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Dian Xiao Er originates from the traditional way of calling waiter “Xiao Er” in a teahouse, who is the brainchild of combining herbs with roast duck meat. It symbolizes a pit-stop for travellers (customers) to rest and replenish their energy fully before setting off to continue their hectic journeys again. The ambience at Dian Xiao Er is thus intentionally planned to be rustic and raw, providing a unique inn-dining experience with the careful selection of materials. This complements the freshness of our Signature Herbal Roast Ducks, prepared and roasted in the display kitchen daily. Customers can expect to experience a choice of dining ambience varying from dining inside a traditional Chinese courtyard to dining inside a rustic timber shed at the foot of a stone cliff. Dian Xiao Er not only provides to the travellers a place of warmth, satisfaction and happiness as they indulge in the delectable dishes, it is also a place for them to interact and build relationships with one another. Dian Xiao Er also symbolizes an element of blessing and fellowship as everyone is brought together in Dian Xiao Er over a hearty meal. continue reading
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Black Vinegar Pork Trotters Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb Mongolian Pork Ribs Prawns & Vermicelli in Creamy Vietnamese Style Roasted Iberico Char Siew Signature Wheatgrass Tofu with Seafood
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Level4 2013-07-30
My ex-workplace organised a dinner and got me to recommend a place that was fitting for the gathering . So as I’ve tried this before in another outlet and found the food is very suitable to the palate of more “elder” people.Old style steamed fish slices – Fresh and tender fish slices cooked in robust chinese wine with spicy ginger and spring onion. Duck Roasted with 10 Wonder Herbs (whole duck) – As I’ve tried this in the other Nex branch, the consistency standard of the crispy skin , succulent meat and strong herb sauce.Baby Kailan with Salted Fish – I specifically asked for lesser oil , the kailan is fresh and crunchy. Due to its original bland/bitter tasting nature, it went well with the salted fish.Stir fried ee fu mian – The noodles was kinda overcooked and soggy. I thought it’s the usual dry-fried type but this “ee fu” is wet and bland.Hot plate tofu – Sizzling its way to the table , I could hear/smell it from far. The fried egg tofu is soft and “bouncy” , covered with delicious minced pork and sweet dark sauce. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-20
Dian Xiao Er always serves delectable food and this visit to the restaurant was no different. A trip to Dian Xiao Er is not complete without its signature roasted duck dish. This is the Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs ($25.30 for a medium-sized serving). The meat is soft and tender, the taste of the herbs subtle but still sweet. Even if you're not a herbal food fan, the taste of the herbs does not overpower the original taste of roasted duck. Usually, I do not eat the skin of roasted meats but I simply could not resist the crispy skin of this roasted duck. The skin was crispy and it had just the right amounts of gravy infused in it. What more can I say about the duck? I love it! A must-have when you visit Dian Xiao Er. Next up, we had the Braised Assorted Mushroom with Broccoli ($13.30). Nice and simple fare with no-frills. Mushrooms were soft, broccoli were fresh. The gravy was not too starchy as well. After that, came the soup of the day which was Lotus Soup ($5.80). Another simple and nice dish served quickly. They were generous with their chunks of meat and lotus roots and we were thankful for that. Lastly, came the Roasted Lamb Grassland Style ($16.90). This dish had a hint of spiciness to it so people who cannot take even a little chili might want to avoid it. As always, the meat was soft and tender. However, I felt that this dish was a tad too oily for my liking. Overall, it was another pleasant visit to Dian Xiao Er. The servers were attentive and catered to my needs to their best abilities. Even though we went during dinnertime and there was a queue of about 6-7 people before us, we got our table pretty quickly within 10 minutes. Would definitely visit again! continue reading
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Level2 2013-03-07
We went to this restaurant in the evening, so there's no crowd in the restaurant. As there are only 2 person eating, we decided to order a dish of veggie and the famous dang-gui roasted duck. The duck smells nice and taste nice as it has the aroma of traditional herbal medicine (that's if you like it). The menu actually introduces what are the benefits each dish bring to our body so that you will be able to make choices among all the dishes. The portion of one veggie and one duck is just nice for two person.The dining environment is nice too, making the experience an enjoyable one. The price is reasonable too but you need to pay for plain water. continue reading
