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Specializing in dry-aged beef only at this Suntec Outlet, the restaurant is also well equipped with a European Meat Showcase and Chiller for its Dry Aged Meat to cater to its gourmet loyalists. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-03
For the compete review, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2016/01/district-10-suntec-city.htmlDistrict 10 Bar and Grill, the new outlet by Bonta group that recently joined the line up of 3 other District 10 restaurants specialising in Best Dry Aged Meat. For those who are not familiar with Dry Aged Meat, it is the process used in ageing meat in a control temperature. Through the ageing process, the liquid from the meat will evaporate, connective tissue in the meat will slowly break down resulting a more intense and succulent a steak. We started the meal with our favourite burrata cheese. Puglia Burrata with Organic Cherry Tomato and Basil Bruschetta ($26). The burrata is creamy, think, subtle and melts in your mouth. It is nicely pair with the rocket salad and sweet cheery tomatoes. The balsamic vinaigrette does well to neutralise the richness of the burrata. A good start to the meal, it will be better with more tomatoes. Together with the salad, we were served complimentary sun-dried tomato homemade bread, to be dipped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread has a crispy crust, soft, slightly dense centre part, infused with the sun-dried tomato. Our main meal was 600 gram of 45 days Home Dry Aged Corn Fed US Prime OP Rib ($20 per 100 gram). Cooked nicely to medium rare as per ordered finished off with sprinkle of rock salt. At first sight, you can see the meat has a dark bloody red colour due to the dry aged. We also notice that it looks slightly dry, absent of any excess meat jus. The outer part is slightly charred, however the meat is still tender and after a few bites it will slowly dissipate in your mouth. Yum Yum! But if you like you steak juicy, bouncy with beautiful marbling, dry aged steak might not be for you. For the sauce we choose red wine sauce and salt infused herb. We find the salt infused herb more suitable with the steak. Sides to go with the steak Rosemary and Garlic Fries ($10) and Sautéed Cream Baby Spinach ($10). Fries was crisp on the outside while moist in the inside. The fries are subtly infused with garlic and rosemary flavour. The baby spinach was nicely cooked, not soggy, creamy with a hint of bitterness. Finished off with a few shavings of parmesan cheese for flavour. Dessert was Crème Brulee ($16). The crème was solid, slightly dense with a good creaminess to it. The crisp top of the crème brulee at District 10 uses fine brown sugar instead of coarse brown sugar. Resulting the caramel part thinner, and you don't get that satisfying crack when you dig into the crème burlee. It is simply lack of the shiokness. As District 10 is also a bar, you definitely can get your type of drinks here. I ordered Virgin Mojito ($10) to end the meal. It provide a bitter refreshing taste to end the meal. Located outside Tower 2, District 10 has two seating area, indoor and outdoor. The indoor seating is very small and can only accommodate up to 35 pax only. The dining setting look a bit like a modern butchery with dark wooden furniture. Instead of using table cloth, it uses white paper to cover the table, with District 10 logo chopped on it. Overall, it was an unique experience dining at District 10 @ Suntect City. The Dry Aged Beef sure taste different compare to our normal steak. If you ask me to choose, I still prefer my bloody and juicy rib eye with lots of marbling. However, it is good to try something different from time to time. Cheers!! continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-27
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/10/27/district-10-suntec-city/Carnivores rejoice! The newly opened District 10 @ Suntec City will satisfy the even the most fussy taste buds, especially when it comes to charcoal-grilled steaks. The restaurant specializes in dry-aged meat, a process that results in exceptional depth in flavor (more on this later).District 10 @ Suntec City has a spacious alfresco bar replete with cabanas for up to 60 guests and a cozy 30-seater indoor space for gourmet seekers. The restaurant comes complete with a European meat showcase for dry-aged meats, a bespoke butcher’s block for its cleaver-ready cuts and show kitchen for its charcoal-grilled cooking. It interior is chic and stylish, perfect for powwow lunches with business associates and intimate dinner dates.These days, most beef is aged in a process known as wet-aging. Dry aging, on the other hand, is a slow traditional process of aging fine meats, whereby beef is exposed to air by dehydration. This further concentrates the meat’s flavor when the natural enzymes break down connective tissues in the muscles which soften and tenderize the meat. Through time, the dry-aging technique has developed into a meticulous temperature-controlled process and cross-continent chain managements. District 10 @ Suntec City has invested in an expensive fridge ($22,000 gasps) which controls humidity and temperate, to store premium dry-aged meats.The dinner commenced with cocktails to ease us into the evening. We were captivated by Fruits of Angel ($18), a delightful concoction of Plantation Original Dark Rum, homemade papaya syrup, dash of lemon juice, jazzed up with thyme and cinnamon notes.The complimentary warm Sun-dried Tomato Loaf was commendable too.Puglia Burrata with Organic Italian Tomato-Rocket Lettuce ($24). The first of the 3 starters we sampled was a burrata appetizer which originates from the Italian region of Puglia. The fresh dreamy cheese possessed a thick, rich texture, with a delicate slightly salty, milky flavor. The Italian delicacy was served on a bed of rocket lettuce, and sparklingly fresh cherry tomatoes.Vitello Tonnato($24)Veal and tuna? Now this sounds queer! Much