Swensen's came to Singapore in 1979, and won the hearts of many with delicious ice cream sundaes in a warm, unpretentious ambience and a casual atmosphere. Friends and family meet in the cozy and comfortable booth seats with trademark tiffany lamps for relaxing meals or to celebrate special occasions. continue reading
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Level3 2015-05-10
Those were the days that we frequently visited their Vivocity outlet. It has really been a long time since then and this time we visited their JEM outlet.As we made our way into the restaurant, the salad buffer bar wouldn't go unnoticed as its at the left side near to the main entrance.Salad Buffet Bar (Ala Carte - S$15.90) or Free with Any MAINS OrderAll-you-can eat salad bar. A wide selection of compound salads, mixed greens, fruits and a variety of ingredients & garnishings.My own salad creation of healthy greens with Earle's salad dressing. The dressing has a little spicy taste.Crackers are also served at the salad buffet bar with cheese sauce to go along. It will be great if they provide saucers for the cheese sauce so that we can really dip the crackers into it.Tuna Quesadillas (S$8.90)Juicy chunks of tuna wrapped in a tortilla shell with melted mozzarella cheese and rich sour cream. Tortilla is soft and matches with the tuna & melted cheese. This is indeed delicious.Cafe Latte (S$5.90)A perk-me-up cuppa for the caffeine addict.Earle's Poultry Combo (S$28.50)Charbroiled combo of chicken sausage, sliced smoked duck, chicken thigh strips and chicken breast drizzled with herb onion gravy.The smoked duck and chicken thigh strips are tender but the chicken breast is a little tougher. The sausage has cheese oozing out on every bite but the texture is a tad too soft. The fragrant gravy adds flavour to the whole dish. continue reading
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The Salad Bar concept was pretty interesting and I managed to create my own refreshing salad! Ingredients at the salad bar was fresh. There were quite a lot of ingredients to choose from!The glass noodles was extremely good! I had 2 servings of it!They even have some cocktail fruits for desserts at the salad bar!I got this slice of ice cream cake... Not impressive; I'd expected more from this because Earle Swensen's sort of specialises in ice cream too... And the ice cream cake didn't live up to its name.This was originally tomato sauce based, but my friend and I got the wait staff to request the chef to change the base to aglio olio style because both of us disliked tomato based pasta... And this dish was a huge disappointment. Pasta was dry and ingredients used were not too fresh either. Just an advice, don't change this to aglio olio style, perhaps sticking to its original tomato sauce base might taste better. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-27
Went with my friend as there was the 1-for-1 promotion. Both of us love pasta so we ordered Fisherman's Favorite Seafood Pasta ($20.90) which stated chef recommendation. However, we ordered it aglio olio style as we didn't like tomato-based pasta. Changing the dish from a tomato-base to an oil-base was a huge mistake. I think the tomato sauce helps add flavor to the seafood. The seafood was not fresh and without the tomato sauce it quite bland. Squid was tough to chew, prawn was tasteless except some spicy flavor from the chili powder. The fish coating was mushy however the inside was okay.After that, we ordered the Ice Cream Cake ($6.50).It's just a layer of cream followed by a thin layer of cake and then layers vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and then another thin layer of cake with some white chocolate at the back. It tasted too normal that I would rather just buy a tub of ice cream then this "cake". However, lucky there was a salad buffet. I thought that there would only be veggies but man was I wrong. There were pasta salad, fruit salad, meat salad, chips and many more. There were also many dressing such as honey coriander, mango and thousand island dressing.If it weren't for the salad buffet I would have felt that coming here was a total waste of my time. Their service was also commendable. They were friendly and fast. Empty glass of water would be filled and empty plates would be cleared. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-20
I really enjoy going to Earle Swensen's. Good thing that now they open another branch at JEM.Look at the tantalizing salad bar, so delicious yet healthy! You are almost sure leaving the place with full stomach.You can enjoy the salad bar free with order of main course.I ordered grilled black pepper chicken, the taste and the quality of the food is similar to those from Swensen's.This is fried chicken cutlet ordered by a friend.Overall, we were satisfied. There was a one-for-one deal going on so it was a really good deal! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-10
I wonder if Earle is still alive, because he made a right decision in starting his restaurant selling ice-cream. Look at how the business is thriving now! Earle Swensen's is a premium brand of Swensen's, and they offer more premium choices at a premium price.I met really great service officers. Because it was my dad's birthday, we feared not getting a seat. Everyone else was stuck in a jam and I was the earliest, so I decided to reserve a seat first. I got a really comfortable round-table setting and the ambience was extremely soothing. Who knows, the moment when I enter the restaurant, there was a really long queue outside. The service crew tried to ease my awkwardness by asking if I wanted any water, and I said yes, and took about 15 minutes pretending to look at the menu before my other family members arrived.Here's what I order as a starter.StarterTuna Quesadillas - SGD$8.90The quesadillas is a tortilla filled with cheese. It tasted slightly toasted, and cooled really quickly. They were a little stingy with their tuna portion, and I was quite surprised because their menu image showed a quesadilla filled with tuna, whereas as you can see from our picture, the tuna is thinly spread and we could hardly taste any filling. My mum lamented, "why are we eating roti prata"? I would not recommend this dish as a starter.Fillings of the Tuna QuesadillasThe thailand sauce that came along with it was a great asian twist to the tuna quesadillas, i wish they could give it as a dip rather than a seemingly garnish design.Mango Shrimps - SGD$8.90The mango shrimps is one of the chef's recommendation, and sure enough, it was tantalising for our taste buds! The mango sauce was a perfect heavenly match with the shrimps, and it was a great starter for 4 people. Slightly sweet and acidic, it was a refreshing start.Our mainsSalmon Fish N' Chips - $24.90The salmon was carefully breaded and deep fry, giving an evenly cooked portion throughout. The lemon is unnecessary as the salmon tasted great without the extra citrus taste. The fragrance and the crisp of the salmon truly makes the dish remarkable! Swensens is really generous with their chips, the fries was too much for a person to finish.Cottage Pie - SGD$19.90The cottage pie takes the longest to bake. The potato was fresh and soft, and the minced beef was juicy instead of the usual dryness that you get with certain beef. It was not too oily either.Close-up of the cottage pieLooking at the minced beef, we can tell that Earle Swensen's use one of the better meat. However, the starchy potato makes us get sick of it quite easily. Best to be shared among two people.Poultry Combo - SGD$27.90The Poultry combo is shockingly good! Spotting a really long sausage and chicken, this is one of the most expensive food items in the menu. It has an extreme chicken flavourful taste, and your teeth would enjoy grinding through the meat. The sauce was slightly pepperish and saltish, but it went well with the meat!BBQ Chicken Burger - $17.90This is the cheapest option in Earle Swensen's. It was a portion for the giants, I couldn't finish it. There were two pieces of chicken in the burger itself, filled with cheese and potato wedges as a side. The chicken had a layer of fats and skin, so if you're health-conscious, do remove it. The dough was soft and fluffy, making it one of the most delicious burgers I've ever eaten!Desserts Firehouse - SGD$9.90It was a disappointing change from Swensen's previous firehouse where there was smoke coming from the dry ice. This is nothing but just a candle in the middle with three scoops, and the design and garnish look really bad for restaurant-quality. I'm glad they did away with the whipped cream though, but I hope they would put the dry ice back. continue reading
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