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Level2 2016-11-08
The whole dish was just tasty, thanks to the pepper sauce for steak, cream for prawns, and the impressive balsamic vinegar for salad. But it was a little bit over-grilled to me, as dry.So to say as a satisfying meal for this price. continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-10
With its newest outlet at Balestier, Collin's has definitely outperformed itself with its slight rustic design and pretty spacious interior. What's more, they have a special woodfire oven used to serve handmade pizzas!Living up to the expectations of the woodfire oven, the 12-inch pizzas were thin and crispy at the edges. Collin's Special had especially juicy mushrooms and the sausages were nicely done. For seafood lovers, Frutti Di Mare is a pizza you've got to try. Its succulent shrimp, together with the soft crabmeat, mussel, pesto, and creamy cheese, created a burst of flavours in my mouth.The other main dish that we tried was the Signature Duck Confit. I'm usually not a fan of duck, but I have to say this is definitely the softest duck I've ever had. Although the sauce is a little too strong for my liking, it does compliment the mango salad, making the dish more refreshing.Besides the main dishes, finger food are my favourites. Collin's offers an Appetizer Platter with buffalo wings, potato noodles prawn rolls, pork sausages and tempura squid. I particularly liked the buffalo wings - a dash of spiciness, not too strong, not too bland. The pork sausages were pretty worth it too, although the potato noodles prawn rolls might have tasted better if warmer.Sweet-tooths, you're in luck! The desserts we tried, Baked Caramel Banana and Grand Marnier Orange Souffle, will definitely not disappoint you. The baked banana literally melted in my mouth! Though in my opinion, I felt that the fruits could either be bigger pieces, or they should just do without it altogether. I also felt that the concept of their dessert is very interesting - having different plate designs for the same dish. The Chocolate Banana Shake that I had was pretty decent, thick but not too thick. Definitely could do with a slightly more chocolatey taste to it.Christmas MenuFrom the 2015 Christmas Gourmet Menu, we tasted the Winter Potato Salad with Ham and Chestnuts as well as the Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel.To me, the concept of having chestnuts with potatoes in the same dish was pretty novel to me. And I especially liked the idea of having cubed hams (instead of sliced), as it gives the chewiness to the whole dish on the overall. However, the potatoes can be a little too hard and the chestnuts were a little too mushy for me.I thought that the food presentation was really witty - like unwrapping a Christmas present!  The salmon was a little fishy and not consistently done (tasted a little different from two different plates). But the rest of the seafood in the parcel was pretty well done. The calamari were soft to chew, and the prawns were also de-shelled.This Collin's may be a little out of the way, but their woodfire pizzas is worth visiting for. Another good thing is, even though this is an upgraded version of Collin's from our neighbourhood hawker centres, the price is still pretty much the same - definitely a satisfactory experience.  continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-01
Recently opened at Shaw Plaza is the "atas" Collin's Grille, the latest and largest outlet to date. The "die die must try" item is their exclusive handmade pizzas, cooked in wood stove oven, which can only be found in this outlet. The Collin's Special Handmade Pizza (S$16.80) and the Frutti Di Mare Handmade Pizza (S$16.80) have excellent thin crust topped with deliciously cheesy toppings. The Collin's Special would suit meat lovers with their variety of sausages, ham, bacon and salami, and the Frutti Di Mare is highly recommended for seafood lovers like me. The cheesy creamy sauce goes so well with the seafood that I just can't get enough of it. Also included in the picture below is the US Crisp Cut Fries (S$3.90) and the classic Appetizer Platter (S$18.90) which has a selection of favourite finger foods like deep fried squid, assorted sausages, buffalo drumlets and potato noodle prawn roll. Collin's introduced a few new items for the Christmas Menu. First up is the Winter Potato Salad with Ham and Chestnuts (S$5.90). The sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce is an excellent complement to the salad and as an appetizer. However, the potatoes were of varying degree of softness, some were crunchy and some were mushy. Next on the Christmas Menu is the Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel (S$11.90). The salmon tastes a little fishy by itself but with the lemon and the tomato sauce that fishy taste is removed accentuates the seafood flavor perfectly. Definitely a must-try for seafood lovers. Let's not forget the Signature Duck Confit (S$13.50). I might not be a connoisseur on duck confit but never have I tasted a duck this soft. The duck leg is crispy on the skin and with a slight push of the fork the meat seperates from the bone. The texture of the meat is a little too soft and mushy for my liking but it was truly an enjoyable experience. Eating the desserts was a unique and sinful experience as it was my first time eating a Baked Caramel Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$6.90) and a Grand Marnier Orange Souffle (S$7.90). The baked banana was surprisingly good. The sweet, warm and squishy taste and texture was something I have never experienced before. The souffle was certainly an interesting first experience. It felt like I was eating foam, except the foam was sweet and smooth, with the fragrance of orange. Definitely worth trying. Chocolate Avocado Milkshake (S$3.90) - A must try if you're a fan of thick and sweet avocado milkshakes! continue reading
