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Level4 2013-12-23
Dim Sum Wang was opened this year 2013 and their Dim Sum was in popular demand especially over the weekends. Even with a list of 35 items available from the stall, the dim sum will more or less cleared out if you were late for breakfast. Knowing the trend, we went there pretty early about 7.30am on Saturday Morning.Here comes our big breakfast on a Saturday Morning! There were no dim sum trays served here but instead disposable plates were used but do remember to add some weight on the empty plates after finishing else they will be blown away by the fans. Love this paper thin rice roll with chopped Char Siew stuffed under the translucent layers. Added with the soya sauce and oil, it gave a good fragrance.Yum Yum, see the Char Siew meat now?Often known as "Har Kao" in Cantonese which means Shrimp Dumplings when translated. The usual practice, 3 in a plate with tracing paper as base to prevent this sticky fine crystal skin from sticking on the plate. Prawns were just as succulent as what we had expected.These carrot cakes were only prepared base on order and about a wait of 5 minutes was required from the lady. Hot from the oil wok, I like its crispy brown exterior. Though color was not even on them, these carrots cakes were soft to chew on.Har Kao checked. Siew Mai's was in too. Topped with orange fish roll, these yellow bite-size minced pork and shrimp meat were tender and delicate. My favourite Custard Bao that cannot be missed. The buns were packed filled with golden flowing custard as its name suggest. Just a bite would all the fluid oozing out of the bun. It's better if we could suck them out but do becareful, its hot.This is a good Dim Sum Fix in the neighbourhood especially when prices are more towards a reasonable range. For budget Dim Sum, Dim Sum Wang is recommended. continue reading
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