to my surprise, Chef Luca Pezzera (co-owner and executive chef), executed this beautifully. Instead of clashing with the thinly sliced roasted veal loin, the tuna sauce is light and allows one to enjoy the true natural flavor of the beef, but at the same time, adds an interesting dimension to the starter. And, I never knew that cherry tomatoes can be so delicious. I had to stop myself from reaching out for more so that my dining companions could have their share of the organic goodies.Butter Lettuce Salad with Pancetta, Hazelnut, Gorgonzola and Egg ($20)If you prefer greens as a prelude to a meat-centric meal, go for the fresh salad tossed with crunchy cherry tomatoes, Italian Blue Cheese, egg and hazelnuts, then crowned with tasty pancetta slices.The highlight of District 10 @ Suntect City is their Charcoal-grilled dry-aged meats. We tried 2 types- 45 Days Dry Aged Corn Fed US Prime OP Rib ($18 per 100g) and 45 Days Home Dry Aged Corn Fed US Prime Traditional Fiorentina Steak ($22 per 100g). The steaks were prepped with salt, pepper, herbs and extra virgin olive oil, then skilfully grilled to achieve a crispy crust which crackles upon biting. Each piece of steak is laced with seductive smoky char.OP rib is a cut at the rib cut, so it has a generous portion of fat, while the Fiorentina is a T-bone and boasts softer texture. Personally, I prefer my meat with less fat, so my vote goes to the latter. Savour the magnificent meats alone or with a sprinkle of Rosemary Salt. Sheer rhapsody!If you’re not into steak but love grilled meats, other options include Paradise Valley Free Range Canadian Pork Chop ($34) and Australian Tomahawk Lamb Chop ($38).To complement the gorgeous steaks, Truffle Fries ($12) and Creamy Truffle Mash ($14) graced our tables. It’s hard to go wrong with truffle!Unfortunately, Chef Luca was overseas so we didn’t get to meet him. But we did get to meet the talented Pastry Chef, Mr Gerald Chua, who has honed his skills in Australia. Chef Gerard makes it difficult for one to opt for a single favorite dessert!Profiteroles filled with Chestnut cream, served with Warm Chocolate Sauce ($12). These profiteroles are not only a visual treat, but also hit the sweet tooth in all the right places. Be enthralled by these choux pastries filled with alluring chestnut cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, dressed up with lavender petals. Silver powder is sprinkled for that ethereal touch.Bitter Chocolate-Marshmallow Fluff with Caramelized Banana ($14). This decadent treat is a mouth-watering symphony of light-as-air marshmallow, dark chocolate mousse atop a crumbly biscuit base. I like how the bitterness of the dark chocolate mousse balances out the sweetness of the marshmallows and caramelised bananasDouble Espresso Panna Cotta with Vanilla Sauce ($12).I’m usually not a fan of panna cotta as the ones I’ve tried so far are on the bland side, but this rendition blew me away. My taste buds went WHAM! The double espresso panna cotta is not only lusciously creamy, but also unabashedly intense. Honeycomb, caramel crunch and crème fraiche completes the striking dessert.I was impressed with the food, desserts and service at District 10 @ Suntec City and highly recommend this establishment. You can feel a lot of attention is put into every item they offer. During the day, the restaurant serves set lunches that are excellent value. Do note that every District 10 outlets have different concepts and dry-aged meats can only be found at the Suntec City branch. continue reading
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Full District 10 review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/09/district-10-tasting-session.htmlFormed in 2009 and headed up by Italian Chef Luca Pezzera, District 10 is a modern European gastrobar concept. With its diverse range of offerings, tasty food, and attentive service, District 10 is a serious contender in the Singapore wine and dine scene.Ambience at District 10 is classic European style fine dining. The sleek, dapper restaurant features warm, low ambient lighting, long communal tables, sturdy dark coloured furniture, contrasted by white tablecloths, shiny silverware, and wine glasses gleaming in the light.Service at District 10 befits a fine dining establishment. Staff are unobstrusive yet attentive, quietly observing the room, and attending to guests when they beckon. Requests are carried out promptly, with a touch of sophistication and professionalism.Food at District 10 is distinctly modern Italian, plated artistically. In general, I find food at District 10 to be of high quality, made with premium ingredients, and prepared carefully, so that flavour of 1 or 2 ingredients stand out on the plate. Portions are large, and prices befit its fine dining status, budget about SGD $70 or so for a 2-course meal with drinks.Was pleased with this unique rendition of an Italian Sun-Dried Tomato Bread! The sun-dried tomato lends a burst of bright, intense flavour, and it's baked directly into 2 angles of the soft, chewy bread.The Proscuitto De Parma With San Marzano Tomatoes was excellent, served on a mound of rocket leaves / arugula, topped with a san marzano tomatoes, widely considered by chefs to be the best tomato in the world, due to its intense sweetness that lacks an acidic bite. Paired with the savoury, salty, aged Italian proscuitto de parma / dry-cured ham, the combination is delightful, neither flavour overwhelming the other, but co-existing together in harmony.The Grilled Black Angus OP Beef Ribs With Rosemary Sea Salt & Rosemary Glaze was, for me, the best dish I had this evening. The charcoal grilled, dry-aged beef is a carnivore's delight, savoury, salty, meaty / beefy, deep and robust in flavour. You get a hint of the smoky char, the tasty fat, the spice kick of salt and pepper, the fragrant aroma of rosemary. Served on rocket leaves / arugula and lettuce, with a decent rosemary glaze on the side. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)