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Signature Dishes
Durian Mousse Mango Pomelo
Review (38)
Level4 2016-05-04
We chanced upon dessert bowl at a inconspicuous location along Serangoon Garden Way when we drove pass the row of shop houses. The name "Dessert Bowl" kind of ring the bell and we took the opportunity and headed for the 2nd Floor.Dessert Items and photos were pasted along the stairways up to Dessert Bowl and you can sense the intermittent strong durian and mango fragrance once you swing open the glass doors.As soon as you reached the 2nd level, you will be greeted by the sunflowers and the sudden splash of greyish black environment.Seating places were spacious with 4 sofa seating by the side by side to the glass windows looking out to the roads. Furnishings were simple with movable tables and stools on the cement screed flooring.Noted as their topped recommendation will be Durian Mousse. I must admit I'm not really a die hard fan of durian but the amount of flesh given in the middle was great. Mousse tasted good and even having the whole bowl of it, you just would not feel cloying.Colors of Aiyu Mango comes in 2, Orange and white. Aiyu was wobby with mango cubes. Coconut milk is added into the dessert bowl. On this hot weather, the bowl of chilled desserts really help us to battle with the heat. On a side note, this dish is classified as their 2nd popular dishes after Durian Mousse.The miniatures display of typical Hong Kong Stalls had captured my attention.Display from Bakery to Roasted Meat and Cha Chan Ting were a good introduction to what you can see in Hong Kong.Since I had visited Hong Kong 2 months back, they little stuffs were a reminiscent of my trip.With limited stomach space, we didnt get a chance to try their Mango Pomelo which is the 3rd recommended and popular dessert. When will I be back again? continue reading
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It was on one of my rare visit to Serangoon Gardens, and while parking, that I discovered this dessert paradise. Similar to the likes of Ji De Chi and Dessert First at Liang Seah Street, Dessert Bowl seats at the second level of a shophouse.Despite the dim interior lighting and dark coloured walls that provided coziness, the lack of privacy and sound proofing was a little turn off. Limited in space, seats and tables are closely knitted with little room to walk about.However, the main attraction and selling point did not disappoint!Samuel and I ordered Durian Mousse ($5) and Mango Mousse with Pomelo (about $4.5).True to its word as being the top seller, the Durian Mousse was irresistible! There was a very balanced durian flavour and the mousse had very fine ice crystals (similar to ice blended) giving it an extra texture.Payment and orders need to be made at the counter. Despite of the crowd, service was swift! Indeed a gem hidden in the midst of Serangoon Gardens!More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/dessert-bowl-一碗甜品-sweet-escape-at-serangoon-gardens continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-23
Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品 as its name suggests is a shop that specialises in desserts. This shop tucked away at the second level of a shophouse, in the heart of Serangoon is a hidden gem! With less than 5 years since its inception, this dessert place has won the hearts of many of my friends with some claiming that this is one the best dessert shop! I have not heard of this place till recently. I was also quite skeptical as even as I made my way to the shop. It was next to a KTV, the shop signage (above) was not (how should I put it..) inviting. In addition, the surroundings was dark and quiet. Once you get past the first entrance, there was a steep flight of concrete stairs with no one in sight. I would have turned back if I was alone or did not trust the source. Luckily, we braved on continued on and ventured into the darkness.At the second level, the contrast was distinct! The dessert shop was bright, vibrant, bustling and full of people. Phew!The decoration of the place was unique and impressive. Old Hong Kong theme with several displays showcasing miniature stalls of what looked like Hong Kong's Cha Chaan Teng in the olden days. It was captivating as the details were not left out. Dessert Bowl is essentially a small dessert place with a small seating capacity. It was very noisy as there was no absorbent material used. The concretes walls and glass displays coupled with the small area amplified the noise. It was extremely difficult to have conversations in such an environment. Menu coverThe menu cover had a cute baby smiling out, enticing customers. The most common words you would hear at this point in time would be 'Oh, so cute~!'.Durian Mousse $5Durian Mousse $5The Durian Mousse $5 was highly recommended. It did not disappoint. It was served with durian flesh added on top of the durian mousse. The durian mousse was perfect; of the right consistency. It was light and smooth with small chunks of durian in it. In addition, the flavour of the durian was not overwhelming. With the addition of the durian flesh on top, it was literally the 'icing on the cake'. This Durian Mousse is a must try! It hit the right elements in all aspects and was utterly delicious! Coming from a non durian fanatic, I think that this speaks volume! (Those who have read my previous posts would have know that I am not a fan of durian)Aiyu Mango $4.20Aiyu Mango $4.20The Aiyu Mango $4.20 was one of their bestsellers. It consisted of mango puree, aiyu jelly and coconut milk. This was another refreshing yummlicious dessert. Each of the three ingredients complemented each other well. To conclude, Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品 is the place for dessert! I would highly recommend the Durian Mousse even if you are not a fan of durian, you should give this a try. Do not under estimate the crowd at this dessert place. As we were leaving at 1030 pm, a queue had formed near the stairwell. Do note that the ambience is not ideal as it can get very noisy. http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/10/dessert-bowl-serangoon-gardens.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-12
Took this photos from my instagram. Collage everything together!We ordered mango strawberry ice cream, honey sago ice, waffle fruit with ice cream, creme brulee strawberry. The total cost of about $25 Mango strawberry ice cream: $7.90Honey sago ice: $5.90Waffle fruit with ice cream: $6.90Creme brulee strawberry: $ 4.90I roughly remember the price it is more or less. This amountreally love their dessert. Very sweet and tasty. Before going here for dessert you all can eat at CHOMP CHOMP first! Mango dessert: it contains of cream at the lower layer and beside it is the mango and strawberry and on the top ice cream on top of it and mango sauce was put on top of it. It tastes very nice when the ice cream melted. As for the waffle fruit ice cream : it quite simple the waffle taste a bit pandan on it I suppose they used pandan flour and made the waffle . Creme Brulee strawberry: it is serve hot, as the layer on the top part of the creme brulee is sweet a layer of very think sugar on top of it. Anyway, if you going with a lot of people be prepare to queue and wait. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-11
I have been dining in this stall named Dessert Bowl for several times due to their specialty dessert Durian mousse. It was always pack of people dining in there due to their wide range of dessert items. We ordered the durian mousse at $5 and Mango Pomelo Sago at $4.20 . The durian mousse was nice and creamy. Mango sago consist of mango chunks, pomelo and sago balls. It was very soothing to eat it. continue reading
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