The Department of Caffeine takes coffee seriously and utilise coffee beans from sustainable sources. Apart from coffee, they also serve comfort food that isn't showy but honest and satisfying. Their regularly changing menu of salads,sandwiches, cafes & pastries are inventive and unconventionally bold. continue reading
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Finally visited D.O.C after ages. Went to DOC for lunch during my intern times. Lucky us who made a reservation beforehand. It a pretty small area and gets really crowded during lunch hours. Decorated with wooden furniture and dim lighting. A warm and cozy feeling.For their weekday menu, they have a mixture of brunch items and mains ranging from pasta to burger to pies to like chicken fillet. They also serve salads or other small bites. You can also choose a main with 2 choices of salad from over the counter. Choice of main – either poached salmon or roast chicken and choice of salads – garden salad, pasta salad or broccoli with herbs.One of us ordered the main course with choice of 2 salad from over the counter. Another 2 of us ordered the smoked salmon scramble.Poached Salmon with regular pasta salad & broccoli with herbs ($15): The appearance looks appetizing but taste wise was just okay. The poached salmon is alright, lightly flavoured with herbs. But the salads were disappointing. Broccoli with herbs is overpowered with the herbs taste and for the pasta salad, the pasta is undercooked, its a tad to hard.Smoked Salmon Scramble ($16): The egg scramble taste very unusual from the ones i have tasted before. It looks creamy but doesnt taste creamy and instead it tasted milky to me. Something is just missing from the eggs. It tasted bland to me too. Not to my liking. ):Luckily for our meal saviour. Buttermilk waffle with butter rum bananas ($15)! It cost as much as our mains! hahha. But well, at least the taste is good! Crisp fluffy waffle with caramelized rum bananas and scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it all! Thumbs up!To sum it up, service of their friendly staff is good. Mains are not worth going for but dont miss their buttermilk waffle or you’ll regret! continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-08
Department of Caffeine ('DOC') is one of the most recent happening café in Duxton. So when my caffeine buddy (Monkey Boy - 'MB') was in Singapore for a stop over, I decided to brought him here for a quick shot of cuppa.Our first impression when we enter the cafe was that “Wow! This place is packed”. Where did all this people come from and it was 3pm on a working day. Luckily we manage to get a table, a two seater. However, getting in and out of that table was actually quite a challenge as you don't have enough walking space.After several minutes of consideration, MB decided to order Buttermilk Waffles with Banana and ice cream ($13.50) & cappuccino ($5). I ordered the Sticky Date Pudding ($9) and Latte ($5).It took them about 10 mins before the food arrived. While we were catching up I realised the temperature of this place is quite high. Even though there are several air-conditioners , it is just not enough to cool down the place. We were basically melting inside.First to arrive was my Sticky Date Pudding and latte. The pudding is soft, moist and sticky. The ice cream combines well with the caramel sauce. While the almonds gave a crunchy texture to the desserts. The latte has a nice rosetta latte art. It looks very smooth, however the coffee is average. When you reach the middle part of the latte, it seems to be more air in the froth.MB's waffle came and looks delicious. The serving is quite generous, especially on the caramelised banana. Good presentation. The waffle is rich and crunchy. The bananas toppings will be better with another 30 seconds on the heat. Cappuccino has a nice latte art, but we both agree the coffee is average.The décor of this place is simple and with an open concept. You can see the back of the cafe once you enter the door. It has a cone shape, where the space at front is quite small and become wider and wider to the end. The setting of the tables and chairs are close to each other. They really maximise the available space. The size of the table is very small only enough for dessert and coffee. I can't even put my phone on the table. Service is limited and forgettable.Overall DOC served good quality dessert. However, it seems the coffee is not to our preference. A small suggestion, the best time to visit this place is before noon or after 5pm unless something is done to lower down the temperature of restaurant. Cheers!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experience, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/06/Department-of-Caffeine.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-02
