brings out the café’s “fun” personality. The exterior provides consumers with a “retro, garden- themed” background, with grass mats laid out, garden chairs, and the best part – hand-held props to take pictures. Props to them for entertainment, and knowing that consumers love to take pictures to post on their Instagram.The interior (4/5)This air-conditioned restaurant accepts both reservations and walk-in and could seat about 40 people. The seats are suitable for small gatherings of 5-6pax too. Upon entering the café, you can see the counter to take orders and make payment. Payment has to be made first before the waitress brings you to your table.Right next to the counter consists of retro displays of toys and an old telephone, located in a glass shelf for patrons to look at. Towards the left of the display is the condiment station, with chilli sauce and ketchup and cutleries available.I recommend that if you are looking for a table with good lighting for photos be sure to be seated near the windows for natural sunlight as the café makes use of tiny orange light-bulbs.FoodThe menu comprises of mains, starters, drinks and desserts. Western mains range from $8-$20, include pastas, grilled meat (chicken/beef) with fries and drinks. Asian mains include sweet and sour chicken with rice, thai styled-chicken with rice topped with sunny side up egg. Another plus point, the mains include a free can drink. Starters range from $4-$10, were similar to the food at Old Chang Kee – Curry Puffs, Fried Fishballs, Chicken Nuggets, Calamari Rings, just to name a few. Desserts include Ice Creams and cakes like chocolate lava cake. All prices listed in the menu are what you pay as they do not charge GST nor service charge.Chicken Sausage Aglio Olio (3.5/5)I had this dish and the waitress told me that the food would arrive in 10 minutes. However, the cooks were fast and efficient and the food arrived on my table in about 5 minutes. Presentation-wise, this chicken sausage Aglio Olio topped with grated cheese and parsley for garnishing. However, I was a little disappointed that my Aglio Olio was quite moist, what they could have done better was to drain the water more.The pasta was cooked al-dente and not soggy, chicken sausages were sliced thinly and the amount of sausages were enough to supplement the whole pasta. The taste goes well with the pasta too. At first mouthful, the chicken sausage aglio olio was a little overwhelming with the taste of the chili padi for that extra “kick” and the garlic was chopped finely too which made the overall taste better despite the excess water.All in all, in terms of food, service and ambiance, I would give it a 4/5. The food is tasty and wallet-friendly, service was amazing despite not paying for service charge, and ambiance conveyed a “fun” personality, suitable for youths like me.Citrus by the pool is located at Woodlands Swimming Complex, 3 Woodlands Street 12, open daily, weekdays 11am to 11pm, weekends 9am to 11pm. For more information, visit their facebook and Instagram page at @citrusbythepool or call them at 6366 6851.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)