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In 1990s, the team started 'Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen', serving authentic Thai cuisine to Singaporeans and foreigners. They went on to import a Tuk Tuk Taxi from Thailand to bolster the Thai ambience at their restaurant. All dishes are prepared by the native Thai chefs with many years of culinary experience. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-10
Full Diandin Leluk review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/12/diandin-leluk.htmlLocated in Golden Mile Complex "Little Thailand", the Diandin Leluk Thai restaurant has a long history. Founded by a husband and wife team as a mobile food truck service, before getting their current permanent location in 1985, Diandin Leluk is known for their cheap / affordable, tasty and authentic Thai food, prepared in rustic home style. Little wonder this 24-hour daily, 7 days a week Thai restaurant has been drawing crowds for years, many of whom have become regulars! However, I seem to recall their food was tastier in the past... it feels to me like standards are slipping.Ambience at Diandin Leluk is simple, functional, and clean, though it's also cramped and bustling. The brightly lit place has solid wooden furniture, with marble topped tables, packed closely together. The place is noisy, with lots of movement and activity, resembling a coffee shop. At least it's air-conditioned and clean. There is some Thai decor adorning the walls, from newspaper clippings to pictures of the Thai monarch. Most eye-catching is the huge photo of rice farmers in the paddy fields. The place is suitable both for a quick eat and go meal, as well as lingering meals with long conversations.Service at Diandin Leluk is efficient. Staff are able to converse well in both English and Thai, seat guests quickly, and clear / empty dirty tables or plates fast. I like their proactiveness in this regard. However, it does take some time to attract their attention, while staff are observant, they're also usually busy and rushing around. Still, at least when they speak to diners, the conversation is calm, polite, and unhurried, the staff gives you full attention. I must commend this, for staff from other restaurants in such situations usually are quite brusque. Only payment is self-service, everything else is tableside service. Orders are also quicky fulfilled, and staff help to arrange the table while serving.Food at Diandin Leluk is decent in taste, generous, and affordable. The owners still oversee the preparation and hand make several items as well, so you're getting authentic, rustic Thai food. Fresh herbs are imported from Thailand throughout the week, and ingredients used are sourced fresh daily. Taste of most dishes is average to above average, though I notice the amount of spicy heat has been toned down for local palates, thus, most dishes aren't spicy, or just mildly spicy. Portions are generous, and communal dining of at least 3 people is encouraged. Prices at Diandin Leluk are cheap and affordable, budget about SGD $15 per person for a full meal!The Papaya Salad (SGD $6 / $10 / $12) has thin strips of julienne green papaya, tomatoes, lettuce, and peanuts in a light, sour, slightly spicy Thai chili sauce. Crunchy in texture, the taste is a bright burst of flavour, the sour sauce coating the palate, quickly leading into the pleasant fruity taste of the papaya and the juicy tomatoes. Pretty good dish!The Clear Tom Yum Soup (SGD $12 / $22 / $32) is a clear, sour sweet soup / broth, that is far too tame in the level of spicy heat. At least it has a generous portion of fresh fish, squid, leeks, tomatoes, straw mushrooms, onions, and spring onions. Hearty and very drinkable, though I wish it was more spicy!The Tom Yum Fried Rice With Seafood (SGD $6 / $12 / $22 / $32) has a nice ration of fresh squid, straw mushrooms, onions, and rice. The rice is fragrant with a slight spicy kick, savoury sour in taste, and a hint of smoky aroma from frying. Worth ordering! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-22