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Level2 2013-02-09
Went for early reunion dinner with my family of 6. Despite the long queue, we were quickly seated. Excellent service!As I don't like it when picture and the actual food differs by alot, I like how their menu highlights their chef recommendation dishes by listing the ingredients used and also describing the benefits of the dish.One of our favourite dish - Roasted Duck with Ten Wonder Herbs Loved the combined taste of the duck and the herbs. It is not too herb-y and has a taste of sweet in the dish. I always pour the sauce on the rice. YUMMY!! Next up - Braised Assorted Mushroom with BroccoliA very healthy dish with lots of broccoli, carrots and mushroom. The sauce is also very rich but it also means it is probably full of salt. Soup of the day - Double-boiled lotus root soupThis has always been their soup of the day. Sometimes I wonder if the chefs are tired of coming up with new soups. :/The soup is quite tasty. With generous portion of the lotus root, pork with soft bone, peanuts and bits of scallop.Another of my favourite dish - Chinese Spinach with Superior Stock A dish endorsed by the National Health Board. Need I say more? The stock is super yummy and not salty at all. Which means it can be drunk on its own like soup.Hongkong Styled Steamed Fish SlicesA very simple dish. Slices of fish are thick! Roast Lamb Meat Grassland StyleComes in a sizzling pan! Tasted like mogolian meat. Very tender and doesn't have the strong lamb taste. Very tasty!Lastly, Baked Fresh Prawn JiangNan Style.Gangnam style? LOL.. Although this is a chef recommendation dish, I personally won't recommend this dish. They useking prawn which was quite impressive. But, maybe due to its size and the way it is cooked, the meat was quite dry and tough. Not very healthy as it was cooked in butter and wine.Overall, a lovely reunion dinner meal. I was very full after eating so many dishes so didn't have space to try their Osmanthus Jelly Dessert which looks very appealing on the menu. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-10
One of my favorite chinese restaurants! I love the deco of the restaurant as it fits the name of the restaurant very well! They have chinese wine urns as the deco and wooden furnitures, which emulated the older days inns very well!Staff were all very friendly and wore dian xiao er hats! Very cute! They were all very well-versed with the menu and most memorize the menu. Quick and friendly service from them. On to the food!1. Soup of the day - Double boiled lotus root - $11.60Refreshing and light, was a good start to the meal. Lotus roots were of generous serving and the meat inside was actually quite flavorful! There was some peanuts, dried scallop within too. 2. Duck roasted with angelica herbs - $12.90 Filled with herbs, the duck was roasted to perfection. Personally, I don't eat the skin of the meat but this skin was too good to be wasted! It was crispy and some of it didn't even have any fats on it! The meat was soft, tender and aromatic as it absorbed the herbs flavor. I tried some of the herbs and they were surprisingly sweet! Not too sure what kind of herbs are they though. 3. Stir fried bitter gourd and pumpkin -$11.60This is quite a special dish, never seen it outside before! Bitter gourd and pumpkin was quite a good mix. There were some crunchy things (dont know what are they) and chestnut (?) cooked together. The sweetness of the pumpkin compensates the bitterness of the bitter gourd!4. Old-style steamed fish slices $12.30I like the sauce that they cooked the fish in. Not too salty and taste different. The fish slices were fresh too! 5. Chinese spinach in superior stock - $18.30One of my favourite dish to order as it has wolfberries in it and i love spinach! plus, the superior stock can be taken with rice, delicious!! There were some anchovies sprinkled on top of the dish, adds to the healthiest of the dish!6. Braise mushroom in chinese wine - $10.90Taste of chinese wine was quite strong but with the other condiments added to make the dish, i felt it was quite a nice touch!White rice - $3Best place to have another bowl of rice if you're love eating rice! The rice is very very flagrant and it's always pipping hot! Ask the waitress which brand they use and i believe they said "zhen zhu mi" (pearl rice). Got to go buy it for myself! Quick tip for the health conscious: there's dishes with the health pyramid at the side and i think they list the calories in the food too! I will definitely be back for more! (: continue reading
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