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Best known for its Taiwan Porridge, local fare and local high tea buffet, the Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Hotel has been a favoured haunt of many local and foreign gourmands since its opening in 1977. The décor of Coffee Lounge ingeniously blends minimalist style with the stately elegance of a heritage building. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-19
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comWhen people talks about Goodwood Park Hotel, it naturally links to me their Durian. Having heard of their popularity in Durians pastry, I have never gotten a chance to enjoy such. I guess it's never too late to give them a try now. Better late than never!Walking up the red carpet into the lobby, I could even smell the potent durian smells lingering around the corridor. Initially my partner thought I was kidding until we swang open the main glass door and the fragrance rushed in to us.Cold Chocolate was nothing special in particular. It was a standard glass of chocolate milk I felt with chocolate fudge at the bottom of the glass.Out of the healthy juices selection, I had chosen the Power Detoxer which was recommended to dispel excess salts in the body. The drink is a combination of pineapple,, apple and watermelon.A creation in tribute to the nation's SG50 celebrations! The D24 Durian Ice Cream with Rainbow Bread was attention drawing with its 7 vibrant colors.This creation intends to instill a nostalgic feel in us to remind us of the olden Singapore days where vendors would sell ice cream in a folded multi-colored bread. Even though we may still get to see them around nowadays at parks or orchard, I believe soon such scenes will become history.Durian Ice Cream was frozen and you could see the frost on the rainbow bread. The Durian Cappucino cake was another version of Tiramisu in my opinion just that the Mascapone cream cheese was replaced by the creamy durian. It was introduced into the menu since 2011 and still staying on the dessert menu. Containing a strong hit of espresso with its spongy and creamy richness from the durian filling, Espresso and Durian Lover, this is your take.Finally, the legendary Durian Mousse Cake that kick start the Durian Fiesta Promotion since 1983. The pale yellow piece of cake was a real indulgent. Alternating between the layers of sponge cake and Durian Mousse I would say they complemented each other well. To add on, it has a strong hit of Durian Perfume and with its pulpy fills, it did make me drools once more. Strongly recommended for serious Durian Lover.As Durian Buffet is only available during Lunch and Dinner timing over a limited period, it's very hard to get a seat if you walk in. Goodwood Park has a system that allows customer to reserve seats at the coffee lounge base on its availability and no. of pax which I find it very useful for patrons like us. To avoid any disappointment it is best to do a reservation if you want to dine in. continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/06/goodwood-park-durian-fiesta-taiwan.htmlEvil sistas food adventures continues, and our latest haunt is Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Hotel. There is a Durian Fiesta promo going on (30 May - 2 Aug 2015) and special durian pastries are offered as part of the Dessert buffet spread, on top of regular desserts, for daily Lunch and Dinner sessions.A couple of dining options are available during the Durian Fiesta:- $35.80++ per person (Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries only)- $28.80++ per person (Top-up of Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries w/ any ala carte main course order)- $49.80++ per adult, $24.90++ per child (Taiwan Porridge A La Carte Buffet, inclusive of Dessert Buffet w/ Durian Pastries)Greedy us opted for the Taiwan Porridge buffet with the Durian Dessert buffet option. The Taiwanese porridge at Goodwood Park have been an all-time-favorite for decades, and I've finally got the opportunity to savor it, together with my fave durian pastries!The porridge buffet menu includes unlimited order of Sweet potato porridge, and an ala carte selection of 31 Savory dishes to go with it. We ordered over 10+ items from the 8 different categories, and really stuffed ourselves silly with yummy food.Shredded bamboo shoots w/ chilli oilSalted eggs & Salted fishDeep-fried pomfret w/ black soya sauceSauteed prawns w/ dried chilliBaby squid in sweet oyster sauceHome style tofuPrawn paste chickenFried omelette w/ chye pohPork w/ preserved vegetablesFrench beans w/ dried shrimpsBroccoli w/ garlicAll of the dishes were very good, my personal fave are the crunchy and refreshing Bamboo shoots, crispy Pomfret fish, the fresh and mildly spicy Prawns, sweet and crispy Baby squid and the flavorful bite-size Prawn paste chicken. There are several dishes that I'm still keen to try but couldn't make space in my stomach anymore.And so, we made our way to the Dessert buffet station and check things out.Live station á la minute Durian PancakesDurian Mousse CakeDurian PuffsDurian Chocolate Wafer RollsDurian Cappuccino CakeDurian MacaronsTau Suan & Red bean soup hot dessertsNonya kuehsIn addition to the usual dessert spread, 7 Durian creations are available;- D24 Durian Ice Cream w/ Rainbow Bread (one serving per guest, or ala carte at $7.50++ per serving)- Durian Macaron- Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Roll- Durian Cappuccino Cake- Durian