Time to crave for some Thai food and after doing some read-up, I have found out this restaurant in Golden mile complex with several recommendations. The restaurant was quite packed during dinner hours on a Saturday. After looking through their menu, we ordered several dishes which include pineapple rice, sambal kangkong, mango salad, bbq pork, pandan leaf chicken and tom yam soup. As for dessert, we have ordered the tapioca with coconut as well as the mango sticky glutinous rice. First of all, the waiting time is quite fast and the food is served within 4-6 minutes after ordering. For the pineapple rice, it is topped with a generous amount of the floss and the rice is still pipping hot when served. Taste wise is quite tasty with sufficient seasoning and is not too bland nor salty. Next, the sambal kangkong is sufficiently cooked, has a spicy taste and slight crunchy texture. The mango salad is very refreshing, appetizing and I think more sauce can be added. The bbq pork is quite normal and has a slight bbq aroma. The tom yum soup and the pandan leaf chicken is my favorite. The tom yum soup is very fragrance, full of flavours and is spicy enough. It includes ingredients like sliced squid, prawn, lemongrass and other spices. I think this is the best tom yum soup that I have ever tasted. Thumbs up for this. As for the pandan leaf chicken, the chicken is well seasoned, have a nice pandan aroma as well as a slight sweetness. The chicken itself also has a tender texture. Lastly, as for the dessert, the mango sticky glutinous rice is quite presented. The mango is not too sour and taste fresh. The glutinous rice can be cooked longer as the texture is not too soft that I have expected. The tapioca with coconut is well cooked. The tapioca has a soft texture and is aromatic as well. The coconut sauce is fragrance but I think it is a little too sweet for my preference. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the service as well as the food standard. Will definitely recommend to my friends and will definitely be back for a second time !! continue reading
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So here I am at Diandin Leluk where food are prepared by bona fide chefs from Thailand. A queue is a common sight, however, we were spared from the long wait as turnover was relatively quick and we only needed two seats.The menu is rather extensive and it took us a while to before coming a our decision of having Green Curry Chicken ($12), Kang Kong Sambal ($10), Braised Meat with Dry Curry ($12), Stir Fried Chicken with Lemon Grass ($12). Thai Ice Tea ($1.8) and Mango Sticky Rice ($6).Green Curry and Kang Kong were worth the bill as serving portion were reasonable (suitable for 3-4 pax). More importantly, they were appetizing.Something new to my Thai food inventory were the Braised Meat and Dry Curry and Chicken with Lemon Grass. However, the latter was a disappointment. The choice of meat parts made eating a chore and no much of a taste. Perhaps it could be "drowned" by the heavy flavours from other dishes.Rounding up our luxurious meal was the irresistible and delectable Mango Sticky Rice! By that time, we were already filled to our brim, however, it still was appetizing.More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/diandin-leluk-thai-restaurant-24-hours-appe-thai-zing-cuisine-at-golden-mile-complex continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-07
I paid my visit during a weekend Sunday lunch. The place is running by Thai and some customers were Thai too. They offer authentic Thai dishes with affordable prices.I ordered stir fry mix vegetable which was normal standard for me. The clear tom yum soup was too spicy for me. However, the pad Thai was perfectly cooked and it surely beat those branded Thai restaurant chain in town, the mango sticky rice was alright as I prefer the mango eaten at Thailand which was real tasty and sweet. continue reading
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For the full review and pictures visit http://toseetofeeltoeat.blogspot.sg/2013/12/diandin-leluk-golden-mile.htmlFried vegetables were very average and normal, nothing to write home about.The pineapple fried rice was not bad. However, there weren't much ingredients inside despite the sliced prawns sitting on top. We were mostly eating plain yellow rice.The phad thai was pretty tasty and sweet, but sadly, it was also way too wet. I do prefer the phad thai to the pineapple fried rice though.The clear tomyam soup was very spicy, but sadly not too fragrant. The pot was filled with seafood though and it was a very hearty pot of tomyum soup. Sadly, not the best tomyum I've tried before.The oyster egg was not too good. The egg was not crisp and turned out really lumpy. The egg was also really bland and tasteless.The steamed fish was one of the better dishes. The fish was soft, fresh and absorbed the sauce nicely. The sauce was slightly lemony and spicy and went very well with the steamed fish.We had Red Ruby and Luk Chup, both of which were pretty average. continue reading
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