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Domani means "tomorrow" in Italian, and is named in such a way to wish diners a great day ahead. It offers a range of Spanish Italian dishes and sweet treats. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
11:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Carbonara Fritto Calamari Slipper Lobster
Review (19)
A wide variety for you to choose from pasta to mains and pizza! Lucky for us, there's this dinner promotion for $26.90 (before GST) that consist of a choice of soup/salad/tapas with choice of pasta an main! (it's half portion for both) So if you're puzzled like me not knowing which one you want or you want to try both then this is the best for you!Garlic Chicken Wings ($6): The wings were either too good or we were too hungry cause we finished it up instantly when it was served! But, okay it's not too bad. $6 for 6 pieces of wings.Salad that was refreshing and the sauce was overly generous. Love the crispy bread crumbs!Overall a quick dinner place without anything wow. Valuable dinner set, else maybe you can reconsider.See here for all photos!http://www.pepperminter.com/2014/11/domani-risorante-italiano-takashimaya.html continue reading
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Feeling the lack of choices for lunch one afternoon, I decided to head over to Domani at Ngee Ann City to check out the place as I came across a few people recommending me this place previously. I thought since I am in a mood for something new, I went over with a friend to find out for myself on what's the deal about this Spanish-Italian casual dining restaurant.The entrance looks classy and welcoming. Look, there is even a welcome message at the door there to display their warm hospitality. I thought it is very thoughtful to display the menus nicely to let diners know what are on promotion.The interior of the restaurant has a certain charm of a Italian home and the floor tiles makes me fee like I was dining at a patio. Hanging glasses and greens coming down from the top added a light-hearted, cozy and casual touch to the entire interior.The service staffs were very attentive and were quick to take our orders. Within a minute, our orders were sent to the kitchen but we waited quite a while for the food to be served. I guess it was due to the weekday lunch crowd taking advantage on their set lunch promotion.I was very please when my Breaded Fish & Chips ($15) arrive. It certainly look good with the huge serving especially the nicely breaded fish fillets. Yes, 2 fish fillets! It was served with a good amount of thick cut fries at the bottom that was a tad on the saltier end, garden salad and tartar sauce.Cutting open the fish fillet, I thought the breaded layer would be thick but to my surprise, white, moist, thick and fresh fish fillet hides under the thin and crisp crust! I though the dory fish fillet looked and tasted great and I have no complains about it. What a delicious steal I would say!My friend had the Shrimp Aglio Olio ($16) which look rather uninteresting with the pale pink shrimps. Not only that, the spaghetti wasn't cooked al dente which made it tough and hard to chew. It was rather disappointing considering this dish cost more than the good Breaded Fish & Chips.The Aglio Olio came with a complimentary Pumpkin Soup which had nothing special to describe about it. Just like those canned ones, pretty mediocre.Overall, the food and service at Domani was alright. I would think twice coming back again but definitely not during the busy lunch hour when it is full house. The service would have been perfect if the kitchen can speed up the orders and perhaps a smile on the face of the service staffs. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-10
We needed to find a place to grab a quick bite before class but since it was a Saturday evening, queues were forming outside almost every restaurant. It just so happened that we happened to spot some empty tables inside of Domani and thought we might be able to finish dinner there quickly. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the place you want to be at when you are rushing for time. Service started off a bit slower than expected when plain water was not served even asking for it three times. I can understand if the restaurant was packed but it wasn't when we were there so it was obvious that the staff seemed a bit overwhelmed. My first dish was a Spanish tapas which I had tasted before in Barcelona and really liked but sad to say, Domani's version was a disappointment. The prawns were not as fresh as I thought and the seasoning really paled in comparison. Fortunately, the seafood linguine was slightly better and helped Domani redeem itself. The linguine was nicely cooked but the sauce felt a tad too sourish due to the tomatoes so it affected how the seafood tasted.In all, my conclusion is, if you are in a rush, this place is not for you since you might get frustrated by the waiting time for your food. Prices felt a bit steep compared to the level of service and quality of food I got. If you manage to visit this place at a not-so-busy time and can afford to sit around for a while, I think you might enjoy Domani better than I did. continue reading
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Level1 2013-09-11
Was roaming around town to decide what to have for dinner with my friend. Then we passed by Domani. Wasn't the first time going Domani, i have been there a few times and quite like the food. I ordered the Carbonara and my friend ordered Spicy Crab Pasta. The carbonara they served is different from other restaurant. Normally Carbonara will be served with bacon but for theirs, they are using like 3 layer fat meat, totally different taste and honestly i quite like it. We also ordered fries... yummy. Will definitely go back again. Price wise is average $20-30 / person, but that day the server asked if we have UOB card as UOB member enjoy 1 for 1. So for that dinner we only paid $25 in total, which is super worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-27
Pumpkin Soup was the soup of the day, it literally put a smile (or three smiles) on our faces before we sipped it into our faces. The soup was luscious, and creamysweet. Fish Ragu Penne with Mushroom pasta was cooked al dente , delectable fish ragu sauce coats the pasta evenly. Button-mushroom was chewy but I wished there were more slices in portion.Service was slow as there was a lunch crowd which is understandable. continue reading
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