The cafe is located one end of Duxton Road, with a rather plain looking brown door. Inside it is very crowded and noisy. Although there is only 2 of us, we are asked to leave our number should there be a table available and estimated waiting time is 30 minutes. Oh my god, I am thinking that should we just leave for the next nearest cafe. But we are lucky to get a table after a short wait. The place is quite hot, even when there is extra air coolers been turned on. Tables are placed quite near to each other and I could barely get into my seat which is by the wall. Pay as you place your order at the counter. Cashs and NETS (for payments above $10) are accepted here. A number stand will be given to you after payment. Remember to help yourself to the bottled water at the side of the counter.Buttermilk Waffles with New Zealand Natural premium vanilla ice cream and butter rum bananas ($14)The waffle is not quite crispy but still fluffy and tastes of hint of cinnamon powder. I could barely tastes of hint of rum in the banana. 8 Hour Pulled Pork (S$15)sandwich with house BBQ sauce and carrot and corianderFeel that the pork tastes a bit dry.  Yoghurt, Vanilla bean, Honey Smoothies ($6)Served in a small glass, it is very thick and smooth but I could not taste the vanilla bean in it.Daily Iced Tea ($6)It looks likes a glass of water with lots of ice cubes and a slice of lemon in it. Does not look or taste like tea.Deluxe Granola ($8)homemade granola with rolled oats, almonds, cranberries, hazelnuts with greek yoghurt & honeyAgain here I I could not taste the vanilla bean in the yogurt. It becomes too grainy and difficult to chew after a few mouthfuls.Overall the food seems average and highly overpriced. The place is way too hot and noisy to enjoy food properly. continue reading
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For full review:  http://uniquelious.blogspot.sg/2014/03/department-of-caffeine-doc.htmlD.O.C is located at a quaint corner of Duxton road with no fanciful signboard or clear glass panels, whereby one would not notice this cafe if you are just passing by this street.You would be greeted by strong waffle and coffee aroma as you pull open the door panel.Display of cakes, pastries, salads and main dishes at the counter. However, the available space to walk is really limited, sometime there is a need to squeeze through horde of people crowding at the counter.Chocolate waffle taste normal with vanilla ice cream and strawberry toppings. Does not deliver the quality as expected for the price paid for. It was crispy on the outside but i find it not moist enough on the inside. Maple syrup was provided as well. This dessert is too sweet and good to be shared among more than 2 person.Chocolate fudge within waffle, unlike usual waffles with chocolate sauce drizzled on top of waffles. There is a layer of chocolate in between the waffle. This make the waffle really chocolaty.Smoked salmon, poached egg and ham stacked on top of soft English muffins with salads at the side. This is a new item on the menu but does not worth the price. Serving was little and the smoked ham was overly salty. Smoked salmon was good and goes well with the muffin. D.O.C certainly makes good coffee. I enjoyed every sip of the coffee.D.O.C is one of the list of cafes in Singapore which does not charge GST, however its dishes are pricey though.This is one of the popular cafe hopping destination for many, but i find this place overly raved and did not meet up to my expectation though i visit this cafe with a hungry stomach.Be prepare to wait for at least 15mins if you did not make any reservation before going. Walk in to this cafe is really not the best option you are making. In addition, i feel that there are sub standard while doing reservation too. Sometimes you are allow to make reservation on the actual day of visiting but sometimes you are not allow to do so. This is even true after i heard some of the staffs advising the customers on this matter. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-06
Another comparable competitor of good cafes around the area The place, being relatively new, has gathered steadily crowds flocking to the cafe especially during the peak hours. Decorations are pretty simple with three loud peculiar portraits hung on the wall. The place is fairly constricted so seatings are limited. Reservations can be done via the DOC website. So it is advisable to reserve beforehand to avoid frustrating long wait.To satisfy my sweet tooth, I ordered the Banana Rum Buttermilk Waffle with Vanilla ice-cream ($13). It was served with Maple Syrup but I didn't add any on my waffle as there was already powdered sugar on top. The waffle had a tinge of fragrance and it definitely looked appealing with the scoop of ice-cream enthroned on top. It was vanilla flavour and tasted quite authentic with small specks of vanilla seeds visible. Waffle was fluffy but not as crispy as I would have preferred. Overall, the waffle was not awesome but good comfort food.My friend had the Smoked Salmon Scramble ($15.50). For this, I would think it was pretty awesome!Salmon portion was generous and tasted very fresh. The accompanied scrambled egg with the pancake base complemented perfectly.For coffee, we had Cappuccino ($5) and Iced Latte. Coffee here was strong and flavourful. Many suggest the premium hot chocolate milk, even a rendition of drip coffee liquer is available.More than average quality food while price is reasonable. But space is limited so one would feel quite constrained and uncomfortable, especially when the cafe is jam-packed continue reading
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