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Level2 2015-12-25
You would have heard of Collin's from your favourite neighbourhood coffeeshops. Affordable and big on taste, these coffeshop western grills are the perfect getaway for a western and japanese fanfare whenever the craving hits at your friendly locations. Psst: my family's favourite has always been their grilled white fish and salmon pasta. That aside, I am glad Collin's has expanded and grow its own standalone store at Shaw Plaza, Balestier. In continuing expanding their personal touch to customers, keeping excellent food quality with great prices, Collin's a great place for your next dining gathering. Collin’s at Shaw Plaza has both indoor and outdoor seating al fresco dining experience. Enjoy a relaxing dining experience with your loved ones under the cozy ambience.Still offering the hot favorites, the new store sees the inclusion of a much exclusive and expanded variety of options on the menu.First up- PIZZAS.You will not go wrong with their handmade, hand stretched 12 inch thin crust pizzas , made fresh from the ovens. Collin's open concept kitchen allows customers to view the cooking and preparation procedures. Collin's Special $16.80Consisting of ham, bacon, sausages, onion, olives, mushrooms and salami this pizza has a crispy base and topped with generous yummy toppings for all the savory and meaty lovers.Love something fruity? Frutti Di Mare $16.80, is a mix of seafood such as shrimps, squids, mussels, crab meat and pesto with hits of zestiness. We can't forget the Signature Duck Confit $13.50Tender whole duck leg meat braised to perfection and at a reasonable price too! Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Crispy on the outside, served with mushroom ragout, salad, crushed potatoes and shallot balsamico sauce. Specially created, the Christmas Gourmet Menu 2015 is available from now till 30 December and here are 2 of the dishes on the menu.The Winter Potato Salad with Ham and Chestnut. $5.90Comes mixed with honey mustard sauce for a small appetizer to kick start.Also on the Christmas menu is the Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel $11.90Poached mussels, prawns, salmon and assorted veggies in tomato based sauce. Loved the salmon's sweet, freshness. Old favourites include Appetizer Platter with a classic selection of buffalo drumlets, pork sausages, tempura squid tentacles and potato noodle prawn rolls. $18.90Finger quick picks for all.. For drinks, here's the Chocolate and Avocado Shake $4.90 we had.Thick and smooth milkshake.Mocha $3.90Desserts for the sweet tooth in you?Baked Caramel Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream and seasonal fruits $6.90Looking pretty and tastes great too. Grand Marnier Orange Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and seasonal fruits $7.90Get some sugar high with this melty souffle classic that's baked to order and requires 10 mins of waiting,This affordable dining place has evolved better to suit customers' needs and demands while keeping price affordable to suit the mass market. If you are looking for a great place with awesome tasty food, Collin's might just be your choice this festive season! continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-23
 Collin's dining has open up their latest outlet located at shaw plaza recently. In line for the upcoming xmas season , it has launched the christmas gourmet menu with many new selections.Winter potato salad with ham and chestnuts ($5.90)Light and suitable for a light palate to whip up your appetite.Santa 's baked seafood parcel ($11.90) It contains salmon and prawns served with sweet tomato base sauce, full of omega 3 goodness without fishy aftertaste.Handmade 12 inch pizza Frutti De Mare ($16.80)Shrimps squid , mussels ,crabmeat,pesto love the generous portions of ingredients on a well cooked pizza. The pizza at this outlet is cooked with their in house wood stone oven, be prepared to feast through the glass on how the pizzas are cooked to perfection.Totale Mente Pizza ($15.80)Salami, onions, capsium, olives, mushroom, this makes a good choice for those who love vegetarian toppings.Signature Duck Confit ($13.50)Soft tender succulent moist duck skin served with mashed pototos sides and light salad, love this dish to bits.Desserts Grand marnier orange souffle ($7.90)Soft souffle was served, suitable for sweet tooth addicts, personally  I find was too sweet for my liking.Desserts Baked caramel banana ($6.90)Caramelised banana was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.Light weight pudding simple and satisfying to end a meal.Avocado Drink ($4.50)Delicious and healthy smoothie, so thick and creamy! continue reading
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