Mousse Cake- Durian Puffs- Live station á la minute Durian PancakesAs I'm already feeling quite full, I only took the 6 durian pastries from the buffet station, and ordered the last item through the waiting staffs.Durian Ice Cream w/ Rainbow BreadMy fave items were the Durian Pancake, Chocolate Wafer Roll, Durian Cappuccino Cake and the Macarons. The Durian Mousse Cake and the Durian Puffs which weren't chilled anymore, tasted quite disgusting. That is not the case if I buy them frozen from the Deli, and kept them fresh in the freezer. I'm also a little disappointed with the Durian Ice Cream w/ Rainbow Bread, the colorful bread was really dry and we ended up only eating the ice cream which was very delicious.The Durian Fiesta doesn't just end here, well at least not for me. I bought more durian goodies from the Deli (the bakery beside the main lobby), and took advantage of my UOB credit card's 15% discount. Some of the items were bought earlier, but I shall share all of them here.Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cakes ($11.75 each)Durian Puffs (2 for $8.55/ 6 for $21.40/ 20 for $51.35)Durian Macarons ($22.45 for 6pcs)The 20pcs Durian puffs are a must buy for me every year (they have a temp. kiosk at Compass Point yearly). The puffs are one of the best in town, with durian cream filling of at least 1 inch thick, and it's always satisfying to have them with warm beverages. The Macarons are new creation for this year, the chocolate shells matches the durian center perfectly, but they're quite sweet though. And lastly, the photogenic Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cakes tasted as excellent as they looked.Although a tad pricey, I feel they are an occasional indulgence I have no qualms about paying for once a year. continue reading
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/02/10/taiwan-porridge-buffet-coffee-lounge/Since its inception in 1984, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Coffee Lounge has been well-known for its scrumptious Taiwan Porridge. For those who love variety, do check out the a la carte buffet, which offers 31 traditional favorites to accompany the piping hot bowls of watery rice porridge or sweet potato porridge. Small eaters may wish to opt for the a la carte menu (46 selections) instead.Gluttony us went for the a la carte buffet ($39++ per adult, $19.50++ per child), which also includes a dessert buffet. I’ll start with the must-try savory dishes….The first wave of food arrived- Taiwan Sausage, Shredded Bamboo Shoots andWok-fried Beef with Black Pepper. The sausages were juicy and chewy, but a tad too salty for my preference. My favorite savory plate that night was the Bamboo Shoots, coated with chilli oil which added an interesting dimension to mellow vegetable. We enjoyed the tender black pepper beef very much too.Salted fish with Salted Egg, Muy Choy with Pork, Fried Omelette with Chye Poh and Braised Pork Belly with Dark Soy Sauce should never be absent when having porridge! Mention-worthy is the omelette, which stole our hearts with its light, fluffy texture and intense bursts of flavor from the chye poh.Like popping popcorns, I just can’t stop myself from having more Fried Chicken with Prawn Paste. Bite into the crispy skin and savour the well-marinated meat!Everyone knows that humans have another stomach for desserts! Although the offerings are limited and some cakes not particularly thrilling, my sweet tooth was nonetheless satisfied by a couple of exceptional desserts.Elegant and captivating, the Lychee Charlotte consist of subtly sweet moist sponge layers. The creamy and dense Cheesecake was another highlight; I couldn’t help myself from having seconds. continue reading
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The ambience was cosy. There is quite a wide variety of food to choose from. The portions came as the right portions so that we have room to try other dishes as well. Nonetheless, we manage to fill up our stomachs, to the brink even before we finish the food list. One setback was that the food came rather slow and there was a shortage of staff. Hence, we were often unable to find any service crew to order food. Even ordering porridge took more than 10 mins to come. beverage as well. By the time, we wanted to order tour 3rd round of food, the service crew told us that it was our last order already. The buffet comes with dessert at the dessert bar to our surprise. We had a good time trying the desserts. The ice-creams had unique favours, unlike other buffets. Espresso Ice-cream was my favourite. The green bean soup with the coconut was nice too, except it was too cold. Perhaps the management could try to fix a burner under it to warm it. With the cosy ambience and quality of good food, it is worth going again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
I though this place only serve porridge buffet didn’t know they also serves ala carte local delights. We went to Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park. Ordered Club Sandwich, Hainanese Pork Chop Rice, Caesar Salad. Spacious and quiet place with plenty of seats. The club sandwich is huge and delicious, the coleslaw is crunchy and creamy; I was surprised when I see hainese pork chop on the menu, tender and succulent pork chops coated with sweet and sour sauces. Salad was fresh and chicken is toothsome. Excellent service and ambience. Would definitely return! continue reading
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